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Iran-Oman flights increased by FlySepehran from July 2024

Following the increase in demand for traveling to new destinations, tourist exchanges, and cultural interactions, FlySepehran proudly announces the rise in Iran-Oman flights.

According to a public relations report from FlySepehran, daily flights from Tehran to Muscat will commence from Imam Khomeini International Airport in July 2024. Additionally, there will be flights from Mashhad to Muscat twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

You can purchase tickets through our website at, or buy tickets from FlySepehran’s agents in Tehran, Muscat, and other locations. Along with enhancing air connections between the two countries, the increased flights from Iran to Oman lead to more investment opportunities, improved tourism, and cultural exchanges. Benefiting from the largest fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft in Iran and offering top-notch flight services, FlySepehran ensures that passengers have a pleasant flight and an unforgettable journey.


Expanding FlySepehran Flights on the Iran-Oman Route Leads to Tourism Boom

The first Iran Infotour for Omani tourism activists, held by FlySepehran in July 2024, was an important event to showcase Iran’s tourism potential to Omani tourism professionals and promote international tourist exchanges. Increasing FlySepehran flights on the Oman route to attract international tourists will contribute to the development of tourism and the prosperity of our beloved Iran.

Source: FlySepehran Public Relations

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