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Athens Airport

Athens airport is a gateway to a different and mysterious world, marking the beginning of amazing adventures mixed with love and excitement. Every airport serves as a portal to a new and unknown world, a haven of uncharted wonders and hidden beauties, beckoning travelers to embark on a journey of comfort, surprises, and discovery. One of the international airports that brings this experience is “El. Venizelos” in Athens. It serves as a captivating starting point for a trip to this ancient land, renowned for its rich history and profound culture. The airport not only acts as a gateway to an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure but also a starting point for exploring all the beauties and attractions of Greece with its ancient and diverse history and culture. To acquaint yourself with Athens airport, join Sepehran’s blog for invaluable tips that will transform your journey to this mythical land into a pure and enjoyable experience.

Introducing Athens Airport

Athens International Airport, officially known as “El. Venizelos” and abbreviated as AIA, is considered one of the largest and most renowned airports in Greece. This city is listed among the busiest airports in Europe and offers various and diverse flight routes. El. Venizelos Airport was opened in 2001 and replaced the old Ellinikon International Airport. The name of this airport is derived from a prominent Greek statesman and former prime minister who had a significant influence on modern Greek history. Its construction took place in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games. In fact, the new airport was designed to meet the increased passenger demands. However, since then, passenger traffic has continued to increase. As a result, today, millions of passengers fly to ATH Airport during the peak tourist season (summer months). In fact, in 2022, Athens Airport welcomed more than 22.7 million tourists. The Greek airport offers a wide range of amenities and efficient services to passengers. In addition to the expected services, El. Venizelos has many cultural attractions. Therefore, this location hosts the Acropolis Museum, a small but captivating museum with exhibitions found in the adjacent area during the construction of the airport.

History of Athens International Airport

Athens is one of the airports that was initiated as part of the Greek airport development program and as an international project. In 1997, when Athens was chosen to host the 2004 Olympic Games, the construction of the new airport began quickly. This project, which incurred significant costs, was completed after 51 weeks of hard work in March 2001, and Athens Airport was officially inaugurated with all its facilities. The Athens Airport quickly became a popular destination for many travelers and transformed into one of the busiest airports in the southeastern Europe region. In 2002, the airport served more than 12 million passengers and achieved various awards. In 2011, an A380 aircraft made an emergency landing at Athens Airport for the first time. In 2016, Athens Airport secured the 28th position as the busiest airport in Europe.

Geographical Location of Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport is located approximately 33 kilometers (20.5 miles) from the city center of Athens, in the Spata area. This airport is situated in the southeastern part of Greece. It is close to the town of Spata and is considered one of the major airports in the country of Greece. The airport is mostly known by the name Eleftherios Venizelos.

Location of Athens Airport

Essential Airport Information

Map of Athens airport
Airport Name Athens International Airport
Location Spata, Athens, Greece
Time Zone UTC+3

Athens International Airport


Athens airport’s terminals

Athens International Airport has two terminals: the Main Terminal and the Satellite Terminal. These two terminals are connected through an underground link.
1. Main Terminal: The Main Terminal is a three-floor building. The first floor is dedicated to cafes, restaurants, and a food court. The second and third floors are used for arrivals and departures, particularly for international passengers. The Main Terminal has two halls, named Hall A and Hall B. Hall A is used for flights from non-European Union (non-Schengen) countries, while Hall B is used for domestic flights and flights from Schengen Area countries. This division helps streamline the travel process and flights more efficiently.
2. Satellite Terminal: The Satellite Terminal is a separate terminal consisting of two floors. The first floor is for arrivals, and the second floor is for departures. This terminal is mainly used for domestic and international flights directly connected to the Main Terminal. Overall, Athens International Airport’s terminals provide passengers with suitable amenities, logical organization, and effective communication between different components, allowing them to travel in the best possible way.
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How to get to Athens International Airport

Access to Athens International Airport is a crucial step in planning air travel to Greece. This airport is one of the main and busiest airports in the country, providing various facilities for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Below are some ways to access this airport:

  1. Public Transportation: Athens International Airport is accessible via the city’s public transportation network, including city buses, metro, and taxis. City buses offer different routes to the airport, and the Athens metro has a direct route from the central station to the airport. Taxis are also available for easy access to the airport.
  2. Special Services: In addition to public and private transportation, Athens Airport offers special services such as car rental services, private taxi services, and special assistance services for passengers with specific needs. With these options, passengers can easily access Athens International Airport and start their journeys with ease by choosing the best method according to their needs.

Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport facilities

Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport is one of the largest airports in Greece and provides various facilities for passengers. Some of its important amenities include:

International Airport Hub: Athens Airport serves as an international air hub, connecting with cities and countries worldwide.

Domestic and International Flights: The airport offers both domestic and international flights to various destinations.

Service Facilities: The airport provides various services, including hospitality services, passenger reception, special services for passengers with specific needs, and nursing services.

Parking: There are multiple parking facilities available at the airport, allowing passengers to park their vehicles with peace of mind.

Transit and Terminals: Athens Airport has multiple terminals that facilitate passenger transit between flights and provide related services.

Medical Centers: Medical centers are available at the airport to provide emergency and healthcare services.

Shops and Restaurants: The airport features various shops and restaurants, offering passengers the opportunity to shop and enjoy a variety of food and beverages.

Waiting Rooms and Special Services: Passengers can utilize waiting rooms and other special services provided at Athens Airport.

These are just a few examples of the amenities and services offered at Athens Airport. As a vital air transportation hub in the region, the airport places special importance on providing better and more comfortable services for passengers

Athens Airport parking

Parking at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport is available in various types, as described below:

Terminal Parking: Eleftherios Venizelos Airport has different parking areas located close to the terminal building, providing easy access to the flight terminals for passengers.

Parking Capacity: The airport has a large parking capacity to accommodate the demand for vehicles.

Parking Fees: The parking fees at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport may vary based on the duration of parking and the type of vehicle. Passengers can refer to the parking tariff table available on the official airport website for details.

Facilities and Services: The airport parking areas generally have facilities such as proper lighting, security cameras, electronic payment systems, and 24-hour security services.

Special Services: Some parking areas may offer special services such as free shuttle buses or vans from the parking area to the terminal.

Passengers need to obtain accurate information about parking from the official airport website or by contacting airport authorities before traveling to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. This will ensure that they are aware of the parking facilities and conditions and can make the best use of the available amenities.

Hotels near Athens Airport

Athens Airport
hotels near Athens Airport

Various hotels near Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport offer a range of services and amenities, providing an amazing stay for travelers. These hotels typically feature comfortable and modern rooms, restaurants, sports facilities, and special services for guests. Here are some of the hotels:


Hotel’s name Website Phone number Location on the map
Peri’s Hotel 302294083763 Peri’s Hotel
Hotel Pantheon 302299063040 Hotel Pantheon
Aquis Mare Nostrum Hotel Thalasso Aquis Mare Nostrum Hotel Thalasso
Seaview Hotel +302108947681 Seaview Hotel
Cabo Verde Hotel +302294033111 Cabo Verde Hotel
Hotel Avra Rafina +302294022780 Hotel Avra Rafina


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Restaurants near Athens airport

Near Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, there are many restaurants and cafes with different types of food and diverse spaces where travelers can experience local and international cuisine. Here are descriptions of some popular restaurants near Athens Airport:


Restaurant’s Name Website Phone number Location on the map
Balcony Restaurant & Bar +302114118437 Balcony Restaurant & Bar
Peri Anemon +302286092501 Peri Anemon
Olive Garden +302103326000 Olive Garden
Hellas Restaurant +302244048316 Hellas Restaurant
Coffee Island +302103256416 Coffee Island
Karavi +30 21 0354 4000 Karavi


Required documents for Iranians when traveling to Greece

To travel to Athens, a large and busy city in Greece, Iranians need some documents and procedures. Below, we review the documents required for traveling to Athens for Iranians:

Visa: Iranians need a visa to enter Greece and travel to Athens unless they are from countries that have visa agreements with Greece (such as EU member states). For more detailed information about visas, visit the Greek embassy or consulate in Iran.

Passports: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Greece. It is also important to have blank pages in the passport for entry and exit stamps.

Plane ticket: A round-trip plane ticket is required to travel to Athens. Make sure the ticket information including your name and personal information is correct.

Travel insurance: Travel insurance can be important for Iranian travelers when traveling to Athens and Greece. This insurance can include various medical coverage.

Hotel Reservation: When entering Greece, border authorities may often require you to prove that you have a valid place of accommodation in the country. Therefore, it is advisable to make a reservation at a reputable hotel or accommodation before your trip and ensure that your reservation is confirmed.

Financial Responsibility: You may need to provide documents related to financial responsibility to demonstrate that you are capable of covering your expenses during the trip. This may include bank statements, pay slips, or other documents that indicate your income and financial resources.


It is recommended to contact the Greek embassy or consulate in Iran before your trip to obtain more accurate information regarding the required documents and any changes in visa and immigration regulations.


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Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Greece, offering a wide range of features and amenities for travelers. Here is an overview of these facilities:

Passenger Terminals: The airport has modern and spacious passenger terminals that provide passengers with comfort amenities and advanced facilities.

Arrival and Departure Services: The airport offers comprehensive arrival and departure services, including check-in and security checks, customs, immigration, and passport services.

Parking and Transportation Connections: The airport has large and secure parking facilities for private vehicles. Additionally, public transportation connections, including metro, buses, and taxis, are available at the airport

Car Rental Centers: Car rental centers are available at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, allowing travelers to easily rent a car and reach their destination.

Restaurants and Cafes: Travelers can enjoy a variety of local and international cuisines and beverages at the various restaurants and cafes located within the airport.

Shops and Boutiques: There are numerous shopping facilities, including duty-free shops, gift shops, and souvenir stores, providing ample opportunities for travelers to make purchases while waiting for their flights or after their journey.

Information Display Boards: Throughout the airport, information display boards are installed, providing passengers with flight information, airport services, and travel-related information.

Internet Connectivity: The airport offers free Wi-Fi internet connectivity, allowing passengers to utilize these services for browsing or accessing travel-related information during their flight wait or travel planning.

Overall, Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for travelers with its extensive facilities and amenities.


In conclusion, Athens Airport is considered a gateway for entering Greece and the southeastern European region. With modern facilities, excellent services, and a superb geographical location, the airport allows travelers to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience in their journeys. With the advancement of technology and the additional services provided by Athens Airport, the travel experience to this beautiful and historic city has become exceptional. Overall, Athens Airport, with its abundant facilities and services, passenger safety and comfort, and strategic location, is one of the best options for entering and departing from Greece and a hub for international travel.


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Introduction to Athens Airport
Athens International Airport, officially named “Eleftherios Venizelos” and abbreviated as AIA, is considered one of the largest and most well-known airports in Greece.
Required documents for Iranians
visa, passport, airline ticket, travel insurance, hotel reservation, financial responsibility
Restaurants near Athens Airport
Balcony Restaurant & Bar-Peri Anemon-Olive Garden-Hellas Restaurant-Coffee Island-Karavi
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