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Muscat International Airport

Muscat International Airport, a beautiful airport in the Gulf of Oman

Muscat International Airport is the largest airport in the Oman, located in the capital city of Muscat. If you look for its coordinates this airport on the map, you’ll find it right along the coast of the Gulf of Oman, facing Chabahar. Since Oman canceled visa requirements for most neighboring countries, including Iran, in 2023, it has become a new, attractive, and affordable tourist destination for many people.
In this blog article from Sepehran, we introduce Muscat International Airport to help you travel with complete information.

If you plan to travel to Muscat, after purchasing your airplane ticket, read the Muscat travel guide on Sepehran blog.

What You Need to Know About Muscat International Airport:

  • Where is Muscat Airport located?
  • Muscat Airport Information
  • Essential Muscat Airport Information
  • Flight Information for Muscat Airport
  • Arrival Flights at Muscat Airport
  • Departure Flights from Muscat Airport
  • Domestic and International Lounges at Muscat Airport
  • Muscat Airport Taxis
  • Baggage and Cargo Handling Services at Muscat Airport
  • Cargo Delivery and Flight Card Collection at Oman Airport
Muscat International Airport
Muscat International Airport

Where is Muscat Airport located?

Muscat Airport Address: Western Muscat, Eastern Al Seeb, Sultan Qaboos Street, 18th November Street.

Muscat Airport is situated in the western part of the capital of Oman and is 35 kilometers away from the old city of Muscat. The airport is located precisely on the border between Muscat and Al Seeb and was formerly known as Al Seeb Airport.
There are various commercial and recreational centers, beautiful beaches, restaurants, and different hotels around Muscat International Airport. You can have easy access to places like Gulf Mall, City Centre Muscat, Markaz Al Bahja, Azaiba Beach, Al Sahwa Garden, as well as various hotels and restaurants from this airport.

You can use the map below to see different sections of Muscat International Airport:

View Muscat airport on the map

Muscat Airport Information

Muscat International Airport in Oman was inaugurated in 1973 and serves as both a military and passenger airport.
It’s worth noting that this airport is a hub for Oman Air (the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman) and SalamAir, meaning that a majority of flights operated by these two airlines either originate from or are destined for this airport. Currently, major and well-known airlines operate flights from this airport. FlySepehran also operates daily flights to this airport from various origins.

Below, you will find general information and flight details for this airport.

Muscat Airport Information
Muscat Airport Information


Name Muscat International Airport
Phone +96824351234

Muscat Airport Flight Information

You can directly check the flight information for Muscat Airport in real-time on the airport’s website. By default, the website displays Arrival flights. To view the list of Departure flights, click on “Departures,” and you’ll see a list of all departing flights for that day, including the airline, flight number, time, and status.

Arrival Flights to Muscat Airport from Iran

Every day, numerous flights depart from cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, and Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Oman. However, most of these flights are operated by foreign airlines like Flydubai, Emirates, Air Arabia, and Turkish Airlines. You can check all the arrival flights from Iran to Muscat Airport by visiting the official Muscat Airport website and selecting “Iran” from the Region filter.

Departure Flights from Muscat Airport to Iran

As mentioned, you can simply select “Iran” among the countries on the main page of the airport’s website to view all flights to and from Iran. Another way to do this is to access the flight information for the specific airport your ticket is issued for, if you are not proficient in English. For example, if you’re looking for flight information for flights from Muscat to Tehran, you can find the arrival flights to Imam Khomeini Airport by visiting the provided link.

Departure Flights from Muscat Airport to Iran
Departure Flights from Muscat Airport to Iran

Muscat Airport Terminals

Muscat Airport in Oman has two terminals, but currently, only one terminal is operational. Terminal 1 is the newer and larger terminal, with its first runway opened in 2018. The first phase of this terminal increased Muscat Airport’s capacity to 20 million passengers per year. Additionally, plans are in place to expand with the second and third phases, ultimately increasing the terminal’s capacity to 24 million and then 48 million passengers.

Passenger Terminal 2 at the airport is a two-story T-shaped building that was constructed in 1970 and became operational in 1973. With the construction of the new terminal, there were plans to convert the old terminal into a facility for low-cost flights. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was transformed into a field hospital and vaccination site, and it currently remains inactive.

Terminal 1 information of Muscat Airport, Oman

Terminal area 580 thousand square meters
Check-in 118
Receive luggage 10
The number of immigration counters 82
Gate 45
Control tower height 97 meter

Muscat Oman Airport Taxis:

To use the airport taxis, you should head to the “Muscat Airport Taxi Office” located in the arrival hall. Taxis are also available from all major hotels and outside the airport, allowing you to access the service based on your needs and their rates.

Taxi fares from the airport start at 2500 Omani Rials, and each kilometer incurs an additional 200 Baisa.

Car rental services without drivers are also provided at this airport, and you can choose this option for your transportation around Muscat according to your needs and budget. Below, we have introduced a few cars rental companies for your reference.



phone number









Muscat Oman Airport Taxis
Muscat Oman Airport Taxis

Baggage and Cargo Services at the Airport:

Baggage trolleys are provided throughout Muscat Airport, and you can find them near the baggage delivery belts, in the parking areas, and outside the departure terminal building. There is a fee associated with using these trolleys.

If you prefer not to carry your luggage and it’s beyond your capability, you can avail the services of airport porters. Porters charge 3.5 Omani Rials per trolley.

Baggage Drop-off and Flight Card Retrieval at Oman Airport

If you’re traveling to Oman with only carry-on luggage for cabin entry and don’t have checked baggage, you can use self-check-in kiosks at the airport to retrieve your flight card without delay and the need to visit the relevant counter. However, please note that not all airlines offer this option.

Baggage Drop-off
Baggage Drop-off

Muscat Airport Facilities

Muscat Airport in Oman, as the largest airport in the country and the busiest in the Middle East, offers various facilities for travelers. Some of the key facilities include:

Duty-Free Shops: These shops offer a wide variety of goods, including jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, electronics, clothing, fruits, chocolates, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Most of these shops are located in the departure lounges of Oman-bound flights.

Banking and Currency Services: ATMs and currency exchange centers are available throughout the airport.

Travel and Tourist Services: The airport has sections for hotel reservations, tourist tours, and travel information services.

Restaurants and Cafes: Muscat International Airport has a range of restaurants and cafes offering various types of food and beverages.

Medical Services: Medical facilities and first aid stations are available for emergency situations.

Lounge Facilities: Exclusive waiting rooms and commercial lounges are available for first-class and business-class travelers.

Transportation: Buses, taxis, and car rental services are available for transit to and from the airport.

Children’s Play Area: A dedicated area for children’s play, providing a suitable space for kids to play during flight delays or layovers.

Currency Exchange: You can avail currency exchange services at the airport to convert your currency.

Muscat Airport Facilities
Muscat Airport Facilities

Muscat Airport Hotels

If your flight is delayed or you need to rest at Muscat Airport in Oman, be sure to review the regulations and rules of each hotel and make use of their services. There are several hotels available at Muscat Airport for your convenience.

One of these hotels is Aerotel, which is located within the airport premises on the upper floors. This hotel is a suitable option for accommodation because there is no need for transfer services to reach it, given its location within the airport.

Another suitable option for accommodation at Muscat Airport is the Holiday Inn Hotel. This hotel is not located within the airport premises but is approximately an 8-minute drive from the airport. It’s worth noting that you can use the free airport shuttle service to reach this hotel. You can spend some time at this hotel to rest before your next flight.

Muscat Airport Hotels
Muscat Airport Hotels

Internet at Muscat Airport

You may have needed internet access at Muscat Airport before. Here, we explain how to activate internet access at this airport.

To use the internet at Muscat Airport, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi option on your device.
  2. Look for the airport’s Wi-Fi network, which is named “Muscat Free WiFi.”
  3. Enter your mobile phone number in the provided field to receive a verification code.
  4. Once you receive the verification code, enter it in the password field.
  5. You can now enjoy internet access at Muscat Airport.

Additionally, Oman Tel provides internet access at Muscat Airport through the provision of SIM cards and hourly payment options.

Internet at Muscat Airport
Internet at Muscat Airport

Muscat Airport Oman | Oman Airport Transfers Muscat

Airport provides a variety of transfer options for travelers. Below, I’ll mention some of the airport transfer options in Oman:

  1. Taxis: At Muscat Airport, you can use taxi services. Taxis are available on the lower level of the passenger terminal, and you can use them to reach your destination. Before getting in, make sure to agree on the taxi fare with the driver.
  2. Public Transportation Services: If you prefer to use public transportation, Muscat Airport offers bus and metro train services. You can use these services for commuting to your destination.
  3. Hotel Transfer Services: Some hotels in Oman provide airport transfer services for their guests. You can contact your hotel before your trip and request airport transfer services.

It’s recommended to plan your transfer before your trip and check the available options. Some travelers arriving in Muscat on tours are coordinated with transfers through their tours to reach their hotels. Others traveling independently to Muscat may need to use airport transfer options such as buses and taxis in Muscat.

Duty-Free Shops at Muscat Airport

At Muscat Airport Oman, you can make use of Duty-Free services. Duty-Free shops are stores located at airport premises and are accessible to international travelers. In these shops, you can purchase various goods without paying taxes and at reasonable prices.

Duty-Free shops offer products including perfumes and colognes, beverages, chocolates, cigarettes and tobacco, electronics and accessories, household items, and gifts. Additionally, some Duty-Free shops have local products and handicrafts that you can buy as souvenirs from your trip.

Duty-Free Shops at Muscat Airport
Duty-Free Shops at Muscat Airport

You can travel to Oman with peace of mind at any time by purchasing a FlySepehran plane ticket. Enjoy the beauty of Muscat, Kish Island, and make use of our online services throughout your journey, such as seat selection your seat on the flight, excess-baggage online, and transporting your pets. You can explore the attractions of Muscat and Muscat Airport on Sepehran blog.



Muscat Airport is considered one of the world’s best airports, offering excellent flight services, unparalleled airport facilities and services, and outstanding amenities. In this article, we introduced Muscat Airport and its diverse services. We also explored various flight services, transfers, shops, restaurants, and service amenities in Muscat. Additionally, we provided important recommendations for travelers in Muscat.

If you are planning a trip to Muscat, be sure to consider Muscat International Airport. We hope this article has been useful and provided you with comprehensive information about Oman’s airport. By choosing Muscat for your journey, you will have an extraordinary experience in encountering this beautiful and popular city. You can read more about Muscat’s attractions before your trip for further information.

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