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Mashhad Travel Guide

Mashhad travel guide , the meeting place of lovers.

The city of Mashhad is located in the northeast of Iran and with more than 3 million people, it is the third largest metropolis in Iran. Mashhad is known as the religious and tourism capital for the Muslims of the world, and every year it hosts visitant who come to visit the shrine of Imam Reza (a), this city has a great history and culture that attracts the attention of tourists.

The presence of numerous accommodation centers, hotels, hotel apartments, as well as the presence of various tourist attractions, local markets and large and luxurious shopping centers, local and international restaurants, summer resorts, affordable travel costs to Mashhad and many ways to travel to this religious city, has made Mashhad a popular destination for visiting and traveling.

If you are looking for a trip to a city with rich culture and history, unique tourist attractions and a spiritual and religious atmosphere, a trip to Mashhad can be a good option for you. For this reason, in the Sepehran blog, we intend to provide you with the most complete Mashhad Travel guide, so that you can choose the best way to travel to this city and plan your trip according to your budget.

Where is Mashhad?

Mashhad, the metropolis of Iran with a population of about 3,500,000 people, is located in the northeast of Iran, this city is the capital of Razavi Khorasan province and has the largest population and size after Tehran. The city of Mashhad is located in the basin of the Kashaf River and in the Mashhad plain between the mountains of Hazar Masjid and Binaloud.

Due to the Imam Reza shrine, it welcomes millions of Iranian and foreign travelers every year.

Due to the presence of the Silk Road and the shrine of Imam Reza, it is of special importance and was chosen as the spiritual capital of Iran in 1388 and was also known as the seventh Qiblah.

History of Mashhad city

The cities of Mashhad and Tos are located in the Kashaf River and have stone tools belonging to the Paleolithic era and are an important part of the history of Iranian.

After the win of Khorasan in the Islamic era and during the reign of Mamun Abbasi, Imam Reza was martyred in Mashhad and was buried in Sanabad Noghan and was named Mashhad al-Reza.

Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi built a mausoleum on the tomb of Imam Reza and Sultan Masoud of Ghaznavi also built a wall around the city for protection.

During the Seljuk era, the first dome was built over the tomb, and after the conquest of Khorasan by Shah Ismail Safavi, it became the Shia religion and the official religion of the people of the region. The city of Mashhad was the capital of Iran during the reign of Nadir Shah Afshar.


Why Select Mashhad as our travel destination?

Mashhad is known as one of the popular tourist destinations in Iran for various reasons, including history, culture, nature, and numerous sights. Mashhad is a suitable destination for all tourists. Below are some reasons for choosing Mashhad as a travel destination:

1. Visiting Imam Reza shrine
2. Shopping centers and markets
3. History and culture of Khorasan
4. Nature and scenic areas
5. Weather


Necessary items for a trip to Mashhad:

Some essential items for traveling to Mashhad and staying there are:

Identification documents: carry your national card, birth certificate or driver’s license with you.

Clothes suitable for the season: When traveling to Mashhad, depending on the travel season, you should bring suitable clothes for that season.

Comfortable shoes: For walking around the shrines and walking around the city, it is better to have comfortable and quality shoes.

Bag or backpack: It is better to use a bag or backpack to store and carry personal.

Cash or bank card: to pay the transfer fee or pay to the hotel and other expenses.

Camera and charger: Bring your camera and charger to capture the amazing moments of your trip.

City map and guide: Having a city map and guide is very useful to get to know the city better and see tourist places.

Personal medicines: If you need special medicines, it is better to bring them with you.

Mobile phone and charger: Having a mobile phone and its charger is very necessary to communicate with friends and family or to search for useful information.

Mineral water: It is better to bring mineral water with you during your trip.


How much does it cost to travel to Mashhad?

Mashhad is a touristic and important city in Iran that you should have some money with you to travel to.

The cost of traveling to Mashhad depends on various factors, including the travel season, the number of people who want to travel with you, the duration of the trip, the type of accommodation (hotel, apartment hotel, private house, guesthouse) and the facilities you use for the trip.

Also, the type of transportation (flight, train, bus or private car) will also be another important factor affecting the trip. In total, the cost of traveling to Mashhad includes transportation costs, accommodation costs, entrance fees and visits to touristic places, visit costs and transfer costs in the city (metro, bus, internet taxis, hotel service taxis, etc.), buying souvenirs,and it will be fun.

Also, before traveling to Mashhad, it is better to research your favorite accommodation, restaurants, sightseeing spots and transportation routes and compare prices.

Travel guide to Mashhad with a tour:

Due to the great popularity of Mashhad, millions of pilgrims and tourists from Iran and all over the world travel to this city every year. One of the ways to travel to Mashhad is to use cheap travel tours that include various services. So, these tours can help you plan and make the best use of your travel time.

Mashhad tour is one of the most popular ways to travel to holy Mashhad. his tour is organized in different ways, such as air tour, rail tour, land tour of Mashhad, private car tour of Mashhad, special tour of Mashhad for retirees and office workers, tour tour, etc., the price of which is different depending on the services provided in the tour.

In general, the cost of Tour mashhad includes (accommodation cost, transfer to the place of residence, food cost, inter-city excursions), which each of these will affect the price of the tour.

Travel guide to Mashhad by train:

Traveling by train to Mashhad is one of the most popular and cheapest ways to travel to Mashhad. Of course, this is not always the case and sometimes traveling by train will cost you as much or more than traveling by plane.

The cost of traveling by train to Mashhad depends entirely on your choice, you can plan your trip with a 5-star train and stay at a top 5* hotel in Mashhad, or you can plan your trip with a bus train and stay at a relatively good apartment hotel. The distance between Mashhad and Tehran is about 900 km and it takes 12 hours to travel.

Hotels near Mashhad Railway: Diplomat Hotel, Siraj Hotel, Reza Hotel

Mashhad railway is also located near Tabarsi Street in terms of access to hotels and accommodation centers.

Travel guide to Mashhad by private car

Mashhad is one of the top destinations and the second most populated city in Iran after Tehran, which attracts many travelers and tourists from all over Iran and the world every year. There are different communication ways to reach Mashhad. which we will refer to below:

Travel to Mashhad by private car

  • If you are traveling to Mashhad from Tehran and other central cities, after passing Malek Abad, enter Shahid Shushtri highway from the entrance of Mashhad-Nishabour Road and continue towards the city.
  • If your origin is the cities of North region and North Khorasan province; From Mashhad-Qochan Road, after crossing Golbahar, you will reach Mashhad.
  • If you are going to Mashhad from the south of Iran and the southeastern cities of the country, the Mashhad-Fariman Road or Torbat Heydarieh road is the most suitable for you.


Travel to Mashhad by plane

Every day, a large number of passengers enter Mashhad airport by air. Mashhad is the destination of many flights from different cities of Iran and the world. If you are not sure whether there is a direct flight from your city of origin to Mashhad or not, we suggest you check the Mashhad airport flight schedule.

  • Address of Mashhad Airport (Shahid Hasheminejad Airport): Mashhad, at the end of the Islamic Republic Blvd
  • Distance from Mashhad Airport to Haram: 8 km
  • Contact number: 05133100000
  • Mashhad airport taxi and parking number: 05133400253

Pilgrimage to Mashhad

It can be said that visiting the shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.) is one of the most important attractions of a trip to Mashhad for travelers. On a pilgrimage to Mashhad, knowing the following information will help you:

Hotels near Imam Reza Shrine:

  • Rose Darvishi Hotel: Imam Reza St., between 1 and 3 Imam Reza
  • Darvishi luxury hotel: Imam Reza St., between 24 and 26 Imam Reza

The best restaurants near the shrine of Imam Reza:

  • Liali Lebanon Restaurant: Shohada Crossroad, Behjet St., between Behjet 1 and 3
  • Moin Darbari Restaurant: Pasdaran St., between Pasdaran 2 and 4
  • Rezaei Restaurant: Akhund Khorasani St., between Khosori Crossroad and Gonbad Sabz Square



Attractions located in Imam Reza shrine:

  • Gohar Shad Mosque
  • Parizad school
  • Astan Quds Museum
  • Tomb of Sheikh Bahai


Sightseeing places near the shrine of Imam Reza:

Pirpalandoz Tomb: Southeast of Imam Reza Holy Shrine, between Tabarsi Street and Nawab Safavi Street

Reza Bazaar, Mashhad: Beit Al-Maqdis Square (Falake Ab)

Darogheh Historical House: Nawab Safavi Street, Sharistan Razavi, Hoz Mesgaran Row, Darogheh Alley

Naderi Museum Garden: Shirazi Street, Shohada Crossroads, Nader Shah Afshar Mausoleum


The best time to travel to Mashhad

The best time to travel to Mashhad is spring. In April and May, the weather in Mashhad is great and pleasant, and walking in the streets of the city is very pleasant. The city of Mashhad is more crowded in spring and summer than in other seasons. So, if you are not too tired of the traffic and bustle of the city and want to visit the shrine of Imam Reza peacefully, these seasons are the best time for you to travel.


Travel to Mashhad in Ramadan

If you travel to Mashhad during the holy month of Ramadan and are a little lucky, you can be a guest of Imam Reza’s shrine for breaking fast (Iftar). Usually, in the holy month of Ramadan, in addition to the breaking fast (Iftar) program, special programs for fasting pilgrims are held in the Holy Shrine. Visiting the shrine of the Imam reza in the month of Ramadan is very exciting.

When traveling to Mashhad, you can make a reservation through the link to prepare food for Imam Reza.

The best hotels in Mashhad to stay:

Introducing the best hotel in Mashhad is really not an easy task, important factors influence the introduction of the best hotels in Mashhad.

The following hotels are better to other hotels in terms of geographical location, facilities, services, economic value and positive opinions of travelers.


Range of hotels Hotels and hotel apartments Public transportation Hospitals and medical centers The entrance to the shrine
The best hotels in Mashhad, Imam Reza St Darvishi luxury hotel BRT bus and metro Sina Hospital – Musa Ibn Jafar and Emdadi Hospital Bab Al-Reza (Imam Reza Street)

Bab al-Jawad (Khosravi No Street (

The best hotels in Mashhad, Imam Reza St Rose Darvishi Hotel BRT bus and metro Sina Hospital – Musa Ibn Jafar and Emdadi Hospital Bab Al-Reza (Imam Reza Street)

Bab al-Jawad (Khosravi No Street (

In general, these hotels are among the best hotels in Mashhad and you can have an unforgettable memory by staying in this hotel.

Mashhad hotels for accommodation

Mashhad eco-tourist residences

Eco lodges in Mashhad are good options for spending free time in nature and getting to know the traditional lifestyle.These residences are mostly located in areas away from urban noise and local structures. In these residences, travelers can get inducted with rural life, stay in a calm and natural environment, and benefit from the culture and life of local people.


10 Ecotourism resorts around Mashhad:

  •  Suleiman Manor eco-residence
  • Kong Kohn Ecological Residence
  • Father’s house ecotourism residence
  • Chenaristan Ecological Residence
  • Khalou Isa ecotourism residence
  • Majan eco-residence
  • Green house eco-residence
  • Golestan Adib ecotourism residence
  • Verjavand Ecotourism Residence
  • Zak Khoro ecotourism residence

The price of staying in these accommodations usually depends on the facilities, geographical location and travel season.

 Tourist attractions of Mashhad

Mashhad, as one of the tourist destinations in Iran, has many tourist attractions that are visited by millions of tourists and pilgrims in that city every year.

These attractions are very different in terms of history, architecture, religion and nature.

We have collected some tourist attractions in and around Mashhad for you.

attraction type The name of the attraction Attraction address Access from the map
landscapes Shandiz 30 kilometers northwest of Mashhad Shandiz
landscapes Torghabe 30 kilometers northwest of Mashhad Torghabe
landscapes Dareh Haft Ghar (Seven Caves Valley) 13 km northeast of Neishabur Dareh Haft Ghar (Seven Caves Valley)
landscapes Screaming forest Torgaba, Sarborj village Screaming forest
landscapes Tandoora National Park 78 km northeast of Qochan Tandoora National Park
landscapes Binaloud 70 km north of Neishabur city Binaloud
historical Tomb of Nader Shah Shirazi Street, Shohada Crossroads Tomb of Nader Shah
historical National Garden Mashhad, Imam Khomeini Boulevard, Eastern Golestan National Garden
historical Astan Quds Museum Mashhad, Motahar Razavi shrine, Kausar courtyard, east side Astan Quds Museum
historical Darogh’s house Martyr Nawab Safavi, Nawab Safavi 2 Darogh’s house
historical Malek house Mashhad, Imam Khomeini Boulevard, between Imam Khomeini 32 and Pasdaran Malek house
Recreational scenery Rigzar boshroyeh Ferdous Beshroi Road Rigzar boshroyeh
Recreational scenery Khurshid Park Kohsar, Mahestan Park Khurshid Khurshid Park
Recreational scenery Mashhad Nation Park Mashhad, Vakil Abad Boulevard, Imamat Boulevard Mashhad Nation Park
Recreational scenery Bostan Qadir Mashhad, Shahid Kalantari highway, between Abuzar and Seidi Bostan Qadir
Recreational scenery Land Water Wave Mashhad, Imam Ali Highway, Andisheh Boulevard, Andisheh corner 81 Land Water Wave
pilgrimage The shrine of Imam Reza Mashhad Imam Reza shrine The shrine of Imam Reza

Some of these attractions, such as the aqueduct of ghasabeh Shahr Gonabad and Balade Aqueduct of Ferdous Shahr, also exist as registered world heritage in Khorasan province.

Sightseeing places in Mashhad

 Handicrafts of Mashhad

Mashhad, as one of the important cities of Iran, has different and rich handicrafts that represent the culture and art of the people of this region.

Some of these industries are: carpet weaving, turquoise carving, leather embroidery, felting, stone carving.


The best shopping centers in Mashhad

Mashhad, as one of the big cities of Iran, has many shopping centers that offer a variety of goods and products to customers. Some of these centers have a long history and texture, but others are luxury and large centers.

Below we mention some of them

  • Reza market in Mashhad
  • Zistkhavar, Mashhad
  • Goharshad Bazaar, Mashhad
  • Proma Mashhad
  • hyperemi
  • Wasal complex
  • East diamand

Let’s get to know Mashhad shopping centers more

Souvenirs of Mashhad

Mashhad souvenirs include a collection of local and original products, which are considered as souvenirs of this holy and beautiful city. Some of these souvenirs are handmade by artists and some are edible.

 The best souvenirs of Mashhad

The best restaurants in Mashhad

Selecting good and healthy restaurants and providing food during the trip to Mashhad is one of the most essential points of the trip.

Mashhad is a city that hosts many pilgrims and tourists throughout the year. This city is known as a religious pilgrimage center, but at the same time, it has very good restaurants that meet all the tastes and food needs of the people.

You can access all Iranian dishes and even restaurants that serve Lebanese, Afghani, Italian, etc. dishes.


List of Mashhad restaurants with address

 Mashhad’s famous dishes

Mashhad cuisine is very diffrent, most of these dishes are made with mutton. We suggest that you definitely try the traditional dishes of this city during your trip to Mashhad.

  • Shishlik
  • Ash Lakhshak
  • Sholle Mashhad
  • Halim Adas Khorasani
  • sateri polu


Mashhad cinemas

If you are interested in watching movies and animations, there are many cinemas in Mashhad where you can have good and fun moments with your friends and families.

  • Mashhad Africa Cinema
  • Mashhad Hoizeh Cinema pardis
  • Mashhad peyrozi Cinema
  • Quds cinema of Mashhad
  • Mashhad Simorgh cinema

They are one of the most famous cinemas in Mashhad.


Mashhad hospitals

Hospitals and medical centers in Mashhad are one of the main and most vital parts of this city for residents and pilgrims who travel to Mashhad metropolis, and some of them are also considered important reasons for travelers to visit this city. Because of having professional specialists and advanced medical equipment, they are known as famous and prominent hospitals in all of Iran for performing surgical and therapeutic services.

  • Razavi Hospital of Mashhad
  • Imam Reza Hospital, Mashhad
  • Mehr Mashhad Hospital
  • Ghaem Mashhad Hospital
  • Taleghani Hospital, Mashhad
  • Akbar Children’s Specialized Hospital

They are one of the most famous hospitals in Mashhad.


List of Mashhad hospitals with address

Transportation in Mashhad

One of the most important issues that you should pay attention to before your trip is the transportation methods at your destination. Transportation methods in Mashhad city are of special importance for the easy movement of tourists and city residents.

  • Intra-city and inter-city buses
  • Linear and internet public taxis
  • Mashhad metro
  • Car rental centers

They are one of the most important methods of transportation in Mashhad.


Mashhad metro

Mashhad metro is one of the fastest and cheapest methods of transportation in Mashhad, by using the metro you can save your time and reach your destination without wasting time.


Metro line 1 Metro line 2 Metro line 3 Metro line 4 Hours of work Metro ticket price

Waiting time

From Vakil Abad to Ghadir

From Tabarsi to Kaveh From Abozar to Elahiyeh From Khaje rabi to Bahonar 6 am to 10 pm 1,200 tomans

About 5 minutes


Everything about Mashhad Metro

Consulates in Mashhad

The consulates of each country are diplomatic offices of that country in Mashhad, which are used by citizens and travelers to respond to administrative, immigration, and educational requests. In these centers, matters related to issuing and validating documents, issuing visas, passports and other immigration services, legal advice and judicial affairs, business and commercial advice and other services are provided.

  • Consulate of Afghanistan in Mashhad
  • Consulate of the Republic of Pakistan in Mashhad
  • Consulate of the Republic of Iraq in Mashhad
  • Consulate of Turkmenistan in Mashhad

The complete list of consulates in Mashhad with addresses and contact numbers


Mashhad Hasheminejad Airport

Mashhad Hasheminejad Airport is one of the most important airports in Iran and is located in the holy city of Mashhad. This airport is known by the international name of Mashhad and provides flight and travel services to domestic and international destinations. In this airport, domestic and international flights are carried out and connect to the inner cities of Iran, Persian Gulf countries, the Middle East and some European countries. A number of reputable domestic and international airlines operate in this airport. Mashhad Hasheminejad Airport has facilities such as a well-equipped passenger terminal, restaurants, shops, currency exchange offices, security services and parking. Also, facilities such as wireless internet, rest areas and medical facilities are also provided at the airport.

Learn more about Mashhad Airport


List of essential telephone numbers in Mashhad

The most important contact numbers you may need when traveling to Mashhad are as follows:


List of essential telephone numbers in Mashhad

Mashhad telephone code


Imam Reza shrine information


Airport information


Sepehran Airlines in Mashhad


Darvishi luxury hotel in Mashhad




Wireless taxi


Mashhad railway information


Mashhad emergency room


Counselor’s voice


Electrical incidents



last word

In this article, we tried to provide you with complete information about the trip to Mashhad, so that if you travel to this city, you can plan your trip with more and easier information and the pleasure of the trip will double for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where should we go on a trip to Mashhad?

You can use Mashhad’s holiday areas such as Targbeh and Shandiz and other sightseeing and pilgrimage places for recreation and pilgrimage.

What should we eat on a trip to Mashhad?

You can enjoy Mashhad’s traditional dishes such as Shale Mashhad, Halim Ades Khorasani, etc. or visit the restaurants mentioned above.

Where should we stay when traveling to Mashhad?

Darvishi Rose Hotel and Dervish Luxury Hotel are ready to welcome pilgrims

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