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Yerevan Attraction

Yerevan Attraction, Sightseeing tourist guide 2023

Armenia, with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality, is a hidden gem for travelers seeking a unique experience. Its proximity to Iran and the abundance of stunning sights, including lakes and historical sites with captivating and pleasant natural beauty, make it a marvelous destination. In this article from the Sepehran blog, we introduce you to the must-visit places in Armenia (Yerevan) to ensure that your journey is filled with captivating landscapes and cultural encounters.

What you need to know about the sights to see in Armenia:

  • List of 10 attractions in Armenia (Yerevan’s tourist areas)
  • Places to visit in Armenia in winter
  • Places to visit in Armenia in summer
  • Places to visit in Armenia with photos

List of 10 Attractions from the Sights in Armenia (Yerevan Region)

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is where your adventure begins. This city blends old and new, providing a glimpse into Armenia’s past and present. Start your exploration with these tourist attractions:

1. Saint Sargis Vicarial Church Yerevan

In the city of Yerevan, there are numerous churches and temples where the city’s residents go to observe religious rituals and customs. However, according to people’s opinions and Google rankings, Saint Sargis Vicarial Church Yerevan is recognized as the most popular and well-known church in Armenia. This religious sanctuary was built and inaugurated in 1840 and is one of the most important historical structures of great significance both historically and religiously to Armenians.

Saint Sargis Vicarial Church is located on the left side of the Hrazdan River, and it’s worth noting that there is no entrance fee to visit it. When traveling to Yerevan, be sure to include a visit to this church in your itinerary.

Address of Saint Sargis Vicarial Church Cathedral: The exact address of this cathedral in Yerevan is Israelyan Street, Saint Sargis Vicarial Church Yerevan.

Saint Sargis Vicarial Church Yerevan
Saint Sargis Vicarial Church Yerevan

2. Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, as one of Armenia’s most important tourist attractions, is renowned as the jewel of this land. This lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, particularly vibrant during the summer season, turning Armenia into a lively destination.

Lake Sevan offers numerous opportunities for water recreation. Activities that can be enjoyed on this lake include swimming, water skiing, sunbathing, and boating. For fishing enthusiasts, Lake Sevan is also considered an amazing spot. The presence of a semi-island in the middle of Lake Sevan adds to its allure.

Tourists often delight in activities such as hiking in nature, picnicking, and enjoying the natural landscapes. Besides the lake itself, the surrounding area is filled with attractions and historical places of worship.

Lake Sevan
Lake Sevan

3.Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the cultural and artistic gems of the city of Yerevan and Armenia. In addition to its stunning architecture and historical significance, this theater offers the opportunity to attend artistic performances inside. Yerevan Opera Theatre was designed by the renowned Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan and was opened in 1933.

This grand theater has 1,200 seats and underwent a complete renovation between 1953 and 2002 AD. The seats and interior equipment of the theater were also modernized and updated to meet contemporary standards. To attend various programs and performances at Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, you’ll need to purchase an admission ticket. The cost varies depending on the type of program and your seating location. However, this cost is a small price to pay for the unique experience of art and music in Yerevan.

Address of Yerevan Opera Theatre: Armenia, Yerevan, Tamanyan Street, Yerevan Opera Theatre.

Yerevan Opera
Yerevan Opera

4.Republic Square Yerevan

Republic Square Yerevan is one of the jewels of the city of Yerevan and a significant center in the urban life of this capital. Not only is it the largest square in Yerevan, but it’s also a venue for important events and celebrations. Moreover, it hosts important buildings and artistic works that have had an impact on Yerevan’s cityscape.

At Republic Square Yerevan, you can witness important historical buildings that have been transformed into beautiful and valuable attractions for tourists. These buildings include the Armenian Museum, which is particularly appealing to history and Armenian culture enthusiasts, and the National Gallery of Armenian Art, showcasing Armenian artistic treasures. Additionally, governmental buildings are located in this square, representing Armenia’s administrative and political history.

The statue of Lenin is also considered one of the symbols of this square. This statue depicts the leader of the Russian Communist Party, Lenin, and is part of Yerevan’s history. Furthermore, a beautiful water fountain in the center of the square enhances the beauty and serenity of this place.

Exact Address of Republic Square Yerevan: Armenia, Yerevan, Republic Square Yerevan.

Republic Square Yerevan
Republic Square Yerevan

5.Matenadaran Yerevan

Matenadaran, without a doubt, is one of the prominent cultural and historical authorities in the city of Yerevan and the entire country of Armenia. This building is highly significant as the repository of Armenian manuscripts and is renowned as a large and valuable museum in the world.

The name “Matenadaran” is derived from the name Mesrop Mashtots, who is famous for inventing the Armenian alphabet. This alphabet, also known as the “Mashtots Alphabet,” is one of the most important linguistic and cultural achievements of Armenians.

The Matenadaran Museum Yerevan has been an active and prominent cultural center and attraction in Yerevan since 1959. In this museum, you can find an unparalleled collection of Armenian manuscripts, books, manuscripts, and historical documents. This unique collection represents the history and culture of Armenia and the region, serving as a place for research and study for historians, researchers, and lovers of Armenian culture.

Exact Address of Matenadaran Museum Yerevan: Armenia, Yerevan, Mashtots Avenue, Matenadaran Yerevan.

Matenadaran Yerevan
Matenadaran Yerevan

6. Victory Park or Hrazdan Gorge Park

Victory Park in Armenia, known as Hrazdan, is one of the natural and tourist gems located in the city of Yerevan. It provides visitors with an enjoyable experience of Armenia’s nature and culture. This park, with its unique features, is considered one of the popular destinations for tourists in Armenia.

Victory Park is situated in the Kanaker-Zeytun district, and its hills are known for having over a thousand steps or cascades. These heights are ideal for hiking and enjoying beautiful views of the city of Yerevan. From the upper parts of the park, you can experience an extraordinary panorama of Yerevan and take pleasure in it.

One of the attractions of this park is the Mother Armenia statue. The Mother Armenia statue is recognized as an important symbol of Armenia and adds value to the visit to the park, not only for its beautiful vistas but also for its historical significance.

Victory Park Armenia also has several small restaurants and an amusement park where you can enjoy local cuisine and live music. This place also offers recreational facilities for children and teenagers, turning a family trip into an exciting adventure.

Exact Address of Victory Park Armenia: Armenia, Yerevan, Kanaker-Zeytun district, Manument Street

Victory Park or Hrazdan Gorge Park
Victory Park or Hrazdan Gorge Park

7.Yerevan Zoo Park

Yes, observing wildlife can be fascinating. Wildlife and the world of animals offer a wide diversity of species and behaviors that provide a unique opportunity for exploration and getting acquainted with nature and its creatures.

The Yerevan Zoo Park, established in 1940, is a significant attraction in Armenia for wildlife enthusiasts. With around 200 animal species in this zoo, it has become a valuable repository of Armenia’s natural heritage. This zoo provides an exceptional opportunity for visitors to get closer to the world of wildlife and learn more about the lives and behaviors of these wild creatures.

At the Yerevan Zoo Park, you can observe animals such as brown bears, wild sheep, Indian elephants, and African lions. Furthermore, the zoo’s educational programs offer you a chance to gain more insight into the life and behavior of these animals, making for an adventurous and educational day among wildlife.

Yerevan Zoo Park
Yerevan Zoo Park

8. Saint Gregory The Illuminator Cathedral

The Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral in the city of Yerevan is truly one of the historical and religious gems of Armenia and the world. This church is recognized as one of the prominent representatives of Christianity in Armenia and is a symbol of Armenian history and culture.

The construction history of the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral dates back to 1989 and was completed by 2001. This cathedral is located in the center of Yerevan, near a metro station, making it easily accessible.

The cathedral is regarded as an emblem of Christianity and Armenian identity worldwide. With its stunning architecture, it captivates visitors, inspiring awe and reflection. The architectural features and interior decor of this cathedral are reflective of Armenian artistic and religious sensibilities, and it is usually considered one of the must-visit places in Armenia on tours and tourist trips.

Exact Address of Saint Gregory The Illuminator Cathedral

Saint Gregory The Illuminator Cathedral
Saint Gregory The Illuminator Cathedral

9.Dalma Garden Mall

Dalma Garden, located near the Tsitsernakaberd Hill, is recognized as Armenia’s first shopping center and is a significant destination for shopping and spending in the city of Yerevan. This shopping center is renowned as a vibrant commercial and entertainment hub in the city of Yerevan, attracting both tourists and locals with its reputable stores and brands.

At Dalma Garden, you can find and purchase a diverse range of items, including women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and other products. This shopping center is known as the perfect place to shop for modern clothing and top brands in Yerevan.

Famous brands such as Louis, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Pull & Bear, and others have representation in Dalma Garden and offer their products for sale. It’s an excellent opportunity to purchase designer clothing and quality products from renowned brands here.

Furthermore, Dalma Garden is considered a reputable entertainment and leisure center in Yerevan, where people can have a great time by shopping and enjoying the exceptional environment it provides. It is one of the primary destinations for shopping and leisure in Yerevan for both tourists and locals.

Address of Dalma Garden Shopping Center:  Tsitsernakaberd Hwy, Yerevan 0082, Armenia3

Dalma Garden Mall
Dalma Garden Mall

10. Mother Armenia monument

The “Mother Armenia monument” is recognized as one of the historical and cultural symbols of the city of Yerevan and the entire country of Armenia. This monument was erected in 1967 in Victory Park, overlooking the city, and symbolizes victory in World War II. “Mother Armenia” replaced the statue of Joseph Stalin that previously stood in the same location.

This statue, standing at an approximate height of 22 meters on top of a tall column made of basalt stone, reaches a total height of about 51 meters. “Mother Armenia” is depicted holding a sword and serves as a representation of protection and the nation’s resilience. The monument signifies the strength and steadfastness of the Armenian people in the face of challenges and threats, embodying the nation’s determination to preserve its independence and security.

Visiting the “Mother Armenia monument” not only provides an opportunity to experience architectural and artistic beauty but also allows visitors to appreciate the grandeur and significance of this work of art and national symbol up close. This site is one of the primary tourist destinations in Yerevan, depicting Armenian history and culture and offering an important experience for visitors to Armenia.

Mother Armenia monument
Mother Armenia monument

Armenia’s Winter Attractions

Winter in Armenia is an enchanting season filled with breathtaking natural landscapes, snowy recreational activities, and a local culture rich in festivals and celebrations. Below are some of the winter attractions in Armenia:

  • Explore the city of Jermuk and the Snowman Festival.
  • Skate on the frozen Lake Sevan.
  • Take part in the New Year celebrations in Republic Square.
  • Enjoy the sight of Christmas trees.
Armenia's Winter Attractions
Armenia’s Winter Attractions


Armenia’s Summer Attractions

Summer is an excellent season to visit Armenia, characterized by pleasant weather, beautiful natural landscapes, and vibrant cultural events. Here are some of the summer attractions in Armenia:

  • Lake Sevan: Lake Sevan is known as one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes and a popular destination for water-based recreation and water sports in the summer. You can swim, go boating, and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre: If you’re interested in watching opera performances in an outdoor setting during the summer, this can be an appealing destination.

  • Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral: Located in the heart of Yerevan, this church is one of Armenia’s religious symbols. In the summer, you can explore the architectural beauty and religious culture of this church.
  • Mount Aragats: If you’re an experienced mountaineer or even a beginner hiking enthusiast, Mount Aragats in Armenia is one of the best destinations for an extraordinary mountain adventure. This volcanic mountain, with its four majestic peaks, is one of Armenia’s most famous highlands and offers numerous attractions.
  • Cascade Complex: One of the largest post-Soviet symbols built in independent countries is the Cascade complex or the Thousandth Anniversary Monument. This structure comprises a series of grand staircases that gracefully descend towards the base of the building, resembling a modern and colossal sculpture.

Moreover, during the summer, you may join festivals and local music and art events in Armenia and immerse yourself in Armenian culture, customs, and traditions during this season.

Final Words:

The beauty of Armenia lies not only in its landscapes but also in its culture and people. Explore this beautiful country to discover a world of wonders that awaits you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Armenia safe for travelers?
Armenia is generally a safe destination for travelers. Take standard safety precautions and show respect for local customs to have a hassle-free experience.
What is the best time to visit Armenia?
Spring and autumn offer ideal weather conditions. Summers host festivals, while winter is great for skiing enthusiasts.
Do I need a visa to travel to Armenia?
Many nationalities can enter Armenia visa-free or obtain a visa on arrival. Check the current visa requirements based on your nationality.
Is English widely spoken in Armenia?
While not as common as Armenian and Russian, you can find English speakers, especially in tourist areas.
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