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Tbilisi Travel Guide

In the Tbilisi Travel Guide, known as the cultural heart of Georgia, you will encounter a rich heritage of history, art, and architecture. The city presents a vivid image of its ancient past with narrow streets and old houses adorned with beautiful balconies. Visiting museums and art galleries, exploring traditional markets, and indulging in delicious local cuisine are all part of the unforgettable experience of traveling to this dreamy city. In Tbilisi, every corner has a story to tell, from ancient hot sulfur baths to historic churches and bustling, vibrant streets that captivate every visitor.

In the travel guide to Tbilisi, we will provide you with comprehensive information about traveling to this city, so stay tuned with Sepehran Blog.

Introduction to Tbilisi | Capital of Georgia

Due to its unique geographical location, this city is known as the “Warm City,” thanks to its heritage of warm mineral waters and traditional baths dating back to ancient Roman times. The culture and art of Tbilisi, with its museums, galleries, and theaters, each telling a story, constitute a significant part of the charm of this city.

Tbilisi is also famous for its hospitality and delicious cuisine. The city’s restaurants and cafes offer a variety of traditional Georgian dishes that delight everyone. Khachapuri bread, a traditional and famous Georgian dish.

In the end, Tbilisi is a city that seamlessly blends history and modernity, catering to every taste of tourists interested in history and culture, as well as nature enthusiasts seeking a unique experience.

History of Tbilisi

History of Tbilisi in Tbilisi Travel Guide
History of Tbilisi

Tbilisi is one of the beautiful cities of Georgia, renowned for its hot springs. This city is located in the central eastern part of Georgia, and various myths surround its history. One of the most famous myths is related to the reign of “Vakhtang Gorgasali.”

The tale begins when Vakhtang, along with his courtiers, goes hunting. During this time, a falcon belonging to the king suddenly starts chasing a pheasant. The entourage follows the falcon and arrives at a hot spring. In fact, no one up to that day was aware of the existence of this spring and the surrounding ones. This discovery heightened the excitement of the king and his entourage. Therefore, he ordered the construction of a city next to these springs and named it Tbilisi, meaning ‘warm’ in Georgian. This name is recognized in Persian as “Teflis.” Despite Tbilisi undergoing more than 29 demolitions and reconstructions, its historical structure has remained intact and well-preserved.


Essential Facts about Tbilisi

In the following, we will present essential facts that you may need during your trip to this city.

Essential Information about Tbilisi

Visa for Tbilisi

Traveling to Tbilisi does not require a visa.

Currency in Tbilisi

Georgian Lari (GEL)

Time Difference with Iran

30 minutes

Official Language




Georgia Telephone Code


Tbilisi Telephone Code


Emergency Numbers (Police, Fire, Ambulance)


The best time to travel to Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

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The best time to travel to Tbilisi varies depending on what you expect from your trip, but generally, there are two ideal time frames for visiting this city:

  1. Spring (April to June):

Weather: Spring is one of the best times to visit Tbilisi. The weather during this season is mild and pleasant, with average temperatures fluctuating between 15 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Activities: This time is suitable for exploring the city, visiting historical attractions, and enjoying the natural surroundings. Additionally, many cultural and artistic festivals take place during this period.

  1. Autumn (September to early November):

Weather: Autumn is also a good time to visit Tbilisi. The weather is cooler than summer, and the autumn colors of the trees add a beautiful touch to the city.

Activities: This season is ideal for experiencing food festivals and visiting vineyards. Other notes:

Summer (July and August): While Tbilisi experiences warm and dry weather in the summer, it may be suitable for some tourists seeking hotter temperatures. However, it’s important to note that the temperature in the city can sometimes reach up to 42 degrees Celsius during this season.

Winter (December to February): Winters are cold, and occasionally snowy. However, for those who enjoy experiencing Tbilisi in a winter setting, it can be appealing.

Ultimately, choosing the best time to travel to Tbilisi depends on personal preferences, tolerance for weather conditions, and the type of activities you wish to engage in during your visit.

Ways to travel to Tbilisi

Ways to travel to Tbilisi
Ways to travel to Tbilisi

Traveling to Tbilisi can be done through various methods, including air, land, and rail travel. Here are details for each:

1. Air Travel to Tbilisi:
    • Tbilisi International Airport: This airport is the main gateway for entering Georgia. Most international flights arrive at this airport, which opened in 2007 and has been serving various flights since then. Located 17 kilometers southeast of Tbilisi, it takes approximately 40 to 60 minutes to reach the city. The airport provides various services, including rest areas, ATMs, and free Wi-Fi for the comfort of travelers. Tbilisi Airport has a terminal for both domestic and international flights.

Currently, FlySepehran operates flights from Tehran to Tbilisi.

2. Land Travel:
    • Bus: Bus services from neighboring countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey to Tbilisi are available. This option is cost-effective but may take some time. It’s important to note that there is no direct land border crossing between Iran and Georgia. Travelers must go through Turkey, Armenia, or Azerbaijan to reach Georgia.
    • Personal or Rental Car: Travelers can journey to Tbilisi using a personal or rental car from neighboring countries. This method provides more flexibility. Before traveling, familiarize yourself with traffic regulations in Georgia and transit countries. Checking border crossing regulations and car insurance is essential. Safety during the car journey is crucial. Ensure your vehicle is ready for long trips and carry all necessary safety equipment. Careful route planning and identifying rest and refueling locations are important. Additionally, checking weather and traffic conditions before departure is recommended.
Important Points:
  • Visa: Checking visa conditions before travel is crucial. Some nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport, while others need to obtain a visa before traveling.
  • Travel Time: The travel time to Tbilisi will vary depending on the chosen method. Air travel is the quickest, while land and rail travel may take more time.

In conclusion, choosing the best method for traveling to Tbilisi depends on your budget, available time, and personal preferences.

Transportation in Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

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Tbilisi has a diverse public transportation system, including metro, buses, minibusses (marshrutkas), taxis, and a bike-sharing system.

1.Metro in Tbilisi:

The metro system in Tbilisi has two main lines and is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to navigate the city. Metro stations are located at key points in the city, and the interval between trains is usually less than 5 minutes.

2. Buses in Tbilisi:

City buses in Tbilisi cover various routes, providing a convenient option to reach areas not covered by the metro. These buses often have electronic announcement systems displaying route information. The bus fare in the city is usually one lari (approximately 35 to 40 cents). Buses are available in yellow and blue colors.

3. Minibusses (Marshrutkas) in Tbilisi:

These small minibusses, known as marshrutkas, serve throughout the city and even to the outskirts of Tbilisi. They are more flexible than regular buses and cover multiple routes.

4. Taxis in Tbilisi:

Taxis are readily available in Tbilisi and are one of the most comfortable ways to move around the city, especially at night or when carrying heavy loads. So, taxis can be hailed on the streets or reserved through mobile applications like Taxify,, and Maxim. It’s advisable to negotiate the fare with the driver before starting the trip, as taxis do not have meters, and additional charges may apply.

5. Bike-Sharing System in Tbilisi:

Tbilisi also has a bike-sharing system allowing residents and tourists to rent bicycles for a short period. This option is suitable for exploring areas of the city with bike paths.

To use these transportation systems, you can use rechargeable metro cards (MetroMoney) applicable for metro, bus, and marshrutka trips. Additionally, apps like Tbilisi Transport Company and Google Maps are very useful for trip planning and finding optimal routes.

Buying a SIM card in Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Buying a SIM card in Tbilisi
Buying a SIM card in Tbilisi

One of the first steps it is advisable to consider when traveling to this city is buying a SIM card. Because for using the internet, establishing communication, as well as booking taxis and using Google Maps, you definitely need a SIM card.

To buy a SIM card in this city, you should follow the steps below:

In Tbilisi, there are several major mobile operators.

SIM cards can be purchased from official operator stores, various shops in the city, and also at the airport.

To buy a SIM card, providing a valid identification document such as a passport is usually necessary.

Mobile operators offer various packages for data, calls, and text messages that can be suitable for different needs.

Prices and plans vary, and it is advisable to compare available options before making a purchase.

Tbilisi tourist attractions | Tbilisi Travel Guide

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Tbilisi, a hidden treasure in the heart of the Caucasus, is a place where past and present have beautifully intertwined. This ancient city, renowned for its hot springs, serves as a crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures. With its unique architecture, narrow streets, and art exhibitions, Tbilisi invites visitors on a journey through time.

From historical fortresses to modern museums, Tbilisi offers a collection of cultural and historical experiences that captivate every tourist. In this city, every step brings you closer to a new story of the rich history and culture of this region, where each building, square, and historical structure has a tale to tell.

Museums of Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Museums of TbilisiTravel Guide
Museums of TbilisiTravel Guide

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, hosts an array of extraordinary museums, each showcasing different aspects of history, culture, art, and sciences. These museums provide visitors with an opportunity to become acquainted with Georgia rich and diverse heritage. Here are details about a few prominent museums in Tbilisi:

1.Museum of Ethnography:

The Museum of Ethnography in Tbilisi stands out as a unique and captivating exhibition that delves into the life and culture of the Georgian people. Situated in an open space, the museum comprises a collection of traditional houses and structures gathered from various regions of Georgia. Positioned in one of Tbilisi’s beautiful and natural areas, the museum offers a chance to experience the history and culture of Georgia in a serene and pleasant environment.

Museum Details:

The museum includes over 70 traditional buildings and thousands of artifacts depicting the lives of rural inhabitants, farmers, and citizens of Georgia in the past. These structures encompass residential houses, public buildings, churches, and even windmills. The museum focuses on preserving and displaying various national cultures of Georgia, including traditional clothing, agricultural tools, household items, and handicrafts. Various cultural events are held at this museum, including art exhibitions, music festivals, and educational workshops, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of Georgian culture.

This museum provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and diverse traditions of Georgia. It is particularly valuable for those seeking a better understanding of the region’s history and culture. The Museum of Ethnography, represented by Giorgi Chitaia, stands as a prominent example of Georgia’s efforts to preserve its cultural heritage, and visiting it is highly recommended for any tourist interested in a deeper understanding of the country.

Address of the Museum of Ethnography Tbilisi: Turtle Lake Road, Tbilisi, Georgia

Contact Number of the Museum of Ethnography Tbilisi: 00995322729045


Georgia National Museum | Tbilisi Numismatic Museum

Tbilisi Numismatic Museum
Tbilisi Numismatic Museum

It’s important to know that the Tbilisi Numismatics Museum, part of the National Museum of Georgia, is a unique destination for enthusiasts of coin and currency history. This museum provides visitors with the opportunity to become acquainted with the history of money and coins in Georgia and the Caucasus region. Here are some key points about this museum:

Details of the Tbilisi Numismatics Museum:

This museum boasts an extensive collection of coins that showcase the economic and monetary history of the region from ancient times to the present day. The displayed coins span various historical periods, including ancient, medieval, and modern eras. These collections reflect the cultural and political influences on coin minting in the region.

The museum offers learning opportunities for students and researchers, recognized as a significant research source in the field of numismatics. Occasionally, temporary exhibitions are held, focusing on specific topics related to numismatics and the history of money.

Visiting this museum provides an exceptional opportunity to witness this crucial aspect of Georgia’s history and culture. It allows visitors to explore one of the lesser-known but highly important facets of the region’s history.

Address of the Tbilisi Numismatics Museum: Rustaveli Avenue (Location on the map)


Tbilisi Foods | Tbilisi Travel Guide

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Tbilisi, the capital, is the center of one of the richest and tastiest cuisines in the Caucasus region. Georgian cuisine is a blend of flavors and diverse cooking techniques that have incorporated various cultural influences. Here we mention a few famous Georgian dishes that you can try in Tbilisi:

Khachapuri: Bread filled with cheese, one of the most famous and delicious Georgian foods. This dish is served in various types, including Adjarian (filled with cheese and egg), and is very popular.

Khinkali: Doughy pouches filled with meat and spices, usually eaten by hand and a favorite among locals and tourists.
Tolma: Another famous Georgian dish, Tolma, is our own stuffed grape leaves with slight changes in the recipe.

Chakapuli: Lamb stew with garlic, fresh herbs, and pickles, a fragrant and tasty dish known as Chakapuli.

Lobio: Bean stew with vegetables and fragrant spices, served both as a main dish and a side dish.

Mtsvadi: Grilled meat skewers often served with grilled vegetables, suitable for those who love kebabs.

Buglama: This dish is prepared with lamb or beef. The meat is salted and then sun-dried, prepared in a special way.

Satsivi: This dish holds special importance among Georgians. They usually prepare Satsivi in early winter and on New Year’s Eve, made with chicken or turkey and served with a special sauce, very delicious.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of Georgian dishes you can try in Tbilisi. Each of these dishes tells a story of the culture and culinary traditions of this region.


Best Restaurants in Tbilisi |Tbilisi Travel Guide

Best Restaurants in Tbilisi
Best Restaurants in Tbilisi

When you step into the streets of Tbilisi, the delightful aroma of Georgian cuisine captivates you. The city’s restaurants, each reflecting the rich history and diverse culture of Georgia, are magical places for exploring traditional cooking and modern innovations. With the growth of tourism in the last 5 years, Tbilisi restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, from local specialties like Khachapuri and Lobio to modern interpretations of international cuisines, attracting every palate.

The city, with its historical architecture and charming ambiance, provides a unique setting for culinary experiences that invite every traveler on a memorable journey through a world of flavors and colors. 

Best Restaurants in Tbilisi

 Restaurant Name Phone number Address

Location on the map

Shavi Lomi

995322960956+ Qvlividze st. Tbilisi

Shavi Lomi


995322477776+ 1 Abo Tbileli St, Tbilisi 0155, Georgia


Schuchmann Wines Chateau

995322050807+ 8 Sioni St., near Sioni Church, museum building, ground floor

Schuchmann Wines Chateau


995595117787+ pasanuri, Chabarukhi, Georgia



Lisi Lake, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia


Best Shopping Centers in Tbilisi | Travel Guide to Tbilisi

Best Shopping Centers
Best Shopping Centers

The shopping centers in Tbilisi, ranging from local and traditional markets to modern stores, are quite attractive. These shopping centers not only provide tourists with the opportunity to purchase a variety of goods and local souvenirs but also offer an unforgettable experience of the culture and local life. In these centers, you can enjoy shopping and strolling in the historical city of Tbilisi, experiencing the diversity of architecture and commercial spaces.

Best Shopping Center in Tbilisi

Shopping Center Name Phone number Address

Location on the map

Galleria Tbilisi

995322500040+ MQVX+RX Tbilisi, Georgia

Galleria Tbilisi

Cool Club

995322505556+ RQ8F+P2 Tbilisi, Georgia

Cool Club

Lee & Wrangler 995322930007+ 2 AleKsandre Tvalchrelidze St, Tbilisi 0182, Georgia Lee & Wrangler
Lilo MVRF+6X Tbilisi, Georgia Lilo
Dry Bridge Market 995555696896+ PR23+96X, Tbilisi, Georgia Dry Bridge Market

Best Hotels in Tbilisi | Travel Guide to Tbilisi

Best Hotels in Tbilisi
Best Hotels in Tbilisi

The hotels in Tbilisi offer a diverse, attractive, and modern space for tourists. The architecture of the hotels is sometimes unique and beautiful, with some even utilizing renovated old factories from the Soviet era as their buildings. This transformation from past factories to modern and luxurious hotels or even budget hostels has made Tbilisi a destination with varied facilities for every taste. By choosing a hotel based on your personal preferences and budget, you will experience a unique and memorable stay.

If your trip to Tbilisi is short and limited, it is better to prioritize exploring the city and enjoying the local foods in restaurants and cafes. In this case, choosing a hotel in the city center or near Tbilisi’s historical areas allows you easy access to tourist attractions and enjoy the city’s activities. 

Best Hotels in Tbilisi

Hotel Name Phone number Address Location on the map

Hotel London Palace

995577511599+ 57 Ketevan Dedofali Ave, Tbilisi, Georgia

Hotel London Palace

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel

995322402200+ 1 Rose Revolution Square, T’bilisi 0108, Georgia

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel

Shota Rustaveli Boutique Hotel

995322192021+ Mtatsminda, Tbilisi, Georgia

Shota Rustaveli Boutique Hotel

Rooms Tbilisi

995322020099+ 14 Merab Kostava Street T’bilisi, 14 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia

Rooms Tbilisi

Holiday Inn Tbilisi

995322300099+  1 Twentysix May Square, Tbilisi 0171, Georgia

Holiday Inn Tbilisi

River Side Hotel

995322242244+ Right Bank and Mari Brosse Turn, Mari Brose Street, T’bilisi 0108, Georgia

River Side Hotel

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Tbilisi?
As a four-season city, Tbilisi is attractive in all seasons. Spring and autumn are considered the best times to visit due to their mild and beautiful weather. Winter also offers a great opportunity to see snowy landscapes and experience winter activities
Can you name the best shopping centers in Tbilisi?
Galleria Tbilisi, Cool Club, Lee & Wrangler , Lilo ,Dry Bridge Market.
What are the famous hotels in Tbilisi?
Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, London Palace,Shota Rustaveli Boutique Hotel,Rooms Tbilisi,Holiday Inn Tbilisi,River Side Hotel
Can you name the best restaurants in Tbilisi?
Shavi Lomi, Purpur, Schuchmann Wines Chateau, Pasanauri, Amra
What are the best foods in Tbilisi?
Khachapuri, Khinkali, Tolma, Chakapuli, Lobio, Mtsvadi, Buglama, Satsivi.



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