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Special Hotels in Iran

Special Hotels in Iran 

The Most Unique Hotels in Iran, A Different Experience of Stay During Travel Iran is a land of wonders and beauties, a mythical land where the culture and civilization of thousands of years have found tangible and historical manifestations, and the taste and art of Iranians have been spoken of since ancient times.

A host of enthusiasts who choose Iran as their tourist destination, both among foreign tourists and among our compatriots, have plenty of options to choose from, depending on their taste and interest. This variety has not only been observed in the destination but in recent years has also been observed in the choice of accommodation.

We intend to briefly introduce some of these special and charming hotels so that you can experience a different stay in luxury, traditional, boutique, and rocky hotels. Stay with us until the end of this article with the Sepehran blog.

List of the most unique hotels in Iran that you should know:

  • Bali Hotel
  • Kapari Ghaleh Ganj Hotel
  • Caravanserai Bisotun Hotel
  • Kandovan Rock Hotel
  • Toranj Kish Hotel
Hotels | Bali, Indonesia
Hotels | Bali, Indonesia

Hotels | Bali, Indonesia

In the heart of Iran’s central desert, in the Khurbiyabanak region, one of the most unique hotels is located.This hotel allows Iranian and foreign tourists to professionally or recreationally desert and benefit from the gifts of Iran’s deserts.

including the salt lake, playa channels, Misr desert, Iraj village, Garmeh village, Biyazeh village with its 3000-year-old castle, and the Sangab.

Bali is actually the first hotel to provide standard accommodation conditions in the desert. This hotel is equipped with 32 rooms according to hotel standards. some of which are equipped with beds in the usual way and some have a traditional arrangement based on the lifestyle of central Iran regions.

Kapari Ghaleh Ganj Hotel
Kapari Ghaleh Ganj Hotel

Kapari Ghaleh Ganj Hotel

Kapar is one of the types of rural houses in central and desert regions of Iran, which has a very simple structure and local materials in rural areas were used to build them. Inspired by Kapar construction, one of the most beautiful traditional hotels in Iran started its activity in the village of Ghaleh Ganj, 390 km from Kerman city, in April 2016.

This hotel, which is based on a four-star hotel standard, consists of 31 Kapari rooms with a capacity of 60 guests, which are specially arranged in 5 access corridors. The hotel also has various sections such as reception, restaurant, coffee shop, separate services, open space rest areas, etc.

Caravanserai Bisotun Hotel
Caravanserai Bisotun Hotel

Caravanserai Bisotun Hotel (Safavid Caravansary|Abbasi-Karawanserei)

The five-star Lale Biston Caravanserai is located 35 kilometers east of Kermanshah.

Therefore, this place is located in the old area of the Safavid Caravanserai, on the slopes of Biston Mountain, in front of the Farhad Historical Monument, in a land of 6000 square meters.

This beautiful hotel, located in the Bisotun World Heritage Site, with a capacity to host 100 guests, has 20 rooms and suites.

The rooms are actually the alcoves of the Safavid era caravanserai.

They have been modernly equipped to provide comfort and tranquility stay for domestic and foreign guests in the historical complex of Bisotun.

Among the attractions of this place are:

  • Iran’s eighth world heritage
  • The semi-finished Sassanid palace
  • Old bridge
  • Safavi Caravanserai Bridge
  • Bisotun inscription
  • The Khosrow Bridge
  • Parthian temple
  • Taq-e Bostan
  • Hunter’s Cave
Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel
Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

The Laleh Kandovan Hotel, located 40 kilometers from the city of Tabriz. This is the third rock hotel in the world and one of the most beautiful hotels in Iran. So, it is situated in the historical and incredibly picturesque village of Kandovan.

The unique feature of this hotel is its rock rooms. which, despite their natural texture, are equipped with modern amenities suitable for a five-star hotel. The hotel, with 40 caves or rock rooms, has the capacity to accommodate 48 guests. So, its facilities include a lobby, coffee shop, restaurant, dry cleaning, traditional dining room, conference hall, etc.

Staying at the Kandovan Hotel is undoubtedly a delightful experience for any traveler. apart from the attractiveness of the hotel, the climatic conditions of Kandovan village, the mountainous environment, mineral water springs, and the very beautiful view of the mountain slopes of Kandovan are other significant factors that can influence the choice of this beautiful hotel.

Toranj Kish Hotel
Toranj Kish Hotel

Toranj Kish Hotel

The first marine hotel in the Middle East, this beautiful five-star hotel is located in the northwest of Kish Island.  Toranj Hotel actually consists of two parts, the first part is the Toranj beach hotel, which serves its guests in four floors. The second and more attractive part consists of units that are constructed on the sea in the form of coral reefs.

The suites of this hotel have private balconies and glass floors. So this hotel have an equipped with modern amenities, updated standards of hotel management, and are connected by wooden piers.

In addition to these rooms, the hotel has 100 villas and five VIP suites, each designed based on different national cultures. So, connected by a one-kilometer-long path. Also, two artificial islands have been built in the hotel complex to attract migratory birds and preserve the natural ecosystem of the region.

The sea units of this hotel have beautiful views of the island’s sunset. They are designed in such a way that through the glass floors, one can spend hours watching the fish and sea creatures living in their natural habitat.

In the beach section, the hotel offers a variety of facilities such as a massage room, yoga, open and covered restaurants, tennis court, arcade, playground, sunbathing area, swimming pool, amphitheater, shop, musical fountain, etc.

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