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Best Hotels Under Sea

Staying in the best hotels under Sea can offer experiences like watching marine life up close, enjoying the soothing sound of waves underwater, and feeling a deep sense of being in the sea without needing to dive

One of the most attractive and memorable types of hotels is the underwater, which undoubtedly can be enticing and appealing for anyone to stay in. These leisure hotels in their category have various sections like underwater halls and rooms.

If you are looking for an experience of staying in underwater hotels, considering factors such as location, the types of excitement you will encounter, and your budget is important. It’s better to know that these hotels usually are priced in the higher range, but the experience they provide is unparalleled. Continue following with the Sepehran blog.

Introducing the Best Underwater Hotels:

  • Water Discus Underwater Hotel
  • Hotel Poseidón Resort
  • Muraka Hotel
  • Jules Undersea Lodge
  • Atrina Canava
  • Huvafen Fushi
  • Hydropolis
  • InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland


Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Water Discus Underwater Hotel IN Best Hotels Under Sea
Water Discos Dubai Hotel is one of the best places for a luxury stay in Dubai with its special architectural design and magnificent water views around it.

One of the best hotels under Sea is Discus Underwater Hotel. Half of this beautiful hotel, located in Dubai, is underwater, while the other half is above water. The underwater section of the hotel includes 21 rooms, a very luxurious lobby, and a training pool for diving. This lower part of the hotel, situated ten meters below sea level, covers an area of about 900 square meters and has 21 rooms. The hotel also features a spa center and a garden. Guests in this hotel can closely observe the beauties of the ocean.

Hotel Poseidón Resort

Hotel Poseidón Resort
This hotel, with a dreamy view under the sea, provides an ideal atmosphere to spend a memorable vacation.

Poseidon Resort in Fiji is the name of one of the world’s most famous and best hotels under Sea, often referred to as the king of underwater hotels. The hotel’s geography is such that it is surrounded by a 5,000-hectare lagoon. The hotel comprises 25 suites, a restaurant, and a wedding church.

Muraka Hotel

Muraka Hotel IN Best Hotels Under Sea
This image shows a stunning view of the Muraka Hotel, where modern architecture and luxury facilities are juxtaposed with the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Muraka is a small and beautiful hotel in the Maldives, situated both under and above the water level. This hotel can simultaneously accommodate up to eight guests. Its glass bedrooms and restaurant, which offer a beautiful view of marine life, provide a pleasant stay and a memorable dining experience at a depth of five meters. The upper part of the hotel, which is above water, is also attractive in its own right, featuring facilities such as a double bedroom, a toilet, a bathroom, a gym, a living room, a kitchen, a bar, a dining room, and special platforms for viewing the sunrise and sunset.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge
Combining tradition and modernity, this hotel is an ideal environment for those who are looking for a special travel experience.

To access this beautiful sea hotel in Largo, one must dive. This beautiful hotel, considered the oldest underwater hotel in the world, is located at a depth of seven meters below sea level. Initially a research center, the hotel was repurposed as a lodging facility after its research activities ended and now serves the tourism industry. The coral view of this hotel is one of the most unique in the world, an experience only available at Jules Undersea.

Atrina Canava

Atrina Canava
Atrina Canava

This beautiful hotel, styled like the red houses of Sweden, is a retreat for fishermen who spend a long time at sea and can stay there. Built-in 2000, its seemingly simple construction is part of an art project by Michael Genberg in the Mälaren River. In the habitable underwater section of the hotel, accessible by stairs, there are two small beds with windows opening to the depths of the water, offering a beautiful view of sea fishes.

Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi
Huvafen Fushi

Another famous underwater hotel in the world is Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives, which is also known as the first underwater spa, utilizing various marine elements for relaxation facilities. The main hall of this hotel is located six meters below water, offering beautiful views of the attractions of the Indian Ocean to its guests.



So, Hydropolis in Dubai is another beautiful hotel on this list, situated 20 meters below sea level, making it one of the deepest underwater hotels in the world.
This hotel has suites that are very tempting and exciting. From the twin arches of the Hydropolis Dubai, which emerge from the water, one can see a sparkling view of the Dubai horizon.

The bases of this hotel are located underwater, and it is one of the first fully equipped underwater hotels with top-notch facilities.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland IN Best Hotels Under Sea
InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

This beautiful hotel in China is recognized as one of the best and most beautiful underwater hotels in the world. The hotel’s location is conceived within a mine, and its underwater section, spanning two floors, includes various amenities like a swimming spa and a restaurant.

In conclusion

We have briefly introduced you to the best underwater hotels. While there may be other hotels worthy of being on the list, we have endeavored to describe the best ones for you. If you have experienced a stay at these hotels, please comment in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the name of the first underwater hotel in the world?
The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, which is the first underground hotel in the world, consists of 18 floors, with 16 underground levels and two underwater. The underwater suites offer views of ocean wildlife and a variety of other desirable amenities.
How safe are underwater hotels?
These hotels are typically made of durable materials such as concrete and steel, designed to withstand strong currents, high waves, and corrosive saltwater. In addition, some underwater hotels have emergency oxygen chambers and are staffed with personnel trained in rescue techniques.

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