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Rasht Airport

Airports, as vital nodes in the global transportation network, play an important role in international connectivity and economic development. Besides facilitating passenger traffic, these large and dynamic organizations are important hubs for transporting goods and commercial communications. Among them, Rasht Airport, as one of the key air transportation hubs in Iran, holds special significance.

Rasht Airport, located in Gilan province, is one of the most beautiful airports in northern Iran. With various advancements witnessed in recent years, this airport has become one of the key aviation hubs in the region. The development and enhancement of this airport, as part of the economic and tourism development plans in Gilan province, have brought significant economic and social justification.

In this article from the FlySepehran blog, we will explore the history, features, and impacts of Rasht Airport on the economy and tourism of the region. Additionally, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of this airport, as well as the challenges it may face.


History of Rasht Airport

Rasht Airport, officially known as “Sardar-e Jangal Airport,” is one of the significant air stations in northern Iran. Located in Gilan Province, it serves the local population and tourists of the region. Below, we will examine the history of the creation and development of this airport:

  1. Start of Activities: Rasht Airport began its operations in 1326 as a passenger and cargo airport. This airport was established as a government airport with general purposes at the beginning of its activities.
  2. Development and improvements: In the years after the start of operations, the responsible authorities and passengers noticed Rasht Airport and the need to develop and improve its infrastructure. These developments included expanding the runway and flight operations, enhancing lighting and safety equipment, and establishing passenger amenities.
  3. Name Change: In 1344, this airport was moved from Roudbar to its current location and was finally introduced as the first Rasht Airport in 1347.
  4. Tourism Boom: Over time and with further development of infrastructure, Rasht Airport has become more significant as the main gateway for the entry and exit of passengers to the Gilan region and surrounding cities, especially during the hot seasons when the number of tourists increases significantly.


Where is Rasht Airport located?

Geographically, Rasht Airport is situated approximately 15 kilometers south of Rasht city, near the beaches of the Caspian Sea, serving as a border hub between the northern and southern regions of Gilan Province. This location has made Rasht Airport highly significant in the air transportation of the region and even the country.

Furthermore, the airport provides air transportation services to other areas within Gilan Province and nearby areas.

Rasht Airport typically handles domestic flights to various destinations across Iran and international flights to some countries, facilitating tourism, commerce, and international communications in the region.


Address and details of Sardar-e Jangal Rasht Airport:



Rasht, Sardar-e Jangal Rasht International Airport

Postal code




Internal terminal contact number



public relations


Office of the Director General







Rasht Airport Essential Flight Information

Rasht Airport, also known as Sardar Jangal Airport, serves as a vital gateway to the northern region of Iran. In addition to domestic and international flights, this airport provides essential services to passengers. Travelers flying from Rasht can expect standard airport facilities, including check-in counters and security checkpoints. Furthermore, passengers should stay updated on their flight status through the airport’s information boards or online platforms to be informed of any potential changes or delays. Below, we will outline the essential flight information for Rasht Airport.

Airport Name Sardar Jangal Rasht International Airport
The owner of the Airport

Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company

Address Rasht to Anzali Road, Rasht International Airport
Terminals 2 terminals (1 for domestic flights and 1 for international flights)
Rasht Airport Website
Phone 01333729731
Call from Other Cities 01334888199
Flight information 199


Location of Rasht Airport On the Map

Arrival Flights at Sardar-e Jangal Airport, Rasht

The arrival flights at Rasht Airport, as one of the most important events in air transportation in Gilan Province and northern Iran, play a very important role in facilitating passenger traffic and contributing to the economic and touristic development of the region. With the expansion of the air transportation network and the increasing demand for domestic and international travel, there is a variety and abundance of arrival flights at Rasht Airport.

Due to this variety and abundance of incoming flights, Rasht Airport, as one of the most important air transportation centers in Iran and the northern region of the country, plays a very effective role in facilitating movement and communication between cities and countries.

  • Flights from Tehran to Rasht
  • Flights from Mashhad to Rasht
  • Flights from Shiraz to Rasht
  • Flights from Bandar Abbas to Rasht
  • Flights from Isfahan to Rasht
  • Flights from Kish to Rasht
  • Flights from Ahvaz to Rasht
  • Flights from Tabriz to Rasht
  • Flights from Ahwaz to Rasht


Departure Flights from Rasht Airport

Departure flights from Rasht Airport provide passengers with the opportunity to easily travel to their desired destinations both domestically and internationally, invest, recruit, and achieve their personal and business goals. These flights not only contribute to the development of tourism and trade in the region but also strengthen cultural and social connections, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences among nations.

  • Flights from Rasht to Tehran
  • Flights from Rasht to Mashhad
  • Flights from Rasht to Kish
  • Flights from Rasht to Shiraz
  • Flights from Rasht to Bandar Abbas
  • Flights from Rasht to Asaluyeh
  • Flights from Rasht to Tabriz
  • Flights from Rasht to Ahvaz
  • Flights from Rasht to Isfahan
Rasht Airport Terminal
Rasht Airport Terminal

Rasht Airport Terminal

In 1392, a passenger terminal with an area of 6,000 square meters became operational at this airport. This new terminal, built with modern design and suitable amenities, serves as the domestic terminal. Following the opening of the new terminal for domestic flights, the terminal for international flights at the airport was put into operation.

The international terminal is the same as the old terminal of Rasht Airport, which was built in 1347. This terminal underwent renovation and then was used for international flights. The VIP terminal is the airport’s ceremonial building, constructed in a 330 square meter area. At the VIP terminal, the arrival and departure processes for special passengers, government flights, and even exclusive commercial flights are conducted in a dedicated manner, with full observance of protocol etiquette.

Facilities at Rasht Airport

Sardar-e Jangal Rasht Airport, one of the most important air stations in northern Iran, is equipped with various facilities to facilitate passenger movements and provide better services to them.

Some of the facilities at Sardar-e Jangal Rasht Airport include:

Terminal Facilities: The airport features separate passenger terminals for domestic and international flights, allowing travelers to utilize these facilities with ease and convenience.

Amenities: Sardar-e Jangal Rasht Airport has amenities such as restaurants, cafes, shops, and other travel-related facilities that allow passengers to use them while waiting or after the flight.

Parking: The airport has a large parking area that provides passengers and visitors with the opportunity to securely park their cars with confidence and high security.

Cargo Services: The airport has also provided suitable facilities for cargo services to passengers and goods transport companies.

Security: The airport is equipped with professional and modern security and surveillance systems that help maintain the security of passengers and aviation activities.

Waiting Lounges:

Waiting lounges at Sardar-e Jangal Rasht Airport are designed for the comfort of passengers to spend their flight wait time more comfortably. These lounges often include amenities such as beverages and snacks, wireless internet, workspace, restroom facilities, and other services.

Currency Exchange Branches: Currency exchange branches, both for foreign and domestic currencies, provide the opportunity for airport travelers and visitors to easily convert or purchase foreign currencies at reasonable rates. These branches can facilitate financial and currency transactions for travelers through their exchange services and can benefit from the feedback of visitors to improve their services.

Lost and Found Department: The lost and found Depertment is also a crucial and vital part of the airport, assisting travelers who have misplaced personal belongings or items within the airport premises. This department usually has a central location in the airport where passengers can find their lost items. This department provides facilities to help passengers through phone calls, internet or personal presence and is very important to maintain the satisfaction of passengers.

Banking services: Sardar Jangal Rasht Airport usually places ATMs of various banks inside the terminals and other important points of the airport. These devices allow passengers to withdraw cash from their bank account.

With these facilities, Sardar Jangal Rasht Airport, one of the most important air transportation centers in the region, offers excellent services and comfort to passengers.


Rasht Airport CIP Services

CIP (Commercially Important Person) services at Sardar-e Jangal Rasht Airport often include special facilities and services designed for travelers seeking a more luxurious and comfortable travel experience. These services usually include facilities such as:

1. separate entrances: CIP travelers often have separate entrances and special areas for airport entry, allowing them to quickly and comfortably access the airport and flight services.

2. Expedited Check-in and Screening: CIP travelers typically benefit from faster and more efficient check-in and identification verification processes. This capability helps them avoid long queues during airport entry procedures.

3. Dedicated Lounge: CIP services often include access to special waiting lounges that provide additional amenities such as food and beverages, wireless internet, workspace and relaxation areas, and other services. These lounges are typically separate from the crowded public airport lounges, allowing travelers to wait for their flights in comfort.

4. Special Services: CIP travelers typically benefit from special services such as dedicated staff assistance, seat reservations, and access to translation and consultation services for various travel matters.

5. Expedited Cargo Handling and Loading: In case of cargo transportation, CIP travelers often receive faster cargo handling and loading services compared to regular passengers, enabling them to quickly and efficiently deliver their cargo and prepare for their flight.

Overall, CIP services at Sardar-e Jangal Rasht Airport offer travelers special amenities that make their travel experience more luxurious and comfortable.

The Distance of Rasht Airport from Various Locations

The distance of Rasht Airport from different locations in the city averages around 15 to 30 kilometers. These distances can vary depending on the geographical location of each area. For example, the distance to the city center is less than the distance to the Alborz Mountains. These relatively short distances allow travelers to quickly reach their destination and enjoy the tourist and cultural attractions of Rasht city.

Attraction of Rasht Airport
Attraction of Rasht Airport

The distance of Rasht Airport from various locations in the city is as follows:

  • Distance from Rasht Airport to the city center: Approximately 15 kilometers
  • Distance from Rasht Airport to Gilan Rural Heritage Museum: Approximately 18 kilometers
  • Distance from Rasht Airport to Tashtfoulad Lake: Approximately 25 kilometers
  • Distance from Rasht Airport to the Alborz Mountains: Approximately 30 kilometers
  • Distance from Rasht Airport to the Traditional Bazaar: Approximately 9 kilometers
  • Distance from Rasht Airport to the Shahrdari Square: Approximately 8 kilometers
  • Distance from Rasht Airport to Golsar Street: Approximately 33 kilometers
  • Distance from Rasht Airport to coastal villages: Usually around 10 to 20 kilometers, depending on the location of each village.


Attraction of Rasht Airport

  • Rasht Museum
  • Tomb of Danai Ali
  • Sabze Meydan Park
  • Amir’s Mall
  • Nour Mall
  • Chelekhaneh Mosque
  • Mohtasham’s old garden
  • Kolah-farangi mansion
  • Golsar shopping center
  • Golsar Hospital
  • Mirza Kouchak Khan Mausoleum
  • Mirza Kouchak Khan Jungle House
  • Eynak Lagoon
  • Cheshmeh Cheshm-e-Gol Spring
  • Sangar Dam Lake
  • Imamzadeh Hashem Shrine
  • Imamzadeh Hashem Forest Park
  • Rasht National Library

Access Routes to Sardar Jangal Rasht Airport

Using public transportation is the best way to reach the airport. For convenience, there are multiple buses and taxis available.

  • By Taxi
  • By Bus


By Taxi

Using a personal car or taxi to get to the airport is one of the most easy methods of travel. With these options, you can directly reach your destination via car without the need to wait at stations or transit points along the way. These methods are commonly used by individuals who do not have access to a personal vehicle or when a private car is not suitable.

  • Personal Car: If you have access to a personal vehicle, you can easily drive to the airport. This method is suitable for individuals who want more flexibility during their journey.
  • Taxi Services: In most cities, taxi services are available, and you can use them to reach the airport. Taxis are usually waiting for passengers at various locations in the city, and you can use them to get to the airport.
  • Rental Cars: In some cities, car rental services are available for the convenience of travelers, and you can use them for traveling to the airport. These cars are often accompanied by professional drivers and offer additional services, making them suitable and accessible for special and important journeys.

By Bus

Using the bus is another popular way to reach the airport. This mode of transportation operates under the supervision of airport and city authorities on various routes and is designed for the comfort and convenience of passengers.


Hotels Near Rasht Airport

Name of the hotel
Distance to the airport
Ordibehesht Hotel

Rasht, Zehab Martyrs Square, Next to the Telecommunications Office

10 minutes by car (7 km, 294 meters)
Rasht, Golsar Square, Beginning of Bint al-Huda Street.

7 minutes by car (5 km, 820 meters)

Restaurant Khazarmasal Gilan, 8 kilometers on the Rasht to Anzali road, Khomam Bypass, after Vali Asr Square towards Anzali, the first U-turn to the left, Masal Hotel

10 minutes by car (11 km, 113 meters)

Sabouri Apartment Hotel Rasht, Resalat Street, Opposite to Golestan Park, Behind Khajebi Gas Station.

10 minutes by car (8 km, 191 meters)

Pamchal Rasht Hotel Rasht, Imam Khomeini Boulevard, Mosala square

11 minutes by car (9 km, 730 meters)

Kadus Grand Hotel Rasht, Azadi Blvd., Mazarieh St 12 minutes by car (9 km, 634 meters)


It can be concluded that Rasht’s Sardar Jangal Airport plays a very important role in the air transportation sector of northern Iran. With its long history and various developments behind it, this airport has become one of the most important aviation centers in the region.

Given that these facilities contribute to international communications, regional economic development, and tourism, they hold special significance. On the other hand, the development and improvements of this airport indicate that efforts to improve infrastructure and enhance services have had a significant impact on improving the aviation sector in the region. Nevertheless, it is necessary for attention to be paid to the growth and development of this airport in the future so that it can play an even more prominent role in regional development.

attraction airport
attraction airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rasht Airport located?
Geographically, Rasht Airport is situated approximately 15 kilometers south of Rasht city, near the shores of the Caspian Sea, serving as a border hub between the northern and southern regions of Gilan province.
What are the inbound flights to Rasht Airport?
Flights from Tehran to Rasht-  Mashhad to Rasht-flights from Shiraz to Rasht- Bandar Abbas to Rasht-flights from Isfahan to Rasht- Kish to Rasht-Asaluyeh to Rasht- flights from Tabriz to Rasht- flights from Ahvaz to Rasht.
Which hotels are near Rasht Airport?
Ordibehesht Hotel-Sabouri Rasht Hotel-Pamchal Hotel-Kadous Bozorg Hotel-Khazar Masal Hotel-Shabestan Hotel 


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