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El Goli Complex

El Goli of Tabriz is considered one of this city’s main attractions and famous spots. This park, along with its lake and the Kolafrangi mansion, serves as the primary symbol of the city of Tabriz. Even though the elements of this complex were built and used separately over time, today they form an integrated ensemble that has attracted the attention of many tourists.

El Goli Park, along with the lake and the cone-shaped mansion, was registered as one of Iran’s national monuments on February 16, 2009, under registration number 24774. This recognition highlights the cultural, historical, and touristic importance of the complex. With its beautiful nature, lake, and historical structures, El Goli Park attracts numerous travelers and tourists, is recognized as the emblem of the city of Tabriz.

You can stay with the Sepehran blog to become more acquainted with El Goli Park, the most important attraction of the beautiful city of Tabriz.

What we should know about El Goli Tabriz:

El Goli Subway Station
El Goli Subway Station
  • What does El Goli mean?
  • Where is El Goli?
  • El Goli Tabriz on the map
  • History of El Goli
  • Access to El Goli Tabriz
  • El Goli mansion
  • El Goli Park, Tabriz
  • Tabriz’s El Goli entertainment
  • El Goli lake in Tabriz
  • Hotels near El Goli
  • El Goli metro station
  • Photos of El Goli Tabriz

What does El Goli mean?

In the local language, it means “People’s Lake” and after the revolution, it was replaced by “Shah Goli”.

Where is El Goli Tabriz?

East Azarbaijan Province, Tabriz, El Goli Blvd., Shahid Sharifzadeh Square, El Goli Complex

El Goli Tabriz on the map

History of El Goli Tabriz

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In this section, we discuss the history of the El Goli complex. El Goli Tabriz is one of the prominent historical and cultural monuments in Tabriz, Iran. These works belong to the Safavid era and, historically, date back to the reign of Shah Ismail Safavid.

El Goli was built as a tower of a castle that was located in this place in the past. The main tower of El Goli, with a height of over 50 meters, is considered one of the tallest brick towers in the world. The design is based on the style of old Iranian architecture, using red clay and white brick, and its decorations include special artistic designs and motifs.

In the past, the El Goli complex was considered a guard tower and clock tower and was used for guarding and monitoring the city. Also, from the top of the tower, weather information and the call to prayer were given to the people in a traditional way.

El Goli in the Post-Qajar and Pahlavi Era

With the collapse of the Qajar dynasty during the first Pahlavi period, El Goli was handed over to the Tabriz municipality to become a public resort. Later, in 1967, the central garden, which was made of clay, was destroyed. In its place, the current two-story, 12-meter-tall Kolahfarangi octagonal building was constructed, accessible from both sides.

This mansion, which features a water view in its center, has Gon Island at its base and is connected to other parts of the garden through a pathway that extends from the south of the lake to its center.

This mansion and parts of the garden were destroyed during the protests leading to the Islamic Revolution. However, after the revolution, the reconstruction process was initiated, and the size of the garden was also increased. Consequently, the largest sundial in the northwest region of the country was installed there, and in recent years, beautiful sculptures have been added to enhance the area’s beauty.


Access to El Goli Tabriz:


You have several routes to access El Goli Park. If you don’t want to worry about parking, you can use public transport or private cars. Below, I will mention the nearest metro station and directions for going to El Goli by car:

Use of Personal Car

If you plan to go to the El Goli complex by car, one of the easiest routes is from Kasai Highway to the El Goli exit. By following the signs and directions, you can reach your destination.

Use of Public Transport

Metro: The nearest metro station to El Goli is El Goli station. By using the metro and commuting from this station, you can easily reach El Goli Park.

Bus: There are also many buses from the city to El Goli.

El Goli lake in Tabriz

El Goli lake in Tabriz
El Goli lake in Tabriz

The lake in this complex is more ancient and dates back to the time of the rule of the Aq Qoyunlu dynasty. During this historical period, the lake was considered the most important source of water for irrigating gardens in the eastern areas of Tabriz.

With the beginning of the Safavid dynasty and the settlement of the kings and princes of this dynasty in the city of Tabriz, the lake was surrounded by a garden of trees.

During the Qajar period, Tabriz was second in importance as the residence of the crown prince, which led to special attention being paid to the El Goli region.

Details of El Goli Lake in Tabriz

To improve the conditions and structure of the garden, the pathways inside the garden have been paved, designed, and built. These paths helped the garden take a more organized and defined shape.

Additionally, the El Goli complex garden features a collection of Tabrizi trees, Majnoon willow, and various decorative flowers and plants. These additions enhance the garden’s beauty and freshness, making it a worthwhile and attractive place to visit. By planting trees and decorative flowers, El Goli garden became more visually appealing and luxurious.

The 5.5-hectare El Goli Lake is shaped like a wide square with approximate dimensions of 200 x 200 meters. This lake has a storage capacity of about 72,000 cubic meters of water, supplied by the water of the Liqvan River.

The southern part of the lake features a relatively high hill with many beautiful trees. This hill also has numerous artificial waterfalls that provide a stunning flow of water, adding even more beauty and charm to the lake.


El Goli Mansion in Tabriz

El Goli lake in Tabriz
El Goli lake in Tabriz


The El Goli complex is renowned as one of the important tourist attractions in Tabriz and is considered a virtual museum of the Qajar era in Iran. The mansion itself comprises several buildings, including the main mansion building, an inner courtyard with a garden, various rooms, pavilions, and bathrooms. So, the intricate patterns and brickwork on the walls, wooden ceilings adorned with floral motifs, and its beautiful exterior have transformed this mansion into an artistic masterpiece.

El Goli Mansion is a valuable historical and cultural landmark listed in the national heritage registry. It houses a museum that offers visitors insights into the region’s past and culture.


El Goli Park, Tabriz (El Goli Garden)

El Goli Garden was developed during the reconstruction plan of 1367 and expanded along the Nahar Ab stream. The water flow in the central stream of the garden follows a step-by-step path. Therefore, at each level, it spreads from both sides of the stream into the surrounding area, eventually reaching narrower streams along the way.

Attractions at El Goli Tabriz

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Mini Golf: A mini-golf sports complex is located in the southeast of El Goli Park in Tabriz, close to the Park Hotel, and is considered one of the top entertainment options in this park. Before planning a trip to this park, you should calculate the cost and time required. This complex boasts one of the highest-quality mini-golf courses in our country and has hosted various national and provincial competitions in recent years.

Skating Complex: In the southern part of El Goli Park, near the Pars Hotel, there is a very modern sports complex with exciting games and special attractive facilities. This complex includes the Sayman Complex, one of the largest and most standardized skate parks in the Middle East, which attracts many enthusiasts.

Luna Park: Luna Park is an ideal place for family and friends’ entertainment. In this amusement park, you can enjoy recreational and exciting games, including thrilling rides such as the Zip Line, Aerial Train, and Enterprise. Additionally, there are nostalgic and beloved games like bumper cars and Ferris wheels that can bring back childhood memories and take you back to the joyful days of your childhood.

Carriage Riding around the Lake: Carriage riding around the lake is another attraction for visitors at El Goli Park. By paying a fee, you can ride on a carriage like in the past and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery and the sound of horses’ feet on the pavements.

Boating at El Goli:

One of the enjoyable activities you can experience at El Goli Park in Tabriz is boating. During the warm seasons, especially before winter sets in and the lake freezes, there is an opportunity for boating on the lake’s surface. Riding a boat in the spring breeze and cool Tabriz weather will create unique and memorable moments for you. It’s worth mentioning that the Tabriz kayak rowing team also uses this lake for their training.

El Goli Lake in Tabriz

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El Goli Lake, which is a symbol of Tabriz city, is considered one of the attractions of this city. The lake is located on the edge of El-Goli Park, and its depth reaches 12 meters. The area around the lake is a pleasant place for walking, especially on cool summer and autumn nights. Additionally, boating is possible on the lake’s surface.


Hotels Near El Goli Park, Tabriz

El Goli Park is one of the tourist attractions in Tabriz, and there are several hotels located around it. Below, I will mention some of these hotels:

Pars El Goli Hotel Tabriz: This 5-star hotel, located on El Goli Boulevard, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Tabriz and is popular for its proximity to El Goli Park.

Shahriar Hotel: This hotel is also located on Shahid Fatemi Street and is among the hotels near El Goli Park.

Candi Hotel: Located on Baghmisheh Street, this hotel also has a relatively short distance to El Goli Park.

Gostaresh Hotel: Located on Khaghani Street, this hotel is also relatively close to El Goli Park.


El Goli Subway Station

el-goli complex
el-goli complex

El Goli Metro Station is a station on Tabriz Metro Line 1, located next to the Tabriz Southern Freeway. It opened on 27 August 2015 and serves as the southeastern terminus of Line 1. The next station to the north is Sahand Metro Station.


In conclusion

El Goli Tabriz is more than just a place. Whether you are a history enthusiast, an adventurer, or someone seeking spiritual tranquility, El Goli Tabriz awaits you with unforgettable memories to witness its recreational activities and natural beauty up close. So, when will you pack your bags?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is El Goli Tabriz
East Azarbaijan Province, Tabriz, El Goli Blvd., Shahid Sharifzadeh Square, El Goli Complex
What are the hotels near El Goli Park in Tabriz?
Pars El Goli Hotel Tabriz-Shahriar- Candi-Gostaresh
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