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Trip to Disneyland

Trip to Disneyland, An interesting and exciting experience

Visiting Disneyland is an interesting and exciting experience where you can special moments.

If you travel to Disneyland by yourself, you can have a delightful experience. Even though most families spend their holidays in this amusement park and enjoy the activities and companionship, alone travelers can also relish their adventure to this exciting park. In this article from Sepehran blog, we will introduce you to the most important tips for traveling to Disneyland.

Most Practical Tips for Traveling to Disneyland:

  • Purchase your tickets in advance.
  • Check which rides and shows are closed beforehand.
  • Download the Disneyland app.
  • Add your credit card or payment method to the Disneyland app.
  • Buy discounted Disney gift cards
  • Learn the +Disney Genie system.
  • Purchase and set up the +MagicBand.
  • Print travel plans and other guides/ use offline on your phone.
  • Carry a portable charger.
  • Prepare for security screenings.
  • Use Disney PhotoPass.
  • Ordering food with the Disneyland app.
  • The lighting of the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland park.
  • Allocate time to enjoy a show.
  • Connect with other individual Disney fans.

Purchase your tickets in advance:

Recently, there isn’t the possibility to enter Disneyland anytime you want or just after work hours like before. Disneyland park’s capacity is managed by a reservation system, and prior planning for entry into the park is recommended. The best way to get information about capacity and Disneyland reservations is to visit the official Disneyland website or contact its information center.

disney land ticket
disney land ticket


Check which rides and shows have been closed beforehand

It might be disappointing for you to visit Disneyland and miss out on some of the attractions and games due to them being closed for the day or see some of your favorite attractions shut during your visit. Before booking your Disneyland tickets for your travel day, you can check the attractions that are closed or inactive on the Disneyland website. Knowing this in advance can help in your decision-making regarding the choice of travel day.

You can review a list of places that are closed. This is just a few of the things you need to do before visiting Disneyland. There are no time constraints, but make sure you complete these tasks before entering the park for a smoother and more organized trip.


Download the Disneyland app

If you want to be informed about the closure or activity status of the parks in Disneyland on your mobile phone, you can download the Disneyland app (disneyland-app) from reputable sources or the Disneyland website. There’s a lot you can do with this app!

Features include viewing schedules, ticket reservations, checking park attractions, Disney Genie+, and joining virtual queues, which we will elaborate on later.

Download the Disneyland app
Download the Disneyland app

Add your credit card or payment method to the Disneyland app

To order food and other park activities in Disneyland, you must first add your credit card or payment method to the Disneyland app. Then, using the application, choose the desired recreations and programs and book and pay for the tickets. For food orders, the application works similarly to any other mobile food ordering app. You can look at the menus and add your choices. Just don’t forget to pay for the food.


Buy Discounted Disneyland Gift Cards for Your Trip to Disneyland

Purchasing discounted Disneyland gift cards can be a fantastic way to save on Disneyland-related expenses. There are several methods to find and buy discounted Disneyland gift cards:

  1. Wholesale Clubs: Wholesale clubs such as Costco or Sam’s Club occasionally offer Disney gift cards at a discount to their members.
  2. Online Markets: Online marketplaces like Raise, Gift Card Granny, or Cardpool often list discounted Disney gift cards for sale.
  3. Seasonal Promotions: At times, during holiday seasons or special events, retailers like Target or Best Buy may provide discounts or bonus offers on Disney gift card purchases.

Ensure to get these cards from reputable sellers. By using discounted Disney gift cards, you can save on park tickets, merchandise, dining, or even Disney vacation packages. It’s a excellent way to make your Disney experience more affordable, saving up to 5% on your expenses.

Buy Discounted Disneyland Gift
Buy Discounted Disneyland Gift

Learn about the +Disney Genie System

Disney Genie is the latest digital system from Disney recently launched to enhance the guest experience in Disney theme parks.

Here are some key features and functions of the +Disney Genie service:

  1. Trip Planning: Disney Genie allows guests to create customized trip plans based on their preferences, like attractions, dining, and entertainment options. It considers factors such as park hours, wait times, and individual interests to suggest optimized plans.
  2. Instant Tips and Updates: This service provides real-time updates on wait times, park events, and other critical information, assisting guests in making informed decisions during their visit. It can recommend alternative options or suggest attractions with shorter wait times.
  3. Virtual Queue and Lightning Lane: Disney Genie features a virtual queue system for popular attractions and access to the Lightning Lane. This function lets guests reserve a time slot for select attractions in advance or on the same day, minimizing their wait time.
  4. Dining Recommendations and Reservations: Disney Genie recommends dining options based on guest preferences, availability, and proximity. It can suggest fast-service or table-service restaurants and assist in securing meal reservations.
  5. Personalized Experiences: Guests can input their preferences like favorite characters, exciting rides, or shows, and Disney Genie will adjust its recommendations accordingly. It can suggest unique experiences, character meet-and-greets, or hidden gems aligned with personal preferences.
  6. Integration with My Disney Experience App: Disney Genie is integrated within the My Disney Experience app, allowing guests access to all features and functionalities in one place. It provides a seamless experience for managing reservations, food orders, and other park-related activities.

Disney Genie is designed to simplify the planning process and offer personalized recommendations, maximizing guests’ time in the Disney parks. Its goal is to elevate the overall experience, ensuring a magical and enjoyable visit for guests.

+Disney Genie System
+Disney Genie System

Purchase and Set Up +MagicBand

The +MagicBand system at Disneyland is a smart technology offered to visitors of these parks. This system consists of a wearable gadget in the form of a wristband that provides various facilities and services during a visit to Disneyland.

Features and capabilities of the MagicBand+ system include:

  • Park Entry: With +MagicBand, you can easily enter Disneyland without the need for an entry card. This smart band has a chip that stores your entry information and is recognized when passing through the entrance gates.
  • Virtual Payment: +MagicBand allows you to quickly and easily make your purchases at Disneyland. You can link your financial information to your +MagicBand and execute transactions by swiping the band in front of payment devices.
  • Priority in Ride Queues: With +MagicBand, you can access areas that have priority in queues for access. This feature allows you to skip the longest lines at attractions, shows, and restaurants and spend more time enjoying.
  • Save Personal Settings: +MagicBand allows you to save your personal settings for a better experience at Disneyland. You can save settings such as preferred language, dietary preferences, personal interests, and so on, to personalize your experience in the park.

In summary, +MagicBand in Disneyland offers visitors the opportunity to enhance their experience by providing a range of services from fast entry to cashless payments. This system allows you to get the most out of your visit and enjoy the possible benefits of your trip to Disneyland.


Print Travel Plans and Other Guides

Always keep in mind when visiting attractions and presenting tickets that there is a possibility of forgetting or losing your paper ticket during your trip. Because of not having a ticket, you may be prohibited from visiting that area. Only guests with confirmed tickets and reservations are allowed to enter the park. Ensure you have the necessary documents for entry. I use my tickets in the app, but I have a screenshot (optional) as a backup. Sometimes the app logs you out at the worst times! Now, I enjoy connecting my ticket to +MagicBand for easier entry and use.

Carry a Portable Charger

Your mobile phone is heavily used at Disneyland, and a portable charger can be of great help. Disneyland is so large that to use its attractions located in different areas, you need an electronic guide on your phone or a physical map. Also, for capturing images and using the app, your mobile phone needs to be turned on. This is another essential thing to remember when traveling to Disneyland.

Prepare for Security Checks

It’s best to leave your prohibited and valuable items at home or in the car or hand them over to security before entering Disneyland, ensuring no issues upon entry.

Use Disney PhotoPass

Disney PhotoPass is a professional photography service offered at Disneyland. Experienced photographers are present throughout Disneyland parks and, using professional cameras and special equipment, they capture your photos at special moments and in front of attractions.

When you’re in Disneyland, you can meet PhotoPass photographers at various locations in the park. They capture family photos, magical shots, and images related to Disney characters for you.

After the shoot, each photo is added to a PhotoPass card by the photographer. You can use your card and add your photos to your Disney PhotoPass account on the Disneyland website or the My Disney Experience app. Travel Tips for Disneyland

With the Disney PhotoPass service, you can access all your family photos, view them, and, if desired, purchase them. Also, you can receive your photos digitally, share them with friends and family, or download them for printing purposes.


Ordering food with the Disneyland app

To secure the best seating for shows and parades in Disneyland, you can use the Disneyland mobile app. This method helps you have the best moments with your family. Moreover, order your food online and in advance through your mobile so you have ample time to enjoy your meal without worrying about food procurement during your fun day in this amazing park. Getting food in this park is one of the most important aspects of a trip to Disneyland, if you want to stay nourished, you need to pay attention to it.

Ordering food with the Disneyland app
Ordering food with the Disneyland appOrdering food with the Disneyland app

Lighting of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

Don’t forget about the lighting of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland, famously known as Cinderella’s castle. At night, the castle shines with colorful lights and powerful projectors. Artistic patterns, creative shapes, Disney symbols, and various images are projected onto the castle’s surfaces. This lighting is synchronized with music and magical sounds to provide a unique and epic experience for visitors. It is recommended that you definitely visit this castle.


Connect with other solo travelers in Disneyland

If you are concerned about being noticed for being alone in Disneyland, you should know that most people in these parks are intensely focused on their own plans and families. So, most probably, not many people will notice you.

However, the real joy of traveling solo to the world of Walt Disney is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, as you’re not operating on someone else’s schedule! You can form a friendly group with others who are traveling with you and enjoy.

There are hundreds of Disney groups on Facebook where people post their vacation dates and meetup times, encouraging others to join them in the park!

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In this article, we tried to tell you the most important tips for traveling to Disneyland so that you don’t get confused when visiting this large entertainment complex and at least know the practical things.If you have experienced travel tips to Disneyland anywhere, you can write us in the comments section.


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