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No.26 flysepehran Magazine: Summer, the Start of Endless Adventures

Flysepehran Public Relations proudly announces that the new flysepehran magazine, “Summer, the Start of Endless Adventures,” is now available to our dear passengers on the Sepehran blog and the airline’s flights. This magazine, No. 26 focuses on introducing summer destinations and recreational activities.

Contents of No.26 Magazine:

No.26 Flysepehran Magazine introduces waterfalls, fountains, cruise ships, and destinations in western Iran, and focusing on water-based activities and attractive places to spend leisure time invites you to a different journey in the summer.

Highlights of this magazine:

Waterfalls and Fountains: Introduction to the most beautiful waterfalls and fountains in the world that can be an excellent destination for hot summer days.

Cruise Ships: A different experience of traveling by cruise ships and enjoying the sea views and the unique services of recreational ships.

Destinations in Western Iran: Getting acquainted with the sights in western Iran, focusing on tourist destination villages, historical sites, and natural heritage, along with the introduction of four famous dishes from four western provinces of Iran.

A report on Flysepehran’s five-year journey: In this magazine, you will read an illustrated report on Flysepehran’s activities. This report beautifully and simply depicts Sepehran’s activities over the past 5 years.

This magazine is distributed free of charge on Flysepehran’s domestic and international flights. Flysepehran strives to introduce the attractions and diverse recreational activities of Iran and the world to passengers and provide you with a pleasant flight experience.

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