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Iranian Ecolodges

Iranian Ecolodges, The Heart of Sustainable Tourism Movement

The desire to visit natural areas worldwide has given rise to a phenomenon known as ecotourism, which lies at the core of the sustainable tourism movement. This concept is reshaping the global travel industry. In this article from Sepehran blog, we aim to introduce the best ecotourism accommodations in Iran. Stay with us until the end of the article.

Ecotourism accommodations in Iran are a popular choice for travelers who seek an experience of staying in traditional and local environments. These accommodations are typically situated in villages or rural and historical areas and are also known as traditional accommodations. Ecotourism accommodations contribute to preserving cultural and natural heritage, promoting environmentally-friendly practices, and providing economic and social benefits to local residents. As a result, ecotourism is currently on the rise and gaining popularity.

Next, we’ll provide some important information about Iranian Ecolodges:

  • Nartitee Ecolodge, Yazd
  • Noghli House, Kashan
  • Matin Abad Eco Camp, Isfahan
  • Negaar traditional guesthouse, Varzaneh
  • Parviz Lodging, Qeshm
  • Durna Eco Camp, Ardabil
  • Gileboom Ecolodge
  • Ghaleganj hotel, Kerman
  • Amoo Qodrat Eco-lodge

Narti eco-tourism resort: a pomegranate garden in the middle of the desert

narti taft eco lodge
narti taft eco lodge

Traditional Life Experience in the Heart of the Pomegranate Garden

“Nartee,” meaning pomegranate blossom, is the first eco-lodge in the city of Taft, located 20 kilometers northeast of Yazd. This city is famous for its juicy pomegranates, and Nartee Lodge, nestled in a garden full of pomegranate trees with clay walls, promises a memorable experience of traditional life.

A House with Ancient History and Authentic Iranian Architecture

This house, inherited from the young couple’s grandparents, is prepared to welcome guests while preserving traditional Iranian architecture and modern amenities. After passing through the entrance, a courtyard with two rooms and a kitchen awaits you, providing space for gatherings. The remaining rooms are located in the second courtyard, each named after a Zoroastrian ceremony.

Facilities and Services of Nartee Lodge

In total, there are 9 bedrooms with a capacity of 30 people in this lodge, all with access to the internet and shared bathrooms. Laundry services are also provided for the guests’ convenience.

A Pleasant Experience of Local Foods and Handicraft Shopping

If desired, guests can enjoy delicious local foods at Nartee Lodge. Additionally, there is a shop called “Dokan” within the premises where handmade products such as clothing and Zoroastrian handicrafts can be purchased as souvenirs of your trip to Yazd.

Nartee Eco-Lodge is an ideal choice for:
  • Experiencing traditional life in a pleasant and serene environment
  • Getting acquainted with the culture and customs of the people of Yazd
  • Enjoying the pomegranate garden and the natural beauty of the region
  • Tasting delicious local foods
  • Shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs

Address: Rahat Abad Street, Kokabieh Bridge, Taft, Yazd Province (view on the map)

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Noghli House, Kashan

Noghli House, Kashan
Noghli House, Kashan

This house, known as the smallest registered historical house in Iran, with a history of 150 years and authentic Qajar architecture, takes you on a journey through time to the heart of Iran’s history and culture.

Stay in a Nostalgic Setting:

In this eco-lodge, the inner and outer courtyards, basements, corridors, and windcatchers all seem to transport you to another world. In this nostalgic space, you will experience traditional Iranian life in its entirety.

Experience the Authentic Taste of Local Foods:

Only local and traditional Kashani foods are served at Noghli House. The authentic taste of these dishes, made with fresh and local ingredients, will complete your journey to Yazd. If you’re looking for a new experience, you can participate in baking bread and cooking with the host and enjoy this activity.

Simple and Cozy Rooms:

The rooms in the Noghli House eco-lodge are simple and cozy, providing a peaceful space for your rest. In the summer, you can experience sleeping under the desert sky and watching countless stars.

Noghli House, an Ideal Choice for:
  • History and traditional architecture enthusiasts
  • Experience life in an authentic and nostalgic setting
  • Tasting local Kashani foods
  • Experience sleeping under the desert sky
  • Points to Remember:
  • Due to preserving the traditional atmosphere, this house does not have amenities like television and
  • refrigerators in the rooms.
  • Pets are not allowed in this lodge.

Address: Kashan, behind Agha Bozorg Mosque (view on the map)

Matin Abad Eco Camp, Isfahan

Matin Abad Eco Camp, Isfahan
Matin Abad Eco Camp, Isfahan

Matinabad Eco-Camp and Organic Farm, located 60 kilometers from Kashan, is an ideal place to experience life in the heart of the Iranian desert. This eco-lodge is nestled among the Karkas Mountains, desert plains, and the salt lake, offering you a breathtaking view.

Stay in Nomadic Tents:

Staying in the nomadic tents of Matinabad provides a unique experience of traditional desert life. Each tent is equipped with carpets, mattresses, pillows, blankets, and quilts, and they are all individually furnished. The tents are also equipped with electricity.

Facilities at Matinabad Eco-Camp:

On hot days, mosquito nets are used as natural ventilation to circulate the air, while during the cold season, a heater or “Corsi” (traditional Iranian heater) keeps the tent warm. There is enough space between the tents to maintain guests’ privacy, and the bathrooms and toilets are located near the main complex.

Recreational Activities:

At Matinabad Eco-Camp, you can enjoy various desert activities and thrilling adventures such as camel riding, biking, and desert safaris under starry nights. This camp, with modern amenities amidst sandy hills and semi-dry plains covered with vast grasslands, will provide you with a memorable experience.

Points to Remember:

Due to preserving the traditional atmosphere, Matinabad Eco-Camp does not have amenities like television and refrigerators in the tents.
Pets are not allowed in this lodge.

Address: Isfahan province, km 55 of the Kashan to Isfahan highway, Badroud, Khaledabad, Dehabad, Matinabad (View on the map)


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Negaar Varzaneh Eco-Lodge: A Journey into the Heart of History and Culture

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Negaar Varzaneh Eco-Lodge is housed in a historical building dating back to the Pahlavi era. After renovation, this lodge is ready to welcome you while preserving its traditional architecture and pleasant atmosphere.

Unparalleled Views:

From the rooftop of Negaar Lodge, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the Jameh Mosque and the city of Varzaneh, immersing yourself in the beauty of this historical town.

Cozy and Friendly Atmosphere:

In this lodge, you will experience a cozy and friendly atmosphere, making you feel right at home.

Delicious Local Cuisine:

Lunch and dinner are provided at Negaar Lodge for an additional fee. All dishes are prepared with locally sourced ingredients and are 100% homemade, offering a unique and delicious taste.

Negaar Varzaneh Eco-Lodge, an Ideal Choice for:
  • History and culture enthusiasts
  • Experiencing traditional life
  • Enjoying local cuisine
  • Getting to know the local people
  • Admiring beautiful landscapes

Points to Remember:

  • Due to preserving the traditional atmosphere, Negaar Lodge does not provide amenities such as television and refrigerators in the rooms.
  • Pets are not allowed in this lodge.

For reservations and more information, you can visit the website or official social media pages of Negaar Varzaneh Eco-Lodge.

Address: Varzaneh, Isfahan province (view on the map)

Parviz Lodging: Experience Life in the Heart of Southern Culture

Parviz Lodging
Parviz Lodging

This residence is located in the village of Tabl, Qeshm, offering an authentic atmosphere that takes you on a journey into the heart of southern Iranian culture.

The building of the residence, constructed from mud and gypsum, and its courtyard filled with date palms, evoke the sense of traditional life in southern Iran.

Diversity in Room Selection:

Parviz Lodging offers two types of rooms:

  • Traditional rooms on the first floor, provide a nostalgic and charming atmosphere.
  • Modern rooms on the second floor, are suitable for those seeking modern amenities.

Local Cuisine:

In this residence, you can taste the authentic flavors of southern Iranian cuisine and enjoy them to the fullest.

Excellent Location:

Parviz Lodging is close to many tourist attractions in Qeshm, such as Hara Forest, Chahkooh Canyon, and Tandis Valley.

Services and Amenities at Parviz Lodging:

  • Guided Tours: Parviz Lodging arranges various tours with experienced guides and drivers.
  • Recreational Activities: You can participate in various activities such as exploring Hara Forest, boating, and diving.
  • Peaceful and Pleasant Atmosphere: The courtyard of the residence is a suitable place for relaxation and enjoying refreshments.

Parviz Lodging, an Ideal Choice for:

  • Enthusiasts of southern Iranian culture and customs
  • Experiencing traditional life
  • Tasting local cuisine
  • Easy access to tourist attractions
  • Engaging in recreational activities


Address: Tabal village, Qeshm, Hormozgan province (View on the map)

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Durna Eco Camp, Ardabil

Durna Eco Camp
Durna Eco Camp

Eco-camp Dorna is located 20 kilometers south of Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil Province, in the foothills of the mountains. This beautiful eco-camp with stunning views of the mountains, lush valleys, and mountainous climate, will offer you a unique experience of nomadic life and is among the best eco-lodges in Iran.

Accommodation in nomadic tents, mountain huts, and hobbit houses:

Dorna eco-lodge includes 2 nomadic tents, 4 mountain huts, and 2 hobbit houses, all inspired by the history and culture of the Azerbaijani and Shahsavan nomads and constructed with stone materials.

Facilities and services of Eco-camp Dorna:

Natural landscapes: Dorna eco-camp is nestled amidst pristine nature and the captivating Sabalan landscape, providing an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy natural scenery.
Diverse accommodations: The variety of accommodations allows you to choose the one that suits your taste.
Local cuisine: You can taste authentic local and nomadic dishes at this eco-lodge.
Recreational activities: Horseback riding, hiking in nature, and exploring the Sabalan region are among the activities you can enjoy at Eco-camp Dorna.

Address: Ardabil province, Meshginshahr city, Eco Camp Durna (View on the map)

Gilaboom Eco-lodge, A Journey into the Heart of Nature and Culture of Gilan

Gileboom Ecolodge
Gileboom Ecolodge

Located in Gilan Province, Gilaboom Eco-lodge, with its traditional and pleasant atmosphere, takes you on a journey into the heart of nature and culture of northern Iran.

Experience Rural Life: At this eco-lodge, you can experience the authentic lifestyle of rural areas in northern Iran. From traditional and authentic architecture to local cuisine and cultural activities, everything reminds you of the simple and warm life in villages.

Gilan’s Local Cuisine: Gilan’s cuisine is famous for its variety and unique flavors. At Gilaboom Eco-lodge, you can taste the authentic flavors of these dishes and enjoy them to the fullest.

Terrace with Outstanding Views: The terrace of Gilaboom Eco-lodge is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the natural scenery around. You can enjoy your meal there while sipping authentic Iranian tea and savoring the beauty of Gilan’s nature.

Gilaboom Eco-lodge is an ideal choice for:

Nature and culture enthusiasts of Gilan Experiencing rural life Tasting local cuisine Engaging in various activities Enjoying beautiful landscapes

Address: Gilan Province, between Kelachay and Chaboksar, Qasemabad Village, Abrisham Alley 1, No. 69 (View on Map)

Hotel Ghaleh Ganj Kerman

Gileboom Ecolodge
Gileboom Ecolodge


The four-star Parsian Ghaleh Ganj Kuhpayeh Hotel, the world’s first Kuhpayeh hotel, began its operation in Farvardin 1395 (March-April 2016) in one of the southernmost cities of Kerman Province. With its unique architecture, this hotel promises a new and exciting experience of staying in the heart of the desert.

Stay in Traditional Kuhpayehs:

The Parsian Ghaleh Ganj Hotel consists of 30 Kuhpayehs (cottages) for one or two people and more. These Kuhpayehs are built with local materials and inspired by the traditional architecture of the region, providing a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere for you.

Experience Life in Iranian Eco-lodges:

Staying at the Parsian Ghaleh Ganj Hotel offers a similar experience to staying in Iranian eco-lodges. Utilizing local materials, and traditional architecture, and offering local cuisine, this hotel acquaints you with the culture and customs of the Iranian people.

Luxury Facilities:

Each Kuhpayeh is equipped with a television, refrigerator, telephone, and private bathroom. Additionally, the hotel’s café and restaurant offer a delightful experience of local cuisine with a variety of traditional dishes.

Recreational Activities:

At the Persian Ghaleh Ganj Hotel, you can enjoy various recreational activities such as camel riding, local games, traditional music, and folk dances. Moreover, the hotel’s rooftop offers an exciting and exhilarating view of the forest and desert, providing you with an enjoyable sightseeing experience.

Address: 400 km of Kerman province, four-star Parsian Ghaleganj hotel (View on the map)

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Amoo Ghodrat Eco-lodge, Living Experience in the Heart of Golestan’s Nature

Gileboom Ecolodge
Gileboom Ecolodge

Amoo Ghodrat Eco-lodge is located in the village of Qaleh Cheh, in Minudasht County, Golestan Province. With 13 rooms and suites and a capacity of 95 people, this lodge provides a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for you.

Variety in Choosing Traditional Accommodations: Amoo Ghodrat Eco-lodge offers various rooms and suites with private courtyards, allowing you to choose the accommodation that suits your taste and number of guests.

Delicious and Local Cuisine: In this lodge, you can taste the authentic flavors of local and ceremonial dishes and enjoy them to the fullest.

Excellent Location: Amoo Ghodrat Eco-lodge is situated in the serene and magnificent heights of Golestan’s forests, offering you a unique view of nature.

Tourist Attractions: In addition to enjoying the pristine nature and lush forests, you can visit other attractions of Golestan Province such as Golestan National Park, Kaboodwall Waterfall, and Golestan Dam.

Uncle Ghodrat Eco-lodge is an ideal choice for:

Nature and forest enthusiasts Experiencing life in silence and tranquility Tasting local cuisine Easy access to tourist attractions Staying in a pleasant and traditional environment




Address: Golestan province, Minodasht city, Qala Cheh village (View on the map)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the notable eco-lodges in Iran?
Nartitee Ecolodge, Yazd-Noghli House, Kashan-Matin Abad Eco Camp, Isfahan-Negaar traditional guesthouse, Varzaneh-Parviz Lodging, Qeshm-Durna Eco Camp, Ardabil-Gileboom Ecolodge-Ghaleganj hotel, Kerman-Amoo Qodrat Eco-lodge.
What is the name of the famous eco-lodge in Kerman?
Ghaleganj eco-lodge.
What is the famous eco-lodge in Gilan province?
Gilan province is home to the renowned eco-lodge called “Gilboom Ecolodge,” which reflects the authentic rural lifestyle in northern Iran.
What is the name of the first eco-lodge, and where is it located?
The first eco-lodge is called “Nartie,” and it is situated approximately 20 kilometers northeast of Yazd, meaning “Pomegranate Blossom Eco-lodge.
Where is Eco Camp Durna situated?
Eco Camp Dorna is located in Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil province.

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