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Najaf Airport

Najaf Airport was originally a military air base, it is located in the eastern part of Najaf city and is considered one of the most important airports in Iraq. The ownership and development of the airport has been entrusted to the private sector, and its managers are trying to provide wider services to passengers by expanding the entry and exit gates. Currently, there are many direct flights from our country to this airport and from this airport to Iran. These flights are available through the best domestic airlines.

By reading this article from Sepehran blog, we provide complete information about Najaf airport, Najaf airport flights and its general information such as the airport map and its distance from the important centers of the city.

What you should know about Najaf Airport:

  • About Najaf Airport
  • History of Najaf Airport
  • Where is Najaf Airport located?
  • The most important flights from Najaf Airport originating from Iran
  • Airport Information
  • Flight information of Najaf Airport
  • Najaf Airport facilities
  • Public transportation at Najaf Airport.
Najaf International Airport
Najaf International Airport


About Najaf Airport

Najaf International Airport is one of Iraq’s important airports, serving primarily as a major transportation for religious tourism and annually facilitates the movement of more than 3 million passengers. Its location in Najaf, a city that is home to the shrine of Imam Ali, one of the holiest sites for Shia Muslims, makes it a vital destination for millions of religious visitors each year. The airport is situated on the eastern side of Najaf city and is only about 6 kilometers away from the city center.

Some key features and facts about this place that have paved the way for its expansion are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Passenger traffic
  • Security
  • Amenities
  • Flight connections.

Najaf Al Ashraf





Type of airport


ICAO code


IATA airport code


History of Najaf International Airport

Initially, this airport operated as a military base until it conducted its first passenger flight in 2008. Since then, this place has expanded. With the establishment of large and new terminals at this airport, important services and facilities have been added, including passenger guides, restaurants, VIP lounges, coffee shops, currency exchange, etc. Currently, the airport provides all necessary services for aircraft (including technical and navigation equipment) and the number of its airline routes has expanded.


historical najaf airport
historical Najaf airport


Where is Najaf Airport?

It is located on the eastern side of Najaf city and on the airport street. The distance from the airport to Karbala is about 1 hour by car. Also, the distance between the airport and Imam Ali Shrine is about 10 kilometers.

Najaf International Airport is inside the city. This airport has a 3000 meter long asphalt runway, which allows most large planes to land in Najaf city. This airport is only 30 minutes away from the shrine of Imam Ali, and you can travel this distance by bus, minibus or taxis available at the airport.

If you are interested in walking to the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali, you can walk this distance in 2 hours. This airport is about 80 kilometers away from the city of Karbala, which is actually the main walking route of Karbala. If you walk without stopping, you will reach Karbala after about 16 to 17 hours. Of course, according to the physical strength of different people, this path can be completed in two to three days. If you want to travel this distance by car, you will be on the way for about an hour and a half.


Najaf Airport on the map:

Access Routes to Najaf Airport:

  • From Imam Ali Shrine: To access the airport from Imam Ali’s shrine, you can take the Kufa Street, then Al-Rawan Street, followed by Al-Zahoor Street, Airport Square, and finally, the Airport Street.
  • Karbala and Imam Hussain Shrine: If you’re coming from Karbala and Imam Hussain’s shrine, you can reach the airport via Highway No. 9 and by following the signs along the way.
  • From Najaf City Center: To access the airport from the city center, you can use public vans, which are the best way to get to and from the airport. If the cost is not an issue, taxis are the best mode of transportation.


Facilities at Najaf Airport:

To ensure comfort and to enhance passengers’ welfare, the airport has considered various facilities for its travelers. These include:

  • Restaurants and coffee shops
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mosque
  • Parking (for short stops)
  • Currency exchange
  • Exclusive VIP lounges
  • Medical services
  • Wheelchair services
  • Luggage transport services
airport coffe shop
airport coffee shop

Terminals for Domestic and International Flights at Najaf Airport

The entrance to this place, with its modern and eye-catching architecture, welcomes you, indicating the start of a unique journey in Najaf. This place has a one terminal, which includes both a transit and a general hall. All passengers for both domestic and international flights need to refer to this terminal. So, this terminal provides all the necessary facilities. Furthermore, in the transit hall, there are six exit gates for flight formalities.

CIP Services
CIP Services

CIP Services at Najaf Airport:

At the airport, there’s a special CIP section to welcome significant business guests. The CIP services will make your flight enjoyable and pleasant, striving to offer the best flying experience to the city of Najaf by providing the following services:

  • Welcoming services
  • Inspection and customs procedures
  • Flight ticketing and luggage delivery
  • Luggage and cargo check-in and receipt
  • Reviewing matters related to passport delivery, visas, and exit fee approvals
  • Pet transportation services on the plane
  • Hospitality with special food menus in CIP lounges
  • Wheelchair and internet services
  • Suite reservations at the airport
  • Meeting, conference, and VIP rooms
  • Airport transfers with various vehicles
  • Dedicated bank counter


CIP Services
CIP Services


Domestic and International Flights at Najaf Airport:

All passengers of domestic flights are directed to the entrance halls via terminal buses. Once inside the terminal, you should visit the passport counters for verification and visa stamping. Afterwards, at the luggage section and by checking the flight information screen, determine where to pick up your luggage. After exiting the gate, you’ll reach the taxi parking area.

When it comes to international flights, this airport has connections with numerous countries, especially those with a significant population of Shia Muslims. Direct flights from various destinations like Iran, India, and Pakistan are available daily through the best domestic airlines.

Of course, airline routes may change over time due to political relations and economic conditions. Hence, for the latest and most accurate information on international flights from this place, I recommend visiting the official airport website or contacting the airlines directly.

The most important Flights
The most important Flights

The most important Flights at Najaf Airport:

Najaf, as a city hosting pilgrims of Imam Ali (AS), attracts many visitors from Iran and around the world every year. Unsurprisingly, this airport is considered one of the busiest in Iraq. If you’re curious about the most frequent flights from and to Najaf, here’s a list of the most popular domestic and international routes related to our country:

Direct flight
Direct flight

Direct Flight from Iran to Najaf:

Currently, direct flights to Najaf are only from Tehran and Mashhad (and vice versa). Perhaps in the near future, as in previous years, we may have direct flight routes to Najaf from the city of Isfahan as well. But for now, if you want to buy a ticket to Najaf, you have to get yourself to either Tehran or Mashhad from wherever you are in Iran.

Flights from Tehran to Najaf and Mashhad to Najaf are operated daily by FlySepehran.


origin destination


Mashhad Najaf


Tehran Najaf



Important domestic flights
Important domestic flights


Important domestic flights with origin or destination Najaf

The most important domestic flight in Iraq is the Baghdad-Najaf route. Other busy air routes in Iraq include Medina-Najaf, Karachi-Najaf, Dubai-Najaf, and Damascus-Najaf.

Najaf to Baghdad daily / Najaf to Erbil 3 days a week / Najaf to Sulaymaniyah 3 days a week.

For international flights, you can follow the guide below:

  • At the first inspection stop, you must show your passport and flight ticket to the airport security.
  • Then, your luggage will be visually inspected by the airport guards.
  • For a personal inspection, you should go to the designated area to be scanned with X-ray. Metallic objects and vehicles will also be inspected with X-ray scanners and by K9 dogs.
  • Finally, you can proceed to the departure terminal and passenger services and wait for your flight to be announced.

You can view the relevant counter information for your trip on the display screen. After seeing the flight number, you need to hand in your passport and ticket to the specified counter to receive your boarding pass and send off your luggage. Also, for verifying information, you should visit the passport booths. Eventually, you will be directed to the waiting area and gate.


Transportation at Najaf Airport

The taxi service at Najaf Airport offers convenient and reliable transportation to your destination. The cost of a Najaf airport taxi varies depending on your specific destination in Najaf or its neighboring areas. It is recommended to confirm the taxi fare before starting your journey.

It’s important to be aware of the entrance fees at this Airport, as these help maintain security procedures and operations at the airport.


Najaf Airport Taxis

To transfer to a hotel from  this Airport, the best mode of transportation is by taxi, which can be found in front of the terminal at the airport. These taxis, while more expensive than public vans, take you to your destination. However, if you prefer to use a van, they are stationed outside the airport grounds.

Najaf Airport Taxis
Najaf Airport Taxis


Distance from Najaf Airport to some specific locations

  • The distance from this place to Imam Ali Shrine is approximately 11 kilometers (25 minutes by vehicle).
  • The distance from Najaf Airport to Kufa Mosque is approximately 10 kilometers (18 minutes by vehicle).
  • The distance from Najaf Airport to the city of Najaf is approximately 23 kilometers (30 minutes by vehicle).

FlySepehran, by offering distinguished and exceptional services on its flights to Najaf, allows its passengers to enjoy the flying experience. One of these services is “Seat Selection“.
With this service, passengers can select their seat for the flight and enjoy more comfort during their trip. Additionally, with the “Online Excess Baggage Purchase”, passengers can pay for their extra baggage at the airport without delay.

FlySepehran guarantees an unforgettable flight experience to one of the world’s holiest destinations by offering affordable tickets to Najaf and exceptional services. Stay in touch with us to be informed about our special offers and discounts for flights to Najaf.



In summary, with its distinguished services and modern facilities for passengers, Najaf International Airport has become one of the popular destinations for travelers and pilgrims. Its positive economic impact on the region and the country cannot be overlooked. Therefore, from the perspective of merchants and tourists, this airport is considered a shining jewel in the country’s aviation scene.



Where is Najaf Airport
It is located on the eastern side of Najaf city and on the airport street
What services are offered at Najaf International Airport?
Luggage transportation, guides to various sections of the terminal, and the amenities mentioned in the article. 
How can I access Najaf International Airport from the city of Najaf?
By using city vans and both city and airport taxis.
Are car rental services offered at Najaf International Airport?
No, car rentals are handled by private companies outside the airport.
How can I book a flight ticket from Najaf International Airport?
You cannot reserve a ticket inside the airport.

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