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Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman

Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman: An Icy Retreat in the Heart of the Desert.

The title of “Wonderland” belongs to Kerman because its natural tourist attractions are truly strange and exciting, drawing in every traveler. 

In this article, we want to tell you about one of the wonders of this city, which is also the hottest place on earth. The Gandom Beryan area in Kerman is one of the hottest regions in the world. Can you believe that just an hour’s drive from this area takes you to a ski resort? On the Kerman-Shahdad road, 57 kilometers from Kerman, the Sirch Ski Resort offers you a snowy day. This is the only ski resort in southern Iran!

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Get to Know Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman:

  • Where is Sirch Ski Resort?
  • Location of Sirch Ski Resort on the Map
  • Address of Sirch Ski Resort
  • Accommodations at Sirch Ski Resort
  • The best time to visit Sirch Ski Resort
  • How Far is Kerman from the Ski Resort?

Where is Sirch Ski Resort?

If you are interested in snow activities, Sirch Ski Resort in southeastern Iran is the best option for you. This resort is located in the Sirch mountains and on the summit of Jefthan Peak in Kerman, attracting countless tourists annually. Interestingly, this ski resort is known as the largest in the region. Its beauty is even more remarkable when you consider that Sirch Ski Resort is nestled in the heart of the desert, near the Gandom Beryan area.

Location of Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman:

This valley is covered with various trees such as grape, fig, cherry, and wild mulberry, creating a breathtaking landscape. Another magical wonder of this village is its 1,000-year-old cypress tree. The village’s hot spring is an ideal spot for hydrotherapy and is rich in minerals. This place has been a summer resort, and you can still enjoy its mild climate and amazing gardens in warm weather. Additionally, in the cold winter, you can head to Sirch Ski Resort for some enjoyable skiing.

Address of Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman:

Kerman Province, Sirch Mountain’s Jefthan Peak

Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman
sirch keraman

Accommodation at Sirch Ski Resort

Many people who visit Sirch Ski Resort prefer to stay in the area. Therefore, there are various accommodation and recreational facilities available that can provide you with an exciting and memorable experience.
It is best to book your hotel or residence before arriving at the ski resort so you can enjoy your time there with peace of mind. This way, you can easily visit the resort at any time.

Best Time to Visit Sirch Ski Resort

As you know, Kerman is a tropical region, and it is best to avoid traveling there during the hot seasons. The snow coverage at the ski resort is significantly higher in the fall and winter when snowfall begins.

Therefore, winter is the ideal season for a trip here. During this season, you’ll witness a massive invasion of individuals skiing down the snowy slopes.

Distance from Kerman to Sirch Ski Resort

Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman
Kerman Sirch Ski

The Sirch Ski Resort has an elevation of 2700 meters and a slope of approximately 20 degrees. This is a completely natural ski resort, covered in snow for six months, attracting locals and tourists. The village of Sirch is like a paradise in the desert. It has a cold and humid climate and is located 50 kilometers from Kerman in a valley near a river of the same name, Sirch. The distance from the village of Sirch to the ski resort is about 30 kilometers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Address of Sirch Ski Resort in Kerman
Kerman Province, Sirch Mountain’s Jefthan Peak
Best Time to Visit Sirch Ski Resort
Autumn and winter is the best time to visit this ski resort.

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