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Tehran Mehrabad Airport

Tehran Mehrabad Airport is the most famous airport in Iran.

Without a doubt, Tehran Mehrabad Airport is the most famous airport in Iran. The airport, built in 1317 in the west of Tehran, is among the country’s busiest airport. Covering an area of approximately 150,000 square meters, Mehrabad Airport is one of the largest in Iran. Every year, 18 million passengers travel through its domestic terminals to other cities in the country. For this reason, Tehran airport has a very important position in the domestic transport fleet. In this article, comprehensive information about this airport has been collected, which we hope will be useful for our dear audience. If you have purchased a flight ticket to Tehran, stay with us until the end of this article on the Sepehran blog to get familiar with the terminals and departure gates at Mehrabad Airport.


Get to know Tehran’s Airport better:

  • About Tehran Airport
  • History of Tehran Airport
  • Where is Tehran Airport?
  • Facilities of Tehran Airport
  • Tehran Airport Control Tower
  • Terminals of Tehran Airport
  • CIP or Special Ceremonies at Tehran Airport
  • Customs of Tehran Airport
  • Domestic and International Flights at Tehran Airport
  • Active Airlines at Tehran Airport
  • FlySepehran Sales Office at Tehran Airport
  • Restaurants at Tehran Airport
  • Essential Information about Tehran Airport.
Tehran Mehrabad Airport
Tehran Mehrabad Airport

About Tehran Airport

Until a few years ago, Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport was considered the country’s main air base, handling almost all domestic and international flights. However, from 1388 onwards, with the establishment of Imam Khomeini Airport, all international flights shifted from Mehrabad to Imam Khomeini Airport.

Currently, all of Mehrabad Airport’s capacity is utilized for domestic flights. Approximately 18 million passengers travel through this airport to various parts of the country annually, facilitated by 15 Iranian airlines. A large number of flights operate from this airport every day, and real-time information on its incoming and outgoing flights is available on its official website.

To view detailed and complete information on all the incoming and outgoing flights of Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, first visit its official website. Then, on the first page, select the option “View All Flights” and click on it. Of course, those who do not have internet access can also obtain information related to the airport’s flights by calling 199.

About Tehran Airport
About Tehran Airport

History of Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport

In terms of age, Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport ranks as the fifth established airport in the country. This airport was established in 1317, coinciding with the establishment of the Pilots’ Club by the Junkers company, a German firm, during the reign of Reza Shah. The first air operations of the Iranian Air Force at Mehrabad Airport date back to 1328, with 33 flight operations using F-86 Sabrejets taking off from this airport that year.

History of Tehran's Mehrabad Airport
History of Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport

Where is Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport?

Mehrabad Airport is located in District 9 of Tehran, near Azadi Square. In fact, this airport is situated within the city, so those traveling to Tehran via Mehrabad Airport land near Azadi Square, Enqelab Street, and central Tehran. Therefore, they do not need a taxi to reach the city center, a few minutes of walking is enough.

At Mehrabad Airport, there are two metro stations. One stops at terminals 1 and 2, while the other serves terminals 4 and 6. You can get to Mehrabad from anywhere in Tehran by taxi or bus.


Facilities at Tehran Airport

Mehrabad Airport offers a variety of facilities to passengers. We highlight some of the most important ones below:

  • Parking: Mehrabad Airport has three multi-level parking areas and one open-air parking, making a total of four parking areas with a combined capacity for around 7,000 vehicles.
  • Shops, Cafes, and Restaurants: Numerous cafes and shops are available at Mehrabad Airport, accessible to passengers across all terminals. In other words, anyone at the airport can access their favorite foods and drinks in any terminal. They can also visit renowned shops like the “Dorsa Leather” branch located in Hall 2, among others.
  • Taxi: Taxis are another facility available at Mehrabad Airport for passengers. However, it’s worth mentioning that taxi fares can be high, and using online taxi services tends to be more cost-effective.
mehrabad Taxi
mehrabad Taxi
  • VIP Taxis: Compared to regular airport taxis, VIP taxis offer benefits like passenger insurance, access to standard vehicles, 24-hour availability, professional drivers, and pre-determined fixed rates. Note that VIP taxis are always available either by phone or online.
  • ATMs: Various banks’ ATMs are accessible at Mehrabad Airport. Some banks, like the National Bank, even have branches there.
  • Airlines Offices: As previously mentioned, currently, all national airlines collaborate with Mehrabad Airport. For passengers convenience, these airlines have sales and customer service offices in the airport so that passengers can buy or refund tickets in person if they wish.
  • Mother and Child Room: In this room, breastfeeding mothers can feed their babies and also have designated tables to change their babies’ diapers.
  • Capsule Hotel: Resting rooms have been installed in Mehrabad Airport for short-term stays. The cost of using these rooms is charged by the hour.
Capsule Hotel
Capsule Hotel

Tehran Airport Control Tower

The Mehrabad Airport Control Tower is a five-story building with a height of over 30 meters. This building consists of several sections as follows:

  • The main building of the control tower, each floor covering 120 square meters of operational space.
  • Flight control section covering an area of 150 square meters.
  • Flight radar section occupying 225 square meters.
  • Navigation equipment and infrastructure section, also occupying 225 square meters.
  • Radar building with 300 square meters of space.
Mehrabad Airport
Mehrabad Airport


Mehrabad airport flight information

Incoming flight information
Outbound flight information


Tehran Airport Terminals

Having the necessary information about an airport’s terminals is very important. Many people have missed their flights due to wrong identifying the terminal. Therefore, those intending to travel through this airport without any worries or specific problems need to know which airline is associated with each terminal.
In general, Mehrabad Airport has six terminals, but currently, only four are active. After the restrictions imposed on travel to Saudi Arabia, the activities of terminals 3 and 5, which were for Hajj pilgrims, ceased. Now terminals 1, 2, 4, and 6 are in operation. Below you will get more familiar with each of these terminals.


Tehran Airport Terminal 1

It is interesting to know that Terminal 1 of Mehrabad Airport in Tehran is registered as a national monument. This terminal is located near the airport’s prayer room and the Meraj Airline office. Its amenities include a café, a restaurant, and integrated stores. Currently, domestic flights from several airlines operate from this terminal.

Airport terminal management 61023201
Airport security officer 61022665
Airport security 61023090
Airport emergency 61023280
Terminal flight information 610231831
Airport Terminal 1
Airport Terminal 1

Tehran Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is also near Terminal 1, the prayer room, and Meraj Airline. It offers amenities such as a fast-food restaurant, café, store, traditional Iranian restaurant, and commercial stalls that are visible in its transit and public halls.

Currently, domestic and international flights of Ata, Qeshm Air, Meraj, Karoon, Iran Air Tour and Iran Air airlines are carried out through this terminal.

Terminal management 61023202
flight information 61023189
guard officer 61022666
emergency 61023280


Airport Terminal 2
Airport Terminal 2


Tehran Airport Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is designated for outbound flights, and all outbound flights of FlySepehran operate through this terminal. Its amenities include stores, fast-food places, cafés, and other similar facilities.

Terminal management 61023204
flight information 61023187
guard officer 61022667
Airport security 61023090
emergency 61023280
Airport Terminal 4
Airport Terminal 4

Tehran Airport Terminal 6

All inbound flights of FlySepahran, operate through this terminal. In other words, all the incoming flights of those airlines whose outbound flights operate through Terminal 4, land in Terminal 6.


Terminal management 61023206
flight information 61023196
guard officer 61022610
Airport security 61023090
emergency 61023280
Airport Terminal 6
Airport Terminal 6

FlySepehran Sales Office at Mehrabad Airport, Tehran

Get familiar with the active terminals of Mehrabad Airport. To available the ticketing and traffic services of FlySepehran, you can visit their office located in Terminal 4.


Exclusive Ceremonies or CIP at Tehran Airport

The CIP services at Mehrabad Airport, Tehran are suitable for those who dislike crowds and standing in long queues. The exclusive ceremony lounge, with a capacity of approximately 150 people, is located in Terminal 1.

It should be noted that placing CIP services in Terminal 1 does not limit other terminal passengers, and it’s available to all travelers of this airport. By booking the exclusive ceremonies lounge, passengers will have access to the following facilities:

  • Access to exclusive gates without waiting in queues
  • Access to companion services
  • Special services for pets
  • Access to all airport procedures, such as baggage handling by staff, flight card issuance, passenger transferfrom waiting lounges with cars to the aircraft and vice versa.
  • Special services for the disabled, children, and the elderly.
  • Access to special lounge facilities such as entry to an exclusive reception hall, coffee shop, conference hall, high-speed internet, VIP conference room, smoking room, beverages, and more.
Exclusive Ceremonies or CIP
Exclusive Ceremonies or CIP

Customs of Mehrabad Airport, Tehran

Mehrabad Airport has two customs offices: Mehrabad Customs and Mehrabad Commercial Zone Customs. At Mehrabad Customs, various administrative tasks like definitive and temporary procedures, export, origin and destination foreign transits, and passenger customs affairs are managed. However, in the Mehrabad Commercial Zone Customs, only origin and destination foreign transits and affairs related to temporary and definitive goods exports and imports are possible.

To clear goods from Mehrabad Customs, the owner of the goods should first send the documents and invoices related to the purchase from the seller. Otherwise, issuing a warehouse receipt won’t be possible. Besides the warehouse receipt, other required documents for customs clearance at Mehrabad Airport, Tehran include:

  • Inspection certificate
  • Insurance policy
  • Proforma invoice
  • Purchase invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Permits
  • Clearance form


Domestic and International Flights at Mehrabad Airport, Tehran

As previously mentioned, since 2010, with the inauguration of Imam Khomeini Airport, all international flights have been transferred to this airport. However, currently, incoming and outgoing flights of 15 domestic airlines are operated via Mehrabad Airport. It’s worth mentioning that some international pilgrimage trips are still available through this airport.


Active Airlines at Tehran Airport

Currently, many domestic airlines operate their flights through Mehrabad Airport. Some of the most significant ones will be mentioned.

  • FlySepahran Aircraft Company
Active Airlines
Active Airlines

Collection of Restaurants Near Tehran Airport

There are various restaurants at Mehrabad Airport and its vicinity. Some of the best and most popular ones include:

  • Zeytoon Restaurant
  • Homa Hall and Restaurant
  • Parvaz Traditional Restaurant
  • Mehrabad Traditional Restaurant
  • Saha Air Restaurant

If you’ve purchased a flight ticket to Tehran, it’s time to get informed about Tehran’s attractions. This will help you plan more accurately to visit this beautiful city during your trip.

Essential information of Tehran airport


Description Phone number
Flight information 199
Mehrabad airport phone number 61021
SMS system 3000199
Airport management 021-66025343
Airport website address
Airport taxi contact number 02165578495


If you have bought a plane ticket to Tehran, it’s time to learn about Sightseeing places in Tehran so that you can have a more detailed plan to visit this beautiful city.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the key features of Tehran Mehrabad Airport?
Tehran Mehrabad Airport offers several key features for travelers, including various dining options, duty-free shopping and VIP lounges. This airport also has a wide range of services and facilities such as luggage storage and transfer services, prayer rooms and currency exchange.
How to go to Tehran Mehrabad Airport?
Access to Mehrabad Airport in Tehran is possible by taxi, bus, metro and private car. Many hotels and travel companies also offer transportation services to and from the airport.
What are the parking facilities of Tehran Mehrabad Airport?
Tehran Mehrabad Airport has short-term and long-term parking for passengers. Parking fees vary depending on the duration of parking.
Where is Tehran's Mehrabad Airport?
Azadi Square, km 1 of Lashgari highway (special road), airport roundabout, airport street
Mehrabad airport metro station
To use the metro at Mehrabad Airport, you can access it from the station in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 and 4.

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