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Moscow Ice Festival

The Moscow Ice Festival brought together more than 30 Russian artists whose canvas has been snow and ice for years. The main issue of the festival was wonders and treasures of Russia and the artists made a total of 32 sculptures from snow and ice. So the miracle castle is a structure the size of a three-story house, which is very attractive for children and adults. Dozens of creative works, from fruits to fluffy cats, have been created and exhibited in the free art zone in just 24 hours. Read more about the Moscow Ice Festival in the Sepehran blog.

Moscow Ice Festival; Giant ice structures

The Moscow Ice Festival is held in Pobedi Park on Poklonnaya Hill. In this place uses different themes to depict buildings, mansions and even native Russian animal species. The five-meter-tall statues showcase important symbols of the vast country of Russia.This symbols including the Siberian Tiger, Motherland statue from Volgograd, Kizhi wooden churches and the Vladivostok Russian Bridge.

The ten-meter Kremlin, as the pearl of this ice complex, is completed with a cascade of six slides that descends directly from the Kremlin’s ice wall. Artists have illuminated each sculpture in a colorful way that allows visitors to better see the transparency of the natural ice of Lake Baikal.

This year, the organizers of the festival have prepared new items that are sure to attract the attention of visitors of ice sculptures. One of them is a real art gallery with some masterpieces by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. Other attractions include the ice cinema “Iceberg”, the ice hotel “Far North” and the ice Russian bath with a steam room and traditional brooms.

Thanks to the creative teamwork of Artbliss, the founders of the Ice Museum in Sokolniki Park, visitors to the Ice City can experience a great day in the fresh air and feel the fascination of the last month of cold Russian winters.

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