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kuwait Attractions

kuwait attractions, the jewel of the Middle East

Located between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait is known as the jewel of the Middle East. The country has towering skyscrapers, impeccable architecture, and an expansive coastline. Officially known as the State of Kuwait, there are numerous attractions for tourists. From sharks in the aquarium for marine wildlife enthusiasts to the grand mosque, the sights of Kuwait are plenty. If you’re planning a trip to Kuwait, you’ll fall in love with its architectural landscapes, traditional Arabic hospitality, vast deserts, calm beaches, and tantalizing cuisine.

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Get to know Kuwait’s tourist attractions better:

  • Top 10 must-see attractions in Kuwait
  • Historical sights of Kuwait
  • Kuwait’s nighttime attractions
  • Natural sights in Kuwait


Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Kuwait

1.Kuwait Towers:

The Kuwait Towers are a set of three towers on the Arabian Gulf Street. The main tower offers a panoramic view of the city with its cafes, restaurants, and reception halls. So, the second tower is a water reservoir, while the third one houses the necessary equipment to power the other two towers and some areas of Kuwait. Symbolizing economic rejuvenation in Kuwait, these towers were built a year after Kuwait’s independence from England. A fusion of traditional Islamic design with modern architecture distinguishes these towers from others.

Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers

2. Al-Kabir Mosque(Khartoum Grand Mosque):

Al-Kabir Mosque, or the Grand Mosque of Kuwait, is among the most prominent and beautiful mosques in Kuwait and is recognized as the largest mosque in the country. Located in the heart of Kuwait City, its grand interior architecture and decorations make it one of the religious and historical sites in the country, attracting numerous tourists and pilgrims every year.

Al-Kabir Mosque
Al-Kabir Mosque

3. Kuwait National Museum:

At the Kuwait National Museum, you can closely explore the history of Kuwait. The museum houses a collection of historical and artistic items that represent the culture and history of Kuwait. Inspired by Islamic and traditional architecture, the building of the Kuwait National Museum has been designed. Its exterior is adorned with local materials and decorative elements made of brick and plaster.

Al-Kabir Mosque
Al-Kabir Mosque

4. Mirror House:

The Mirror House, one of the top attractions in Kuwait, offers a panoramic view of Kuwait City. Located in Qadisiya, it’s a private property, hence a prior appointment is necessary for a visit. The house belongs to Lidia Al Qattan, an Italian sculptor, painter, and jewelry maker, and her family. The collection of mirrors and the unique beauty of the external walls are truly one-of-a-kind.

Al-Kabir Mosque
Al-Kabir Mosque

5. Failaka Island of Kuwait City:

Failaka Island is a Kuwaiti island located in the Persian Gulf. Positioned 20 kilometers off the coast of Kuwait City in the Persian Gulf, it welcomes tourists. There are always ships ready to transport visitors to this island. The island is remembered by many as a reminder of the Gulf War. You can see the remnants of Byzantine-era churches on Failaka Island. Walk on the land where the Mesopotamians tread 2,000 years BC. Interestingly, before the invasion of Iraq, people lived on this island. Today, the city exhibits houses that are uninhabited but bear the marks of bullets on their walls and doors.

Failaka Island of Kuwait City
Failaka Island of Kuwait City

6. Kuwait International Fairground:

Located in Safat Square, Ahmad Al-Jaber Street in the heart of Kuwait City, this historic commercial center was once a focal point for merchants and entrepreneurs. It is now considered a historical landmark in Kuwait. A pedestrian tunnel runs through the surrounding Safat marketplace, featuring a fountain in its center and connecting the square to several shops.

7. Diving:

The Middle Eastern coral reefs can be best experienced around the nearby islands. Diving in Kuwait is a popular water sport that is best enjoyed during the spring and summer months. Various diving centers have been set up throughout Kuwait for tourists to participate in coastal activities. Qubba, an island in Kuwait, is one of the most popular areas for diving, located along the Pacific Ocean coasts.


8. Marina Mall:

Located along the Salemiya coastline on the Arabian Gulf Road, Marina Mall is the second-largest shopping and entertainment complex in Kuwait. With several brands, restaurants, recreational areas, cinemas, and a hotel, it has over 500 shops. This complex is a part of a larger project called Marina World, serving as a hub for the growth, shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle of the people in Kuwait.

Marina Mall
Marina Mall

9. Kuwait Liberation Tower:

The Liberation Tower symbolizes the freedom of the Kuwaiti people. Its name was derived from the multi-national coalition that led to the liberation of the country from Iraqi rule. Apart from a telecommunications office, the tower also has a revolving restaurant and an observation deck.

Kuwait Liberation Tower
Kuwait Liberation Tower

10. Al Shaheed Park:

Situated on the outskirts of Kuwait City, Al Shaheed Park narrates the story of a land’s history and culture. Spanning over 200,000 square meters of green space, it encompasses beautiful botanical gardens, two museums – Thekra and Habitat, a visitors’ center, a lake, walking paths, making it the largest urban park in Kuwait.

Al Shaheed Park
Al Shaheed Park

Historical Attractions of Kuwait:

Kuwait, with its unique historical and cultural features, offers a plethora of tourist attractions. Bear in mind that Kuwait doesn’t have as vast a historical heritage as other regional countries, such as Iran or Saudi Arabia. However, there are still several historical and intriguing places that you can visit during your trip to Kuwait:

Kuwait National Museum:

This museum houses documents, photographs, and historical artifacts that depict Kuwait’s history from ancient times to the present.

  • Kuwait Wall (Hassar):  Built as a defensive wall in the 18th century, the Kuwait Wall now forms part of the country’s history.
  • Jibla(Kuwait’s ancient town):  This old and historic area is one of Kuwait’s ancient sites, featuring several old houses and a mosque. Due to its long history, this area is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Fahaheel Fort (Sour Al-Fahaheel): Located in the Fahaheel region, it is recognized as one of Kuwait’s most significant historical structures.
Historical Attractions of Kuwait
Historical Attractions of Kuwait

Kuwait’s Night Attractions:

Kuwait offers beautiful sceneries and numerous attractions at night. Some of the places you can explore during the night include:

  • The Avenues Mall: If you’re into shopping, The Avenues is one of the largest shopping centers in Kuwait where you can wander around until late.
  • Restaurants and Cafés: Kuwait offers delicious foods from around the world. From traditional restaurants to modern cafés and international eateries, you have a wide array of choices.
  • Beaches: The beaches of Kuwait are also attractive at night. You can sit on the beach with friends and family and enjoy the serenity of the sea.
  • Kuwait Towers: These towers are the symbol of Kuwait City and offer a captivating view with their beautiful night illuminations. You can also ascend the towers and enjoy a 360-degree view of the city. There are many attractions in Kuwait to enjoy at night, and here we introduced some that present a splendid appearance in the dark.
Kuwait's Night Attractions
Kuwait’s Night Attractions

attractions that can be appealing for nature enthusiasts:

  • Al Jahra Region (Al Jahra): Located in the northwest of Kuwait, this area has several farms and gardens. It also showcases natural landscapes.
  • Failaka Island: This island is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kuwait. You can indulge in activities such as swimming, boating, and camping on this historical island.
  • Jahra Nature Reserve: This national park is home to many bird species and is one of the best places to observe Kuwait’s wildlife.
  • Zour Beach: This beautiful and serene beach is one of the best spots for swimming and enjoying the sea view in Kuwait.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Historical Attractions of Kuwait:
Kuwait National Museum – Kuwait Wall (Hassar) – jibla (Kuwait’s ancient town) – Al-Kout Fort
Kuwait's Night Attractions:
 The Avenues Mall – Restaurants and Cafés – Beaches – Kuwait Towers
Natural Attractions of Kuwait:
 Al Jahra Region – Failaka Island – Jahra Nature Reserve – Zour Beach
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