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Sparta Attractions

Sparta attractions, Beauty and splendor in one frame

The sights of Sparta Turkey are so amazing that it attracts many people from all over the world to this region every year. Travelers can access the scenic areas of Sparta in any season and benefit from its natural, commercial and historical attractions.

Of course, you may not know much about Sparta entertainment when you are reading this article.
For this purpose, in the following article, we are going to introduce different centers of Sparta, Turkey, including shopping and entertainment centers. Follow Sepahran’s blog.


Let’s learn more about Sparta’s sights:

  • Historical sights of Sparta
  • Natural and recreational sights of Sparta
  • Shopping centers in Sparta


Sparta attractions
Sparta attractions


Natural and recreational sights of Sparta:

Egirdir Lake

Next to the city of Egirdir in Turkey, there is a lake with an area of 482 square kilometers. This lake is considered one of the best sightseeing places in Sparta, which attracts many enthusiasts in every season.

In this recreation area, suitable amenities have been created so that you can spend your time with it more comfortably. The duration of visiting this tourist attraction of Sparta is at least 2 hours, which we recommend that you definitely consider it in your travel plan to this city.


Lake Kovada National Park (Kovada Gölü)

Lake Kovada National Park is one of the attractions of Sparta, Turkey, which is considered a wonderful place for climbing and hiking. If you like sitting and spending time in green spaces, we recommend you to use the nature of this park.
It should be noted that in this park there are various trees and plants such as red pine, wild olive, European oak, black mulberry, daphne, etc., which add to the beauty of this area.
Also, this park is home to animals such as deer, fox, and rabbit.

Red Mountain National Park (Kızıldağ Milli Parkı)

Red Mountain National Park (Kızıldağ Milli Parkı) is one of the famous places of Sparta, which was built in early 1969. In this park, there is also a lake named Bishir, the limestone stones next to it add to its charms.

In addition, there are hills with a height of 1740 meters around this park. If you are a mountaineer, you should not miss the wonderful view of the park from their height.

It is interesting to know that walking in this park helps the health of people who suffer from respiratory problems due to the presence of cedar plants in it.


Zindan Mağarası

Among the sights of Sparta, Turkey, is the zindan mağarası of this city, which is about 765 meters long. On the way through this cave, visitors come across many semi-active underground levels that are very surprising.
Besides, at the entrance of this scenic area, there is a mosque with dolphin motifs, which makes the cave’s atmosphere much more beautiful. Enjoying the charms of the zindan mağarası is one of Sparta’s entertainments that should not be missed.


Historical sights of Sparta:

Sparta Museum

One of the most attractive sightseeing areas of Sparta is the historical museum of this city. The initial stages of the construction of this museum began in 1933 and its doors were opened to the public at the beginning of 1985.

If you are interested in archeology and Turkish history, we recommend that you do not postpone visiting this museum until the future. So, the Sparta Museum is divided into 4 sections: Archeology, Ethnology, Carpets and Treasury. In general, nearly 18,000 historical works can be seen in this museum. You need about 2 hours to visit this museum.


 Men Sanctuary

Men Sanctuary is one of the famous places of Sparta, Turkey, which dates back to the 4th century BC. This temple is located on a hill in the city of Sparta and you have to climb many steps to reach it.

In the northern part of this spectacular area, there is a Byzantine church that adds to the beauty of this Men Sanctuary. Travelers need 3 hours to visit this place and there is no charge for visiting it.


Hisar Bey Mosque

Among the famous mosques of Sparta, Turkey is the “Hisar Bey Mosque” which has a capacity of over 3 thousand people. This mosque once suffered a fire in 1814 and was almost completely destroyed. However, it was rebuilt in the same old style by a group of city residents, especially the mosque guard.

Hisar Bey Mosque is one of the sights of Sparta, Turkey, which has two extremely attractive domes and minarets. You can visit this holy place with its attractive architecture for free during the week.


Doner Bey School

One of the wonders of the city of Sparta, Türkiye, is the historical school of Doner. The building of this school was built in 1237 by Sultan Saljuk II as an inn, but in 1301 it was converted into a school by Hamidoglu II.

One of the most important features of this school is its attractive architecture that catches the eye. Doner Bey School has two doors, the school yard and its water fountain can be seen after the second door. This old school has 11 classrooms, each of which is built in the best possible way. You can visit this historical attraction on all days of the week.


Shopping centers in Sparta

Iyas Park shopping center

One of the best places to visit in Sparta, Turkey is the Iyas Park shopping center, which is an attractive store among tourists. Many people travel to Turkey with the aim of buying high-quality, well-tailored and beautiful Turkish clothes. If you belong to this category, don’t forget to visit and shop at Iyas Park.

It should be noted that in this shopping center, there are various clothing stores with reputable brands. In addition, Iyas Park has a restaurant, cafe and even a play pool for children.

last word


There are many places to see in Sparta, Turkey, and in this article we mentioned some of its most popular attractions.

Each of these attractions has its own beauty that you can visit all of them with a good planning. now it’s your turn.


Which attraction of this city do you choose to see? What excites you the most about Sparta? Which one are you most excited to see? What do you think makes this city popular with tourists?

If you are planning to travel to Sparta, we suggest that you read the travel guide to Sparta.

Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”In which region are Sparta luxury shopping centers located?” state=”open”] Suleyman Demirel neighborhood[/toggle] [toggle title=”Where is Sparta Airport?” state=”open”]This airport was a military airport located between the two cities of Sparta and Burdor[/toggle]


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