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Iran Info Tour; first Gathering of Omani tourism activists – June 2024

While most of Iran’s tourism activists emphasize the departure of travelers to foreign destinations, FlySepehran, by holding the first Iran Info tour for Omani tourism officials and activists, intends to achieve the important goals of developing Iran’s tourism industry and strengthening interactions between the two countries by introducing the tourism capacities of Iran. To follow the culture between Iran and Oman and to attract international tourists. During this 6-day trip, which was warmly welcomed by Omani tourism activists, authorities, and travel agencies, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the tourism capacities of Iran.

Iran Info Tour Itinerary

Day First and second:

  • The first day started with airport formalities and settling into the Royal Darvishi Hotel of Mashhad.
  • On the second day, after breakfast and the welcome ceremony, a visit to the Holy Shrine and the Astan Quds Razavi Museums was held, providing an opportunity for visitors to learn about the historical background of Mashhad.
  • Then, by visiting the Rose Darvishi Hotel and Royal Darvishi Hotel, the visitors got to know the accommodation capacities of Mashhad.
  • The end of the second day was dedicated to visiting Armitaj Golshan Tower and the shopping center, followed by dinner at a restaurant.

Day Third:

  • On the third day, the participants visited Razavi Hospital and learned about the health tourism facilities and medical services in Mashhad.
  • Then, they visited the Tomb of Ferdowsi, the Persian poet and author of the Persian epic Shahnameh.
  • Following this, they visited a saffron factory, where they got to know the most famous souvenirs of Mashhad.
  • Moving on to resorts around Mashhad, the visitors had the opportunity to explore Mashhad’s green areas and experience a variety of traditional Iranian foods.

Day Forth:

  • On the fourth day, visiting Mashhad’s entertainment facilities was conducted in the Torqabeh District and the Chalidarreh Tourist Complex.
  • Following this, the participants had the opportunity to visit the traditional markets of Torqabeh and have lunch at the Hayat Hotel in Mashhad.
  • The evening of the fourth day was dedicated to water entertainment, allowing the visitors to learn more about the recreational facilities of Mashhad.

Day Fifth:

  • On the fifth day, the participants visited several other hotels, followed by a briefing session at the Darvishi Royal Hotel. In the first part of the meeting, Iran’s tourism officials announced their readiness to host Omani tourists by introducing the infrastructure of transportation, accommodation, and health tourism in Iran. In the second part of the meeting, the methods of cooperation and exchange of tourists, as well as the provision of services, were carefully examined.

Last day:

  • On the sixth day of the trip, after transferring to Mashhad airport and completing airport formalities, the visitors left Mashhad for Shiraz and then flew from Shiraz to Muscat.


Iran Info Tour Photo Galleries


One of the main objectives of this Info Tour was to introduce Omani tourism activists and travel agencies to Iran’s air transportation infrastructure, accommodation and hotel services, modern shopping centers, medical infrastructure and health services, factories, tourist attractions, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

In addition to the attractions, the participants on this info trip got to know the recreational amenities and leisure opportunities by visiting historic sites, resorts, and entertainment centers. By eating at different catering establishments, they also got an overview of Iran’s cuisine and beverage potential.

This Info Tour is considered a turning point in the history of FlySepehran’s activities and promises a prosperous future for the development of tourism in Iran. FlySepehran is firmly committed to providing high-quality services to international tourists and is determined to develop the tourism industry in Iran by relying on a modern fleet, experienced employees, and regular planning.


Info Tour Video


Source: FlySepehran Public Relations

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