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FlySepehran Online Services – Magazine No. 24

Using online services related to air travel has become a significant issue for travelers. As a frequent traveler, we at FlySepehran prioritize your needs, and our main objective is to ensure that you are at ease, comfortable, and safe during your flight with us. Everything you need to have the perfect flight experience is available, so online seat selection, excess baggage purchases, and pet transportation services are just a few of the amenities that will make you choose FlySepehran as your preferred airline for your upcoming trip. Ready for your forthcoming journey with us?


Purchase Excess Baggage; Pay Less, Carry More

All FlySepehran passengers may register their excess baggage before arrival at the airport and at a lower cost through the FlySepehran website, regardless of whether they purchased their tickets from the FlySepehran website or any other site and application.

Enter your passport number on the FlySepehran website (, click “Excess Baggage”, enter the amount of additional baggage in kilograms, and take advantage of a special discount (when paying online, the extra baggage fee will be cheaper than the standard rate), then pay the extra baggage fee.


Seat Selection; Comfortable Travel, Desirable Seat

Want more legroom when traveling by plane? Do you prefer a window seat? Or is an aisle seat more suitable for you? Seat Selection is an advantage that FlySepehran provides you when you purchase a plane ticket and after buying a ticket.

Log in to the FlySepehran website, enter your passport number in the “Services” and “Seat Selection”, and choose your favorite seat from the three options.

  • XL Comfort: Enjoy the maximum available legroom.
  • Comfort: Be first in line for services and among the first to exit the plane.
  • Normal: Select your favorite seat, either window, aisle, or middle seat, and enjoy traveling with your companions.


Traveling With Pets; Pet-Friendly, Planet-Friendly

People all throughout the world have a common experience: living with and taking care of pets. Despite the difficulties that can occasionally arise, such as keeping pets at home when traveling. At FlySepehran, we’ve made provisions, so you can bring your pet along or transport it from one location to another.
Visit the FlySepehran website, go to the services, enter your passport number, and then choose the “pet” option.


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