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Experience Cruise Ships | Explore the World’s Most Pristine Destinations

Maritime experience and ocean crossings in ancient times were exclusive to traders, explorers, and sailors. However, today, thanks to the development of the tourism industry, the desire for adventure in the deepest corners of the world has encouraged cruise companies to host tourists in destinations beyond human imagination. Imagine traveling around this blue planet on a shorter and more thrilling route. But not by land, through the deep waters.


Royal Travel with the Queen of the Seas

The Scarlet Lady
The Scarlet Lady

The Scarlet Lady, the first adult-exclusive cruise ship from Virgin Voyages, sailed to Miami, Florida, in the autumn of 2021 after making a few short cruises around the United Kingdom in August. The ship, which is designed for adults only, provides everything from formal parties and celebrations to modern exhibits, sporting events, and the newest international cuisine. From the very beginning of the journey, it is evident that Virgin has made an effort to provide something unique from other cruise ships, as you can see that the description of Scarlett’s goodness is not just playing with words.

The ship’s entrance is a glass corridor that reflects light in a rainbow of colors, leading to a huge lobby where passengers are seated together and served by the crew, giving the impression that you are in the lobby of a luxurious hotel. The reception areas, cabins, and corridors are modernly decorated as if you are staying in an elegant hotel. Warm Caribbean nights are made more enjoyable by a variety of restaurants and cafes on decks. The food services are well-provided, with a chef assigned to each restaurant.

Most of the cabins have a terrace with a hammock hanging over the ceiling. You may relax there while taking in the warmth of the sun and the peacefulness of the ocean. The dining halls, theaters, certain sports halls, water, coffee, tea, and select brands of drinks are all free to use. Acrobatic show spa, ring boxing, yoga, tattoo salon, swimming pool, and water sports club are among the additional amenities. This ship can accommodate 2750 guests and has a crew of 1160, sailing the Caribbean, Europe, and the Mediterranean.


Floating Resort for a Family Adventure

The Icon of the Seas
The Icon of the Seas

It should come as no surprise that Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship offers everything in the finest possible way, considering its name, which recalls the symbol of the seas. The “Icon of the Seas” has more room for cabins, dining areas, entertainment areas, and water slides than other cruise ships. The ship resembles a vast family resort floating on the farthest waters of the Earth.

This is the first cruise ship in the Caribbean to run on ecologically friendly technologies and liquefied natural gas as fuel. The Icon of the Seas is unique among cruise ships because of its glass dome, which has 600 glass panels that display the ocean’s daytime landscape. The ship’s design, which features tropical colors is a wonderful match for South Florida’s warm climate. In contrast with the warm colors of public areas, the interior design of the cabins features a variety of blue, gray, and wood tones. There is enough capacity for three or more persons in each cabin. Families are the target market for this ship.

This ship offers a very wide choice of food and drinks. A wide selection of international cuisine and beverages are offered in over 40 eating places and restaurants. The trip includes all theater performances, the majority of entertainment options, fitness centers, and adventure excursions in addition to food and certain beverages. With 2,350 crew members, this ship can accommodate 5,610 people and sail throughout the Western and Eastern Caribbean.


Inspiring Journey Across the Oceans

MSC Divina
The MSC Divina

MSC Divina promises the golden age of cruise lines. The ship’s public areas are charming and distinguish it from other cruise ships. The greatest spot to take a unique selfie is the two-story Swarovski staircase, which is glittering with thousands of crystals. One of the best features of this ship, which is referred to as a “ship within a ship,” is the sailboat club. The club has such a peaceful atmosphere that you forget there are thousands of people traveling with you. Children and teenagers under 18 can travel for free with Divina, if they share a cabin with their parents.

Up to midnight, there are plenty of entertainment options, including an F1 simulator, art classes and workshops, comedy shows, and a 4D movie theater. A hot tub, kids’ club, library, walking trail, bowling, video games, sports competitions, pool, spa, and water slides are among the other ship attractions. Thanks to live music, exciting parties, and films, deck nights are also incredibly entertaining.

Travel cost with Divina consists of the water park, sports area, fitness center, live music, some classes and workshops, a gym, and two large dining halls with buffets and all meals served in addition to water, tea, coffee, milk, and juice (only available for breakfast) and the kids and teenagers clubs. With 1390 crew members, this ship is capable of accommodating 4345 passengers. With Divina, visit the Mediterranean, Sicily, Rome, and Malta as well as Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. Additionally, you can visit the Caribbean with Divina.


Unrepeatable Picture of Panoramic Seaview

The MSC Seaview
The MSC Seaview

Among the MSC fleet’s most well-known cruise ships is MSC Seaview. This cruise ship, which is one of the biggest, is equipped with modern facilities to offer a unique ocean travel experience. The Seaview’s attractive and innovative design offers a luxurious yet relaxing experience. The panoramic view of the seas and oceans has been a major consideration in designing and constructing this ship; the presence of wide terraces and outdoor pools allows you to enjoy an expansive panorama of the sea.

You have access to international restaurants, and cafés, as well as theaters, spas, fitness centers, stores, sports clubs, libraries, and movie theaters when traveling with Seaview. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and late-night pizza are served in one of the two main dining halls, and specific restaurants offer most of the popular styles of cuisine, from French and seafood to steak and sushi.

The modern fashionable cabins are designed in light brown and dark purple colors, and around three-quarters have windows or balconies. The majority of passengers travel with this ship during school breaks, because it is intended for family travels. Seaview travels all winter in Brazil and during the summers in the Mediterranean. Passengers from different nations journey on this ship. Therefore, up to 45 different nations may travel together on a single Mediterranean cruise. With 1413 crew members on board, this ship can carry 4132 passengers.


With Symphony of the Seas along the Nature’s Song

The Symphony of the Seas
The Symphony of the Seas

The largest cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean International, the “Symphony of the Seas”, sailed from the port of Barcelona on its first journey in 2020. This ship distinguishes out from its competitors because of its diversity and excellence. Among the amenities on these cruise ships are international dining options, cafés and restaurants, swimming pools, golf courses, movie theaters, retail centers, exercise centers, and spas. Include fun activities like a water slide, zip line, and bungee jumping. Also, areas designed to attract kids and teenagers that will leave your family vacations unforgettable.

One of the most well-liked accommodations on the cruise ship is the family suite, which has a private tennis court and pool in addition to a bedroom upstairs, a living area downstairs, and a hockey table. Other accommodations on this ship include luxury suites, terraced rooms, and interior cabins. Despite its size, Symphony is built in a way that makes it impossible to get lost. Actually, when designing new ships, Royal Caribbean takes into account the points of view and suggestions of its past travelers. Following environmental compatibility, this ship has lately begun implementing the Save the Waves program to leave a trace of pollution and garbage. This program eliminates plastic containers and makes better use of energy. Families of every size and individuals of all ages are attracted to the Symphony because it offers entertainment for all ages. This ship, which can carry 5,518 passengers and has a crew of 2,200, sails the Western, Eastern, Southern, and Bahamas Caribbean destinations.

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