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Ardabil Cuisines; Famous Traditional Cuisines from Ardabil Province

In the latest edition of FlySepehran magazine, we have highlighted the most breathtaking attractions in Ardabil Province and introduced four renowned dishes from the array of traditional Ardabil cuisine.

Basturma Pilaf; A Legacy from the Heart of Ardabil Indigenous Culture

Ardabil Cuisines
Basturma Pilaf

Basturma Pilaf is a traditional dish from Ardabil province, locally known as “Basdirma Pilaf.” In the Azerbaijani language, “Basdirma” means to hide, referring to the layering of meat within the rice. The main flavoring of this dish comes from quince or pomegranate paste, and its ingredients include rice, meat, walnuts, potatoes, and saffron.

Traditionally, lamb or beef were the meats of choice for this dish. Today, for health and economic reasons, chicken is often used instead. The preparation includes spices like cumin, clove, and cinnamon, and the cooking process typically lasts around three hours. The dish’s appealing taste and aroma come from the use of either animal fat or homemade butter.

Ardabil Kaseh Kebab; When We Talk about an Authentic Cuisine

Ardabil Cuisines
Ardabil Kaseh Kebab

Ardabil’s Kaseh Kebab, a symbol of diversity in traditional Ardabil cuisine, is a delicious dish blend of various kebabs seasoned with regional spices. Not only is it renowned for its extraordinary taste, but it is also considered a valuable heritage in the traditional cooking of Ardabil province.

This kebab, consisting of lamb fillet and ground meat, is an excellent choice for those who select their travel destinations in search of new flavors.

Imagine a bowl of rice and kebab mixed with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, bell peppers, butter, brewed saffron, lemon juice, salt, and black pepper. This fragrant and flavorful combination results in nothing less than an unparalleled experience of a traditional dish.

Ash-e Doogh; A Unique Blend of Authentic Food

Ardabil Cuisines
Ash-e Doogh

Ash-e Doogh (the persian yogurt soup) known as “the Airanli Ash” is a well-known name among traditional Iranian soups with a unique flavor. The distinctive flavor of this dish is likely due to the combination of aromatic wild herbs and local doogh (buttermilk).

If you travel to Ardabil province, you will generally find Ashe Doogh served at the tables of the hospitable Ardabil families. In preparing this unparalleled soup, they use fresh vegetables, chickpeas, yogurt, rice, flour, and onions. For garnishing, mint oil and fried garlic are utilized.

Should you consider visiting the beautiful city of Ardabil, you can try this delicious soup at most of the restaurants, hotels, and local guest houses or ecolodges.

Yarma Ash; Warm and Nutritious for Chilly Days

Ardabil Cuisines
Yarma Ash

One of the healthiest varieties of traditional soup on the Iranian table is Yarma Ash, also called Yarma Ashi and Yarma Shurbasi in the province of Ardabil. This classic thick soup’s important components are wheat semolina and beef broth; as a result, it’s a great dish to have on a chilly winter day. Yarma, also known as wheat semolina, is a vital nutrient the body needs. Among its many benefits include bolstering the immune system, relieving constipation, and enhancing the digestive system.

This dish’s ingredients include tomatoes, red beans, vegetables, wheat semolina, and beef broth. The dish’s aroma and flavor are further enhanced by the inclusion of fried onion and fried mint known as Nanna-Dagh.


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