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Tehran Tourist Attractions

Tehran tourist attractions offer a diverse range of experiences, from historic palaces to modern art galleries. This city is one of the most modern cities in Iran and, as the capital, has many attractions. If you travel to this city for leisure, you should know that Tehran’s sights are endless, and visiting all its attractions requires comprehensive and detailed planning.

During your trip to Tehran, you need to anticipate everything, from distances and traffic regulations to selecting the type of transportation, to ensure you can visit the maximum number of attractions in the shortest possible time in Iran’s modern capital.

Tehran has something to offer for every taste. If you are interested in history, visiting palaces and museums is a suitable option for sightseeing in Tehran.

If you are interested in shopping and malls, markets and modern shopping centers are suitable choices. Nature enthusiasts will find parks and pristine natural areas highly recommended. Join us on the Sepehran blog as we introduce the attractions of Tehran.

List of Tehran Attractions:

  • Tehran Attractions in Spring
  • Attractions in Tehran for photography
  • Attractions in Tehran during Nowruz
  • Tehran Tourist Attractions at night
  • Tehran Tourist Attractions on Weekends
  • Attractions in Tehran by Metro
  • Tehran’s Historical Attractions
  • Tehran Tourist Attractions for Children
  • Tehran’s 24-Hour Recreational Centers
  • Parks of Tehran
  • Famous Museums of Tehran
  • Important Streets of Tehran
  • Mountains of Tehran
  • Tehran Map Amusement Parks
  • Ski Resorts around Tehran


Tehran Attractions in Spring

In spring, the weather in Tehran is generally cool and pleasant. Rainfall during this season is short and heavy, making it the best time to visit Tehran. If you wish to explore Tehran’s attractions during the least crowded time, spring is the perfect opportunity. The cool weather allows you to enjoy extended visits to many parks and open-air sites.

You can walk in the parks, ride bicycles, and enjoy visits to gardens and museums. Additionally, most of the attractions are free to visit, allowing you to experience the best season of the year for exploring Tehran.

  • Tabiat Bridge
  • Saadabad Cultural and Historical Complex
  • Chitgar Lake
  • Darband
  • Bamland Shopping Mall
  • Milad Tower
Tehran Tourist Attractions in Spring
Tehran Attractions in Spring

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Attractions in Tehran for photography

Tehran, with its abundance of visual and cultural attractions, is an excellent destination for photography. Some of the most famous sightseeing locations in Tehran for photography include parks and gardens, bustling streets of Tehran, old houses and mansions, and the alleys of this city.

Some of these locations have historical backgrounds, while others belong to the present era. It’s worth noting that photography is prohibited in some places such as museums, and you can only use the surrounding areas for photography.

Below, we mention some of the places and subjects where you can take photographs in Tehran:

Tehran Grand Mosque, Tomb of Nader Shah, Golestan Palace, Darb-e Ahl-e Beyt, Mellat Park, Laleh Park, National Garden and Alaeddin Garden, Tajrish Bazaar, Tehran Grand Bazaar, galleries, exhibitions, Ab-o Atash Park, Tabiat Bridge, Valiasr Street, and more…

Tehran Tourist Attractions for photography
Tehran for photography

Attractions in Tehran during Nowruz

Exploring Tehran during Nowruz has a unique charm. The first half of Farvardin is the best time to travel to Tehran, as many residents leave the city for vacations, resulting in less pollution and traffic, and the city enjoys a peaceful atmosphere.

If you visit Tehran during this period, you can easily visit museums, parks, mansions, and shopping centers, and take photos of your favorite locations and Nowruz decorations in Tehran. For this reason, Tehran is recommended as one of the best destinations for Nowruz travel.

Some of Tehran Tourist Attractions during Nowruz include:

  • Golestan Palace
  • Darband, Bird Garden
  • Tabiyat Bridge
  • Niavaran Palace
  • Jurassic Park
Tehran's attractions
Tehran’s attractions

Tehran Tourist Attractions at night

Tehran is a lively and glamorous city. Young people and people living in Tehran are engaged in nightlife and nightlife at night. Parks and entertainment places in Tehran are also a hangout for many young people.

Many young people and residents of Tehran engage in nightlife and stay up late. The parks and recreational areas of Tehran are popular hangouts for many young people and teenagers.

Additionally, many food and fast-food centers and cinemas remain open late into the night, providing services to Tehran’s citizens. Nightlife in Tehran is particularly appealing due to the cool summer weather and relatively light traffic, offering a different and enjoyable experience.

Also, many food preparation centers, fast food, and cinemas are busy providing services to Tehran citizens until midnight.

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Parks and squares
  • Cinemas and theaters
  • Fast foods
  • Night clubs
  • Some commercial streets

They are among the centers where it is possible to visit and prepare food at night in Tehran.

Tehran milad tower
Tehran milad tower

Tehran Tourist Attractions on Weekends

Due to its favorable geographical location, Tehran has easy access to the northern cities of Iran. You can travel to the natural villages of this province during the weekends and see many attractions.

Attractions in Tehran by Metro

The Tehran metro is one of the best methods to access the numerous tourist attractions of this city. Currently, with seven different lines, Tehran’s metro covers most of the city’s attractions. You can easily visit all these attractions with minimal cost and without the traffic of traffic and congestion.

Join us to explore the best places to see in Tehran by metro:

Attractions Address Metro line

The nearest station

Golestan palace

15 Tir Street, Arg Square Line 1

15 khordad

Saadabad Cultural and Historical Complex Valiasr St., Shahid Falahi St., at the end of Shahid Kamal Taheri St Line 1


Tajrish Market

Southwest of Tajrish Square, in front of Tajrish Square BRT station Line 1


National Museum of Iran Imam Khomeini Square, Imam Khomeini St., 30 Tir St Line 1

Imam Khomeini

Ferdows Garden Valiasr Street, not reaching Tajrish Square, Bakshayesh Alley Line 1


Niavaran Palace Museum

Shahid Bahonar Square, historical cultural complex of Niavaran Line 1


National Art Museum

Baharestan Square, Kamal-ul-Molk St., Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Building Line2


Masoudieh Mansion

Baharestan Square, Ekbatan St Line2


Sorkheh Hesar National Park

Northeast of Tehran, Sorkheh Hesar National Park Line2


Lavizan Forest Park

North-east of Tehran, Hengama highway, above Esteghlal intersection Line3

Zain Ul Abideen Shahid

Azadi Square

Street Azadi , Tehran Line4

Azadi Square

Iranian Artists’ House

Taleghani Street, Iranshahr Street Line4


Chitgar Park

Western outskirts of Tehran Line5


Wildlife Museum

No. 37, Davati St., Haft Chenar St., Beriyanak Square, Baradaran Arab St., Qazvin St., Tehran Line7


historical attractions
historical attractions

Tehran’s Historical Attractions

As mentioned, from the Safavid era to today, Tehran has been one of the most important cities in Iran. Therefore, various parts of the city are filled with palaces, historic houses, mansions, and old neighborhoods, each narrating a part of the city’s history.

Some of the historical attractions of Tehran are:



Golestan Palace

15 Tir Street, Arg Square

Saadabad Cultural and Historical Complex

Valiasr St., Shahid Falahi St., at the end of Shahid Kamal Taheri St

Niavaran Palace Museum

Shahid Bahonar Square, historical Cultural Complex of Niavaran

Si-e Tir street

District 12, Jomhouri St., Si-e Tir street

National Museum of Iran

Professor Rolan Street, No. 1, at the beginning of Si Tir St., Tehran

Abgineh Museum of Tehran

No. 55, Si-e Tir street, Jomhouri Street

Moghaddam Museum House

Imam Khomeini Street, after Sheikh Hadi Street, next to Bank Mellat

Hasan Abad Square

Shahpur Street

Gate of the National Garden in Tehran or Mashgh Square

North side of Imam Khomeini St

Imam Khomeini Square or Toopkhooneh Square

The end of Amir Kabir Street and the beginning of Imam Khomeini Street

Tajrish Square and Tajrish Market

At the end of Valiasr Street

Masoudieh Mansion

Baharestan Square, Ekbatan Street

Tehran market

Metro 15 Khordad

Negarestan Museum Garden

Baharestan St., Daneshsara St., Shariatmadari St

Imamzadeh Saleh

Southeast Side of Tajrish Square

Shah Abdol-Azim shrine

Shahr Ray, Modares Street, Modares Square

Tehran Tourist Attractions؛ masudiye place
masudiye place

Tehran Tourist Attractions for Children

Tehran has various entertainment options for children. The best attractions in Tehran for kids include:



Eram Amusement Park

Tehran-Karaj highway

Tehran Jurassic Park

Saadat Abad, the end of Paknejad Blvd., Behrood Square, Shaghayegh Blvd

Human Park

Niavaran St., the beginning of Darabad St., after Ajudaniyeh, the end of Museum St., Human Park

Horror Park Safari

Shahid Kharazi highway, Chitgar Lake, Persian Gulf Martyrs Park

Bird Gardens

Shahid Babaei Sharq highway, after Hengam exit, Omid town, Kohestan street

Bazyaft Park

South Aliabad, Abrisham Blvd

Wildlife Museum

Niavaran Square, Darabad St., after Ajudaniyeh, Museum St

Bilino Amusement Park

Yadegar-e-Emam highway, Nahj Al-Balagha

Abdo Bowling Park

Shariati St., above Sadr Bridge, Shahid Chamran Sports-Cultural Complex

tourist attractions
tourist attractions

Tehran’s 24-Hour Recreational Centers

Given that many people are busy during the day, nightlife entertainment is one of the most popular entertainment activities in Tehran. Since Tehran, being the most populous city in Iran has livelier nights, and thus, many people prefer to engage in recreational activities during the night.

Some of the most important 24-hour recreational centers include Bam Tehran in Velenjak, Niavaran, and Aghdasieh. Additionally, Chitgar Lake, Tabiat Bridge, Farahzad, Darband, Darakeh, Milad Tower, and the Tajrish neighborhood are other popular spots for nighttime outings.


Parks of Tehran

In addition to the traditional and historical tourist centers, Tehran has several parks where you can enjoy the outdoors. One of the best parks in Tehran is the Ab-o-Atash Park. This park showcases the art of engineering amidst nature. After visiting the Ab-o-Atash Park, you can enter the Tabiatt Bridge and enjoy the beautiful views on both sides of the bridge. On the other side of the bridge is Talaghani Park.

Other parks in Tehran include:

  • Mellat Park and Saei Park on Valiasr Street
  • Qeytarieh Park in the Gheytarieh neighborhood
  • Laleh Park on Keshavarz Boulevard
  • Shahr Park in District 12 near Khayyam and Shahid Fayyazbakhsh streets
  • Jamshidiyeh Park in District 1, north of Niavaran Street
  • Shafaq Park on Jamalzadeh Street
  • Goftego park on Gisha Street
  • Yas Fatemi Forest Park located on Babaei highway.
  • Sorkheh hesar Park in east Tehran, District 13
  • Behesht Madaran Park on Hemmat Highway, Jolfa Street, West Kaviani Street
  • Nahj al-Balagha Park in District 2, between the highways of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani (Niayesh) and Hemmat, west of Yadgar Imam Highway.
Parks of Tehran
Parks of Tehran

Famous Museums of Tehran

Tehran has a variety of museums covering different subjects. These museums are considered one of the entertainment places of Tehran, acting like time machines that take us back to the past. Some of the best museums in Tehran include:



Golestan palace

15-Tir Street, Arg Square

Saadabad palace

Valiasr St., Shahid Falahi St., at the end of Shahid Kamal Taheri St

Time Museum

No. 12, Vali Asr St., Zafaranieh St.

Iranian Art Museum

Ferdows garden neighborhood, Tajrish square, Shahid Darbandi street, Dr. Hesabi alley, No. 25

Miniature Garden Museum

District 8, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Ferdows Garden

Tehran Province, Tajrish, District 1, Valiasr St,

National Botanical Garden of Iran

Tehran-Karaj highway, Tehran Province, Tehran, District 22, Pajoohesh Blvd,

zaman Museum
zaman Museum

Important Streets of Tehran

Tehran’s streets are part of the city’s cultural, historical, and social identity. Each of them houses renowned historical, cultural, and social attractions.

Valiasr Street, Enghelab Street, 15 Khordad Street, Saadi Street, Lalezar Street, 30-Tir Street, Imam Khomeini Street, and Bagh Sepahsalar Street are among these streets.

Mountains of Tehran

Mountain climbing is another popular recreational activity in Tehran. The city offers numerous hiking trails suitable for both beginners and professionals. Some of these routes are:

  • Darband to Shirpala Camp
  • Darabad climbing route
  • Hesarak climbing route
  • Golab Dareh climbing route
  • Farahzad climbing route

Tehran Map Amusement Parks

These parks provide a joyful and memorable environment with a variety of entertaining and exciting rides. Some are indoor, operating even in the summer days, while others are open-air.
Below is a short list of the best amusement parks in Tehran for your acquaintance.

The name of the amusement park


MegaMall Amusement Park

Ekbatan, next to the metro station, MegaMall Shopping Center, third floor

Jupiter Amusement Park

Sattari Highway North, after the Hakim exit, Kourosh Cultural and Commercial Complex, second floor

Eram Amusement Park

4 kilometers on Tehran-Karaj Highway, after Shahid Bakeri Bridge

Fun Time Amusement Park

Tajrish Square, Sa’adabad or Maleki Street, Arg-e Tajrish Shopping Center, third floor

Wonderland Park

Emam Ali Highway, Madani exit, next to Madani metro station

Chamran Amusement Park

Shariati Street, north of Sadr Bridge, opposite the Shahid Chamran Complex

Happy City Amusement Park

Artesh Boulevard, Shemiran Center Shopping Complex

Amusement parks
Amusement parks

Ski Resorts around Tehran

Skiing, as the most exciting winter attraction, has many enthusiasts. With the increasing popularity among people, the number of ski resort in Iran and especially Tehran has grown in mountainous areas.

In this section, we will introduce some of the ski resort in Tehran along with their addresses.

The name of the ski resort


Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex

Babai Highway, Shemshak, Tehran Province, Iran

Abali Ski Resort

Tehran Province, Mosha, Haraz Rd, Iran
Tochal International Ski Resort

Shahid Chamran Highway, Yemen St., at the end of Velenjak St

Dizin International Ski Resort

80 km from Chalus road

Ski Resorts
Ski Resorts



We hope that by reading about the attractions of Tehran mentioned above, you will have a pleasant trip to our capital. Visiting the sights and nature in Tehran ensures that your trip to this city is memorable not just historically but also as a cherished journey. If you’d like more information and tips about traveling to this city, we suggest reading a Tehran Travel Guide 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to visit the sightseeing places in Tehran?
The cost of visiting Tehran’s attractions varies depending on the specific location and any additional services or activities you choose. It is recommended to check the official websites or contact the respective attractions for updated prices.
Do I have to buy tickets in advance for sightseeing places in Tehran?
While some attractions in Tehran may require you to buy tickets in advance, others may allow you to buy tickets on the place. It is recommended to check official websites or contact attractions directly for ticketing policies.

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