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Ahvaz Travel Guide

Ahvaz Travel Guide introduces you to the capital of Khuzestan province and the second-hottest city in Iran. This city is very popular due to its bridges, beautiful nights, and warm-hearted people. During the eight years of the imposed war between Iran and Iraq, this city suffered significant damages, the effects of which are still visible. Ahvaz is one of the most important industrial cities in Iran, and most major companies are based there. Additionally, 51% of the National Iranian Oil Company oil is produced in this city. In this article, we will provide detailed information about a travel guide to Ahvaz, so stay tuned with Sepehran blog.

What you will read in the travel guide to Ahvaz:

  • History of Ahvaz
  • Where is Ahvaz
  • How to travel to Ahvaz
  • Weather in Ahvaz
  • Ahvaz Travel Guide | Best Time to Travel to Ahvaz
  • Ahvaz Travel guide | Places to Visit in Ahvaz
  • Attractions in Ahvaz
  • Cultural experiences in Ahvaz
  • Handicrafts and local souvenirs
  • Entertainment in Ahvaz
  • Attractions around Ahvaz
  • List of the best hotels in Ahvaz
  • List of the best cafes in Ahvaz
  • List of the best shopping centers in Ahvaz
  • List of the best restaurants in Ahvaz

History of Ahvaz

The Elamites were the first founders of Ahvaz, but the city was subsequently destroyed and later rebuilt by the Parthians. Unfortunately, the city was destroyed again, and eventually, Ardeshir I rebuilt it. In the past, Ahvaz was called “Oxin”. The Karun River was one of the largest and most water-abundant rivers in Iran, and ships used to navigate it, so this river is of great importance to the southern part of the country. Sadly, the river is now at risk of drying up. The Karun is 950 kilometers long and is the longest river in Iran. It originates from the Zagros Mountains in the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

This city is divided into western and eastern parts by the Karun River. Ahvaz has a great ethnic diversity. Given that the city has very hospitable and warm-hearted residents, various ethnic groups live peacefully side by side.

Where is Ahvaz

Ahvaz is located in the lowland region of Khuzestan province. The elevation of this city is 18 meters above sea level, and with an area close to 20,000 hectares, it is one of the vast cities of Khuzestan and also Iran. The Karun River, which originates from the Bakhtiari mountains, divides the city into two parts. Ahvaz has various land and air connections with other parts of the country and connects to several ports.

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How to travel to Ahvaz

Travel has a direct connection with the soul and psyche of every individual. One of the best travel destinations, especially in the autumn and winter, is Ahvaz. This large and touristy city attracts many tourists annually from all over Iran and the world. There are various ways to reach this city, including by rail and air. If you are somewhere close to Ahvaz, you can also drive yourself to the city.


Ahvaz Travel Guide by Train 🚈

One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to get to Ahvaz is by train. In fact, there is a direct rail route from most cities in Iran to Ahvaz. The intermediate stations on the way to Ahvaz include Haft Tappeh, Shush, Andimeshk, Golmahak, Chamsangar, Sepiddasht, Bisheh, Dorud, Azna, Somayeh, and Shazand.

The rail routes to Ahvaz are as follows:

  • Ahvaz to Tehran
  • Ahvaz to Mashhad
  • Ahvaz to Qom
  • Ahvaz to Arak
Ahvaz Travel Guide by Train
Ahvaz Travel Guide by Train

Ahvaz Travel Guide by Airplane ✈️

For a trip to the beautiful and exciting city of Ahvaz, the air route can be the best option for you. We have a special offer for you in this section. By purchasing an airplane ticket from Sepehran, you can create a unique and delightful experience for yourself.

Ahvaz Travel Guide by Airplane
Ahvaz Travel Guide by Airplane

In this article, you can obtain information about Ahvaz airport

Ahvaz Travel Guide by Personal Car 🚗

Another way to travel to Ahvaz is by personal car. If you intend to travel from Tehran to Ahvaz, you can reach your destination through three different routes (800 km, 1000 km, or 886 km). The shortest route from Tehran to Ahvaz takes about 9 hours.

One of the attractions of traveling by personal car is that you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding cities along the way and create a memorable experience for yourself.


 Ahvaz Travel Guide by Bus:

From ancient times, the bus has been considered one of the most common urban transportation methods. This vehicle is the choice of many people, while it might be quite challenging for others. Nonetheless, the fact remains that buses are available from most cities to Ahvaz.

The most common bus routes from Ahvaz to other cities in Iran are as follows:

  • Tehran to Ahvaz
  • Mashhad to Ahvaz
  • Shiraz to Ahvaz
  • Isfahan to Ahvaz
  • Tabriz to Ahvaz
  • Arak to Ahvaz
  • Urmia to Ahvaz
  • Zanjan to Ahvaz


Ahvaz Terminal Address and Number

Siyahat Terminal

Address Khorramshahr Three Roads, northeast side of Engelab Square
Phone     06133780015

East (sharg)Terminal

Address Three roads on the south side of Chahar-Asb Square
Phone 06132288784

Zagroos Terminal

Address Pasdaran Blvd., next to Naft Company Transportation
Phone 06132267888 – 06132245209 – 06132246976

Persian Gulf (Khalij-e Fars)Terminal

Address Ayatollah Behbahani Blvd., next to Saipa agency (Kajur)
Ahvaz terminal
Ahvaz terminal


The Weather in Ahvaz

One of the most important factors for traveling to any city is its destination’s weather. Before traveling to any place, you should first check the weather of the destination to select the best time for your trip. Considering the hot and humid climate of Ahvaz, you should keep in mind all aspects when traveling to this city.

Ahvaz has long and very hot summers. Summer in Ahvaz is often referred to as “Khorma-Pazun”. Ahvaz also has mild, short, but very beautiful winters and autumns.

Ahvaz Travel Guide | Best Time to Travel to Ahvaz

The best time to travel to Ahvaz is during the fall, winter, and early spring seasons. Ahvaz summers are very hot and scorching, making it the worst and most unsuitable time to visit this city. Ahvaz may not be the most popular destination for travelers coming to Iran, but it has many attractions to offer. This city is located on the banks of the Karun River, which makes it an attractive destination for tourists, especially those interested in hiking.


Ahvaz Travel Guide | Places to Visit in Ahvaz

Ahvaz offers of fascinating and beautiful attractions that are truly astonishing. In this section, we have compiled a list of some of the must-visit places in Ahvaz for you. If you wish to become more acquainted with the exciting sights of this city, stay with us:


Attraction Name Address Location on the map
Segush Building Ahvaz, Imam Musa Sadr St Location on the map

White Bridge

Ahvaz, after Shahada square Location on the map
Black Bridge Ahvaz, along the coastal boulevard of the Karun River Location on the map
Karun River Ahvaz, Karun River Location on the map
Surp-Mesrup Church Ahvaz, Shahid Mousavi St Location on the map
Tabiat Walking Bridge(Kianpars) Ahvaz, west of the Karun River, between the Black Bridge and the Third Bridge Location on the map
Seventh Bridge Ahvaz, Kianpars, Paul Ali Ibn Mahziar Location on the map
Tomb of Ali-Bin Mahziar Ahvaz, Ameri Location on the map


Ahvaz Travel Guide | Places to Visit in Ahvaz
Ahvaz Travel Guide | Places to Visit in Ahvaz


Cultural Experiences in Ahvaz

The local customs and traditions of the city of Ahvaz can be highly intriguing for any traveler. This beautiful city possesses a unique and rich culture that can create sweet and memorable memories for you. In this charming city, you will become acquainted with various street and local foods, different customs, local music, and handicrafts, offering you an unforgettable experience.

Customs and Ceremonies in Ahvaz

Every city and region in Iran, and even different countries, have its own unique customs and ceremonies that can be very exciting for others. If you intend to travel to Ahvaz or any other city, it’s a good idea to gather information about the customs and the timing of their Ceremonies before your trip. Participating in regional ceremonies can create delightful and memorable moments for you.

  • Coffee Drinking Ceremony

This ceremony is one of the significant customs of the people of Ahvaz and holds a special place among the locals. Its importance is such that it has been registered as a national heritage of Iran. The cultural symbol of this ceremony is the coffee pot, which is considered an essential tool. Ahvazi Arabs use this tool for various events such as gatherings and international conferences.

  • Gorgian

This ceremony takes place in the middle of Ramadan. Arab children wear traditional Arab clothing, carry bags on their shoulders, and sing songs as they go to people’s doors, asking for sweets.

  • Baptism Ritual of the Mandaeans

One of the religious minorities in Iran is the Mandaeans (followers of yahya). These individuals perform baptism by the Karun River every Sunday. This ritual is conducted by the religious leaders of that faith.

Handicrafts and Local Souvenirs

Ahvaz, like other cities, has its own special souvenirs. You can purchase many souvenirs from this beautiful city and have a memorable experience dealing with the vendors who are passionate about their accent and hospitality.

Below are some examples of handicrafts and local souvenirs that you can acquire during your trip to Ahvaz:

Various types of fish, dates, date cookies, various pickles, Arabic coffee sets, colorful snacks, and marine decorations.

Handicrafts and Local Souvenirs
Handicrafts and Local Souvenirs

Ahvaz Travel Guide  | Ahvaz Entertainment

Entertainment options in Ahvaz are an integral part of a visit to this city. In addition to shopping in various markets and experiencing exciting restaurants, you must also explore the city’s entertainment centers. The available entertainment activities in this city include:

Water-based Entertainment in Ahvaz:

  • Waterpark complexes
  • Recreational docks
  • Island Park
  • Boating
  • Scuba diving

Non-Water Entertainment in Ahvaz:

  • Amusement parks
  • Museums

Attractions around Ahvaz

In addition to the attractions within Ahvaz, there are also plenty of tourist attractions in the surrounding areas that are worth visiting. Below is a list of some of the tourist attractions around Ahvaz:

Attraction Name
Distance from the city center
Lali Cable Bridge Lali city, between Lali and Suleiman mosque, Lali cable bridge 156 km – two hours and 12 minutes
Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System Khuzestan, Shushtar, Shariati Street, Shushtar Water Structures 97 km – one hour and 40 minutes
Dez National Park Khuzestan, Dezful, Mianrud, Dez National Park 96 km – one hour and 30 minutes
Gambueh National Forest Park Ahvaz, Sosangerd bypass, Gamboa road, Gamboa forest park 20 km – 30 minutes
Towbiroun Valley Khuzestan province, Dezful, Sardasht district, Towbiroun valley 177 km – two hours and 30 minutes
Bamdej lagoon Northwest of Ahvaz, adjacent to Sadat Tawahir village, Bamdej lagoon 45 km – 40 minutes
Kushk Island Khuzestan, 50 km northeast of Suleiman Mosque, Shahid Abbaspur Dam, Kushk Island 185 km – two hours and 52 minutes
ChoghaZanbil Ziggurat Ahvaz-Shusa highway, after Sheikh Ali Asghar village, Khamat village, Choghazanbil ziggurat 125 km – one hour and 36 minutes
Tomb of Daniel Susa, Imam Khomeini Street, Tomb of Daniyal 118 km – one hour and 37 minutes
Castle Recreation Area Mokhtar Andimeshek, 11 kilometers east of Andimeshek city, Castle Recreation Area Mokhtar 170 km – two hours and 26 minutes
Attractions around Ahvaz
Attractions around Ahvaz


List of the best hotels in Ahvaz

Finding suitable accommodation in Ahvaz is easy because there are many hotels in this city. Pars Hotel is the best and most expensive hotel in Ahvaz. There are also other good hotels in Ahvaz, which we will mention below:

Hotel Name

Phone number

Pars Hotel

Shahid Abedi St., 24 Meter St., Ahvaz


Naderi Hotel

Ahvaz, East Imam Khomeini St


Oxin Hotel

Ahvaz, Kurosh, Pasdaran Highway


Hediye Hotel

Ahvaz, Kianpars St


Karoon Hotel

Ahvaz, Shahid Kivan


Moein Garden Hotel

Ahvaz, District 1, Nezam Wafa


Ahvaz Boostan Hotel

Ahvaz, Golestan, Farvardin Blvd


List of the best hotels in Ahvaz

List of the best hotels in Ahvaz

List of the best cafes in Ahvaz

Ahvaz has many good and modern cafes, most of which are located in the Kianpars neighborhood, one of the best neighborhoods in Ahvaz. We recommend visiting the city’s ice cream shops and trying their delicious ice creams, such as Majid Ice Cream on Golestan Street, Moro Ice Cream, Shad Ice Cream, Nemat Ice Cream, NewZealand Juice, and Sib Ice Cream. Here is a list of the best cafes in Ahvaz:

Cafe Name
Phone number
man-Cafe Ahvaz, Moalem Blvd., West Sepah Blvd., Sanat II St 09160409132
fanoos cafe Ahvaz, Camplou, Enghelab St., Qasr Shirin St., Azadi St 06133835223
Ahvaz Art Café Ahvaz, Kianpars corner 18 East 09388807137
Xuan cafe Ahvaz, Zaytun Karmanani, Hojjat Street between Zahid and upper floor areas of Mubarez Club 09392696069
Cafe Note  Ahvaz Zaytoon Karmani St. Komail between Anoushe St. (Zohre) and Tawheed Blvd. (Zavieh) 06134493120
Caf Cafe  Ahvaz, Zeitoun Karmanani 09386470202
Felamingo Cafe Ahvaz, Koi Zeitoun Karmanani, kh. Zamzam 06134431040
Cafe Melorin Ahvaz – Kianpars – 6 East Street 06133922319
Rhino Café Ahvaz-Kianpars 7 East St. Plate 38 06133922152
LEO Cafe Ahvaz, Kianpars, first floor, in front of Hakopian, Saman insurance building, basement floor 06133330707
List of the best cafes in Ahvaz
List of the best cafes in Ahvaz

List of the best shopping centers in Ahvaz

Shopping centers are always one of the most exciting parts of any trip. Colorful and diverse products can be very attractive and thrilling. In fact, shopping can be a form of entertainment. If you’re traveling to Ahvaz, make sure to include a visit to the shopping centers in your itinerary. Below are some of the most popular shopping centers in Ahvaz. The best time to visit Ahvaz shopping centers is during the evening when you can have a great experience of nighttime strolling.

 Shopping Centers Name
Phone number
Location on the map
Kaveh market Ahvaz, Taleghani Street and the west side of Kaveh Street (Kivan) Kaveh market
Zohreh Shopping Center Ahvaz-Zeitoun Karmanani, Zahra St., corner of Bu Ali St 09169898980 Zohreh Shopping Center 
Zeytoon Shopping Center Ahvaz, Zaytoun Karmani, Khaghani St Zeytoon Shopping Center
Salman Farsi Passage Ahvaz, Salman Farsi Street (Nadri), Shahid Gholami Salman Farsi Passage
Mero Market Ahvaz, Kianpars, Kh. Hojatzadeh, Kh. 19th East 09303239095 Mero Market
Hirad shopping center Ahvaz, Padadshahr, 10th St Hirad shopping center
Kish Shopping Center Ahvaz, Shahid Kivan St Kish Shopping Center
Mahzyar City Center Ahvaz, Zaytoun Karmani, intersection of Hojat St. and Zamzam St Mahzyar City Center
Imam Khomeini Bazaar Ahvaz, East Imam St 09361347748 Imam Khomeini Bazaar

List of the best shopping centers in Ahvaz

List of the best shopping centers in Ahvaz

List of the best restaurants in Ahvaz

Trying local cuisine in a city is one of the best parts of any trip. The people of Ahvaz are good cooks and enjoy spicy and cold dishes.

Ahvaz offers delicious local foods such aswhitefish, amghash, Arabic Kabbah, shrimp, Ghalieh Mahi, falafel, Falafel, Sambusa and Mofattah. There are good restaurants in the city where you can go and try these tasty dishes.

Don’t forget to visit Lashkar Abad Street in the city and try falafel and sambusa prepared there. Below is a list of the best restaurants in Ahvaz:

Restaurant Name
Phone number
Emperor Restaurant Ahvaz, Pasdaran Boulevard, next to IT Tower Industries Organization, 8th floor 06134442660
Hezardastan Restaurant Ahvaz, Kianpars, Shahid Chamran Blvd 06133924638
Green Cactus Restaurant Ahvaz, Kianpars, first floor, next to water organization 06133333388
Sezar Italian Restaurant Ahvaz, Kianpars St., at the end of 8th St 06133386726
Atrin Ahvaz, Kianpars, between Soroush St. and Elham St 0613139
Shambama Ahvaz, Kianpars, corner of West 10th St 06133388989
Darvish Khan Traditional Kebab Ahvaz, Koi Takhti, Sepah St., Khorram St., Khujaste St 09163235156
Zohreh lounge Shahid Ebrahim Anoushe St., 4th floor, Zohra St., Bo Ali corner, Zohra Shopping Center, Ahvaz 06134492905
Papillon fast food Ahvaz Zaytoun Karmani, Zaytoun St., Fatemi corner, in front of the park 0614445269


Ahvaz, Golestan, Bostan St., Ordibehesht corner, Iran Zamin building 06133729680


List of the best restaurants in Ahvaz
List of the best restaurants in Ahvaz


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In conclusion

when traveling to the city of Ahvaz, you will experience a different combination of the sea, beach, traditional restaurants, luxury hotels, local attractions in the city and its surroundings, and various water and non-water activities. You can explore the various markets in this city and buy souvenirs. Get acquainted with various ceremonies in this city and enjoy its nature and cozy cafes. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ahvaz, share it with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Rail Routes Lead to Ahvaz?
Ahvaz to Tehran – Ahvaz to Mashhad – Ahvaz to Qom – Ahvaz to Arak
What is the Best Season to Travel to Ahvaz?
Fall and winter, and early spring.
Which Restaurants Are Famous in Ahvaz?
Emperor Restaurant-Hezardastan Restaurant-Green Cactus Restaurant-Cesar Italian Restaurant-Atrin. So Shambama-Darvish Khan Traditional Kebab-Zohreh lounge-Papillon fast food-Iranwich
What Are the Best Shopping Centers in Ahvaz?
Kaveh market-Zohreh Shopping Center-Zeytoon Shopping Center-Salman Farsi Passage. So, Mero Market-Kish Shopping Center-Mahzyar City Center-Imam Khomeini Bazaar
Which Are the Most Famous and Best Cafes in Ahvaz?
man-Cafe-fanoos cafe-Ahvaz Art Café-Xuan cafe- Cafe Note . So Caf Cafe-Felamingo Cafe- Cafe Melorin-Rhino Café-LEO Cafe
What Are the Best Hotels in Ahvaz?
Pars Hotel-Naderi Hotel-Oxin Hotel-Hediye Hotel. So, Karoon Hotel-Moein Garden Hotel-Ahvaz Boostan Hotel
Name the Attractions Around Ahvaz
Lali Cable Bridge-Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System-Dez National Park-Gamboa National Forest Park. So, Towbiroun Valley-Bamdej lagoon-Kushk Island-ChoghaZanbil Ziggurat-Tomb of Daniel-Castle Recreation Area Mokhtar
Name the Water Activities in Ahvaz
Waterpark complexes-Recreational docks-Island Park-Boating-Scuba diving
Non-Water Entertainment in Ahvaz
Amusement parks-Museums
Name the Ways to Travel to Ahvaz
Ahvaz Travel Guide by Train, by Airplane and Personal Car, by bus
Where Is the City of Ahvaz Located?
Ahvaz is located in the lowland region of Khuzestan province.
What Are the Famous Customs and Traditions in Ahvaz?
Coffee Drinking Ceremony-Gorgian-Baptism Ritual of the Mandaeans.
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