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Austria attraction

Austria attraction, cradle of world music

Austria is one of the Western European countries that is nowadays known as the cradle of world music. Due many people travel to this country every year.

Music in Austria is of great importance and most of the people of this country have a great interest in music. Therefore which has made this country the cradle of world music.

This country is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This factor allows the people of this country to pay attention to art with peace of mind, and today this country is known as one of the art centers in the world. In addition to music, it has many attractive sights.

In this article from the Sepehran blog, we intend to introduce you to some of the art centers of Austria and the sights of Austria.

List of sights in Austria

1. Gasteiner Wasserfall, attractive and mesmerizing

The Gasteiner waterfall in Salzburg is one of the most extraordinary sights of the town of Bad Gasteiner. This waterfall located in the state of Salzburg, Austria. So, this place with a height of 341 meters and 3 turquoise pools, has been a favorite of many famous people such as Queen Elizabeth, Schubert.

The most beautiful part of this unique waterfall is the stone bridge of the Gastein waterfall, or as it is called, the Esref Alborg, which is introduced as the beginning of this waterfall.

The unique waterfalls of Austria, among the rocks and dense forests, are just a small part of the wonders of this European country. Among which the most beautiful waterfall of Bad Gastein can be mentioned with the name of Gasteiner waterfall in Salzburg.

This waterfall, with a tall height over huge and rugged rocks, pours calmly over the greenery of the forests and displays a magical beauty in the eyes of every visitor.

If you want to visit the Gastein waterfall, it is better to know that this waterfall has 3 turquoise pools. So, each of which is located separately in a part of the waterfall and are showcased by a stone bridge among other waterfalls of the state of Salzburg, Austria.

Gasteiner Wasserfall
Gasteiner Wasserfall

2. The Unique Beauty of Belvedere Palace in European Land

The Belvedere Palace is one of the famous palaces like the Schönbrunn Palace in Austria. This palace is composed of two parts, the Upper and Lower palaces. It previously served Queen Maria Theresa and is recognized as an architectural masterpiece worldwide. So, It is also known as one of the famous museums globally.

In this palace, you can see many artistic paintings by artists of that region, including Monet, Renoir, Schiele, and Klimt. The Upper and Lower palaces were built in the Baroque style. The Belvedere Palace in Vienna consists of various sections, including the orangery, palace stables, fountain area, museum, or gallery.

Different Sections of Belvedere Palace in Vienna

The Belvedere Palace in Austria includes two palaces, Upper and Lower. Many rooms in the Upper Palace are open to visitors. You can see a variety of paintings and sculptures from the Baroque era in this palace. Other notable parts of this palace include dining rooms, the Hall of Mirrors, and bedrooms.

Belvedere Palace
Belvedere Palace

3.Burgtheater Theatre, A Stop in Time

The Burgtheater Theatre is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist attractions in Austria. Nowadays, many tourists and travelers seek to visit this attraction. You can visit the unique Burgtheater Theatre in Austria at any time of the year. This theatre is actually the national theatre of Austria and is considered one of the most valuable and modern halls worldwide. This hall was built between 1874 and 1888. Today, you can see very famous paintings by great world masters in this theatre. Two of the most important of these artists are Karl von Hasenauer and Gottfried Semper.

You can see a collection of the world’s best plays in this hall and enjoy your visit to the fullest. Depending on your free time, you can choose one of the most suitable months of the year to travel to Austria. By doing so, you will bring yourself a memorable and attractive trip.

However, many tourists and travelers prefer to visit the unique Burg Theatre in Austria during the summer. You can also plan a trip to Austria this season, considering your free time and circumstances.

Burgtheater Theatre
Burgtheater Theatre

4. Grossglockner, A Path for Mountain Climbing

The Grossglockner is one of the famous peaks of the European continent in Austria. The Grossglockner has a beautiful view. This peak has steep slopes and flat-like foothills. Every year, many people visit this mountainous region. Europe is a continent where amazing natural resources and landscapes have come together. If you have a short trip to the famous peaks and tall mountains of Europe, you have certainly encountered the Grossglockner peak. The Grossglockner has an altitude of 3,798 meters and is the highest mountain in Austria.

This mountain consists of small and large, yet sharp peaks. Generally, it has two main peaks, the higher one called Grossglockner and the shorter one called Kleinglockner, although the difference between them is only 28 meters.

The name of the Kleinglockner peak has German roots, which refers to the pyramidal shape of this mountain.

The region where the Grossglockner is located is a protected area by the Austrian government.


5. Hallstatt, A Picturesque Village

This lake is one of the oldest inhabited places in Europe and a must-see in Austria. Due to the presence of mines like salt, many people travel to the salt mountains located in this region to discover salt.

In addition to the salt mountains, other attractions around this lake include strolling in the village and walking, which can be done there. In the warm seasons around the Hallstatt lake, located in this village, one can engage in activities like cycling, walking, boating, and diving.

Also, in the winter season, for those interested in winter sports like skiing, this region is a suitable option for doing these sports. All these factors have caused many tourists to travel to this region for recreation.

Hallstatt Village

The small village of Hallstatt is one of the oldest inhabited villages in Europe. Due to the presence of numerous salt mines, nowadays, people go to the salt mountains in this region to discover salt. But this is not the only attraction of this ancient village.

By strolling in this village, you can also enjoy various recreational activities available there. In the warmer seasons, around the Hallstatt lake in this village, many athletes engage in cycling, boating, or walking. The winter season is suitable for those interested in winter sports like skiing. All of these can be pleasant for the tourists coming to this region.

Hallstatt Village
Hallstatt Village

6. Schloss Ort Castle, The Sleeping Beauty

Schloss Ort Castle, also known as Seeschloss Ort, is historically significant like many other castles in Austria. The ancient Ort Castle, located in Austria, dates back to 909 AD. According to historical research, this castle was built on the ruins of a Roman castle. The initial owners of Schloss Ort Castle were presumably the Hartein family.

From 1483 AD, this historical castle came under the ownership of the Habsburg family, the royal family of Austria. Over the years, this beautiful castle has changed ownership and undergone various changes and transformations. The last renovation of Schloss Ort Castle dates back to the 17th century.

Schloss Ort Castle
Schloss Ort Castle

7. Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria. Annually, over 9 million tourists from around the world travel to visit this place. This palace, listed by UNESCO, along with its beautiful surrounding gardens, has a lot to tell about politics and historical events. So, we definitely recommend including a visit to Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens in your travel itinerary.

Attractions Inside Schönbrunn Palace, Austria

When you first enter the Schönbrunn Palace building, the paintings on the walls, silk carpets, beautiful pictures installed on the walls, and decorative objects inside the palace completely capture your attention. The second thing that can fascinate you during this visit is the Queen Sisi’s Hall. This hall is decorated magnificently and is a symbol of the luxurious life of the Austrian Empire era. In between, you can also visit other rooms and, by exploring this historical building, encounter unique wonders.

Schönbrunn Palace
Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace Museums

Among the museums you can visit at Schönbrunn Palace are the Children’s Museum and the Carriage Museum. In the Children’s Museum, you can get acquainted with the lives of children during the imperial era, which has many attractions for history enthusiasts.

The Carriage Museum, on the other hand, is a collection of valuable and expensive historical carriages of Austria, which will also be worth seeing. Although the building has 1441 rooms, visitors can only visit 40 of them.

Other famous and must-see places in this palace include the Walnut Room or Walnut Hall, the Hall of Mirrors or Mirrors Room, and the Great Gallery or Grand Hall. You can visit them and be amazed by their grandeur and magnificence.


8. Alpbach Village, Safety and Beauty

Every country on every continent has tourist attractions and beautiful places that tourists choose for recreation and leisure. Alpbach village, or Albach, in Austria, with its old-style houses built of wood and stone, and the flowers that beautifully decorate these houses, is one of the most attractive areas in Austria.

However, it is not just the houses in this area that attract tourists to this part of Austria; the ski slope of this region in Austria is very beautiful and amazing. If you have a vacation ahead and are interested in traveling to Austria, we recommend that you definitely set aside some time to visit Alpbach village.

Alpbach village in Austria is a beautiful place for nature lovers and tourists. If you are a nature enthusiast, spend a few days in this area by buying comfortable shoes and traveling. The towering mountains of this region attract every tourist.

Alpbach Village
Alpbach Village

9. Stroll and Enjoy in the Historic Neighborhood of Graz

Graz is the second-largest city in Austria, located in the southeastern part of the country along the Mur River. The city has an area of about 56 square kilometers and a population of over 270,000 people.

Graz is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, with a rich history. The first signs of habitation in the city date back to the Bronze Age.

The city boasts historic churches, magnificent palaces, castles, and many historical landmarks that reflect its rich history. Graz was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Furthermore, in 2003, the city earned the title of the European Capital of Culture. In 2008, it gained the title of the “City of Culinary Delights.”

As for the historic neighborhood of Graz, it serves as a symbol of antiquity. The history of this area dates back to the establishment of Graz in the 12th century AD. In addition to the numerous rich cultural sites found in Graz, the city also offers beautiful, untouched nature. It is home to the banks of the Mur River, abundant forests, and the Murinsel island.


10. The Old But Attractive Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo

The Tiergarten Schönbrunn, or Schönbrunn Zoo, is the world’s oldest zoo, founded in 1752 by Emperor Francis I of Lorraine, husband of Maria Theresa. It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The zoo was recognized as the best zoo in Europe in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2018, consecutively, five times. It has achieved unique successes in breeding animals, including the river turtle with a tag, and winking frogs, making it recognized beyond the borders of Austria.

Since 2006, over two million visitors from Germany and abroad have visited the zoo annually. While the zoo has an interesting past and history, it is now one of the most modern zoos in the world. The Vienna Zoo covers an area of 17 hectares and is home to more than 700 species of animals, some of which are endangered.

Various Sections of the Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo

The Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna was built in 1752 near the Schönbrunn Palace by Adrian van Stekhoven at the command of Emperor Francis I.

It is currently the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world. Initially, there was only one pavilion that was used for the emperor’s breakfast. Then, around this central pavilion, thirteen animal enclosures were created in pie-slice shapes. The central pavilions and the minaret building were constructed by Jean Nicolas Jadot de Ville-Issey.

Before 1540, there was only a small zoo in this garden, but from 1779, the complex was opened to the public. Initially, there was no entrance fee. Joseph II, the Roman Emperor, sent people to Africa and the Americas to find specimens for the zoo. The arrival of the first giraffes in 1828 had an impact on the daily life of the city of Vienna.

Schönbrunn Zoo
Schönbrunn Zoo


No matter how much we talk about the attractions of Austria, it is never enough. This modern country, whose capital, Vienna, has been named the best city in the world for many years, has so many sightseeing spots that it can keep tourists busy visiting for days and hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Austria the cradle of?
Cradle of art and music.
What is the name of one of the most famous palaces in Austria?
Palace or Castle of Belvedere.
What are the most beautiful and attractive tourist attractions in Austria?
Burgtheater Theatre
What is the name of one of the famous peaks of Europe?
Grossglockner mountain
Why is the village of Hallstatt famous?
Due to having mines like salt, many people travel to the salt mountains located in this region to explore salt. Also, this village is one of the oldest inhabited villages in Europe.


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