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The World Most Beautiful Flight Routes; From Northern Lights to Iran’s Roof

Watching natural landscapes from airplane windows, when you have ascended to an altitude of 12,000 meters, can be the most beautiful angle to observe nature. Some flight paths pass through areas where, if you choose your seat wisely and your travel time smartly, you will witness the most beautiful divine gifts from the airplane window.


Mashhad to Tehran; A Flight over Iran’s Rooftop

most beautiful flight routes
A Flight over Iran’s Rooftop

Damavand, the pride of Iran’s nature, was registered as the first natural heritage of Iran in the national heritage list in 2008. This peak, standing at an altitude of 5,609 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East, and also holds the title of the tallest volcanic peak in the vast continent of Asia.
On the flight path from Mashhad to Tehran, as you are near Tehran, the decreasing altitude of your flight offers a chance to observe the magnificent Mount Damavand from above. Winter may be the most captivating season to view Damavand from an airplane window. The mountain, blanketed in thick layers of snow, presents a breathtaking landscape. The presence of snow on its peaks and slopes highlights Damavand’s prominence and grandeur even more. The reflection of sunlight on the white snow makes the ‘Roof of Iran’ appear more radiant than ever. On clear, cloudless days, the view of Damavand from the airplane window is exceptionally spectacular.
The best time for flight photography of Mount Damavand is early morning or around evening when the sunlight is at an ideal angle, and the mountain’s shadows and contrasts are visible.
On flights from Mashhad to Tehran and Bandar Abbas to Tehran, if you choose a seat on the left side, you will have the opportunity to view Mount Damavand from above. On return flights, selecting a seat on the right side will allow you to observe the peak of Damavand from its height.
On flight routes from Tehran to the northern cities of Iran, for viewing and photographing Mount Damavand, it is advisable to choose a seat on the right side of the airplane. On return routes, seats on the left side are a better choice.
To enjoy this unparalleled natural vista, you can use FlySepehran’s Seat Selection Service. Choosing seats over the wing of the airplane offers a more spectacular view of the peak of Mount Damavand.

From Alaska to the Green Continent; Flying with a View of the Aurora Borealis

most beautiful flight routes
From Alaska to the Green Continent

When you witness the stunning sight of the Aurora Borealis from the ground, you think to yourself: ‘This is surely the most beautiful phenomenon I have ever seen.’ Now imagine observing such a view from the closest distance through an airplane window.

The Auroras are extraordinary luminous phenomena that appear in the polar skies. The dance of light and color, known as the “Northern Lights” in the Northern Hemisphere and the “Southern Lights” in the Southern Hemisphere, are among the most beautiful and extraordinary natural phenomena that one can witness.

The flight paths that pass through higher latitudes, near the Polar Regions, offer airplane passengers the opportunity to witness the aurora borealis.  Flights from Alaska to destinations like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland often leave their passengers amazed by the view of the aurora borealis from the airplane window.

The best time to see the auroras is usually from autumn to the end of winter; especially from September to March, when nights are longer and darker, creating better conditions for viewing the aurora borealis.

Observing the auroras from an airplane window is a display of Earth’s atmospheric dynamics, reminding us of the solar activities and their interplay with terrestrial phenomena, a connection that exists between the Earth and the sky, presenting a mesmerizing scene before the passengers’ eyes.

Flight Routes to the Maldives; Flying over the Indian Ocean

most beautiful flight routes
Flight Routes to the Maldives

When you fly over the beautiful islands of the Maldives, you will witness one of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world. It’s best to schedule your flight during daylight hours to experience one of the world’s most dreamlike vistas before your eyes.

The Maldives, officially known as the Republic of the Maldives, is a sovereign archipelagic state in South Asia nestled in the vast Indian Ocean. This country is situated southwest of Sri Lanka and India and is 750 kilometers away from the mainland of the Asian continent. The beauty of the Maldivian islands has made it one of the most popular destinations in the world, but observing it from an airplane window offers a different kind of delight.

On your journey to the Maldives, as the flight descends, the first thing that captures your attention is an astonishing view of coral islands scattered like pearls in the turquoise and clear waters of the Indian Ocean, creating a spectacular sight. Islands with white sands and crystal-clear waters around them inevitably heighten your excitement about arriving at this destination.

Upon returning from the Maldives, as soon as you take off from “Male” heading towards Sri Lanka or India, you will experience a similar view. On your return flight from the Maldives, you will have the opportunity to observe the scattered coral islands in the vast Indian Ocean. As you approach the western coasts of India, the coastal cities and lush landscapes of Kerala and other coastal states of India will fill you with delight.

You will also experience this change of landscapes on your journey from the Maldives to Sri Lanka and Malaysia. As you approach the coasts of Malaysia, the scenery changes, and you will witness coastal views and tropical forests as you pass by small and large islands with turquoise waters and a tropical paradise.

Sydney to Johannesburg; Viewing Antarctica from the Airplane Window

most beautiful flight routes
Sydney to Johannesburg

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing Antarctica, the direct flight route from Sydney to Johannesburg takes you over the southernmost point of the Earth. Imagine traveling towards Antarctica, where the land is covered with immense mountains of ice, and you’re almost reaching the untouched edges of Antarctica.

Prepare your camera to capture the spectacular views of the immense ice mountains. This experience offers a blend of excitement and the unparalleled beauty of the pristine nature of Antarctica. To ensure the best views during your flight, sit by the left-side windows of the airplane for more memorable and significant images.
The flight begins at Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney. As you take off, you will witness a unique view of Australia’s coastline and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. The majority of the flight travels over the vast skies of the Indian Ocean. Here, time seems to stand still, and the sunset over this enormous ocean creates a live canvas of astonishing colors.

As the airplane gently redirects towards the South Pole, a unique panorama of a snow-covered expanse with immense glaciers unfolds before you. These landscapes, seemingly straight out of fairy tales, will be etched in your memory forever. As you approach Johannesburg, you will witness views of the hills and verdant plains of South Africa. The O.R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg marks the end of a flight that offers an unparalleled experience of the natural sceneries of two continents.


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