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Baghdad Travel Guide

Baghdad, the capital and largest city of Iraq, has a population close to 9 million people and is located in the central region of the country. The city of Baghdad has always been an important city from prehistoric times through to modern Iraq. It is considered one of the cities with a rich historical and cultural heritage in the Islamic world.

Therefore, Baghdad is known as a significant cultural center in Islamic history, reaching its peak in poetry, philosophy, and sciences during the era of the Abbasid caliphs. Economically, Baghdad has been very important for Iraq and is considered a hub for trade, industry, and services in the country.

In this article, we will provide detailed information about a travel guide to Baghdad, so we suggest you stay tuned with the Sepehran blog.

What you will read in the travel guide to Baghdad:

  • Where is Baghdad?
  • History of Baghdad
  • About Baghdad
  • How to get to Baghdad
  • Transportation in Baghdad
  • Best time to travel to Baghdad
  • Tourist attractions in Baghdad
  • Best restaurants in Baghdad
  • Best hotels in Baghdad
  • Best shopping centers in Baghdad
  • Famous foods of Baghdad
  • Nightlife in Baghdad


History of Baghdad

Baghdad is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the Middle East. The city has been the primary economic and political hub of Iraq, housing many industries, commercial centers, and active banks. Moreover, it is considered one of the important cultural and artistic centers in the region that, after various historical ups and downs, has faced challenges such as wars, sanctions, and political changes in recent decades. In fact, throughout history, the city has undergone many changes and has been occupied by various statesmen. However, it has now transformed into a metropolis as the capital of the Republic of Iraq. Therefore, the city remains a vital center in Iraq, and the government is striving to help restore its former status through reconstruction and development.

Overall, with its long history, Baghdad continues to be recognized as one of the significant and influential cities in the Middle East region and holds special importance.

General Information
country Irag
Area 204.2 km2
Region Central Iraq
The difference between GMT GMT+3
Climate Desert
Average temperature 22.6 °C
Language Arabic
Currency Iraqi Dinar

About Baghdad

The city of Baghdad is the capital and largest city of Iraq and the second-largest city in the Arab world after Cairo. This city is located in the western region of Iraq, near the Tigris River. Baghdad is one of the oldest cities in the world, established by the order of Harun al-Rashid, the Abbasid Caliph, in the year 762 AD. The city was known as the center of the Abbasid Empire in the medieval times and was an Islamic scientific, cultural, and commercial hub.

Baghdad boasts very beautiful and attractive historical architecture, among which is the Tower of Babel, considered a symbol of the city of Baghdad.


How to Get to Baghdad

Baghdad is a large and pilgrimage city in Iraq that attracts numerous pilgrims and tourists annually. You can reach this city by bus or airplane.

Below, we will talk about traveling to Baghdad by plane and bus:

  • Baghdad Travel Guide by Airplane

Baghdad is a growing tourist destination in the Middle East with amazing cultural and historical attractions. FlySepehran offers direct flights from Tehran to Baghdad and from Mashhad to Baghdad. With FlySepehran, you can experience a different kind of journey.

The flight duration from Tehran to Baghdad is approximately one and a half hours, while the flight from Mashhad to Baghdad will take about two and a half hours. You can purchase direct flight tickets to Baghdad via the Sepehran website.

    • Baghdad Travel Guide by Bus

The bus is one of the most common means of transportation for travel. Several buses enter Baghdad from different cities in Iraq daily, and likewise, buses move from Baghdad to various Iraqi cities. Most intercity buses depart and arrive at the north and south Allawi Skyway stations. However, using buses might come with certain risks.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose reliable buses on this route as much as possible.

Baghdad Travel Guide by Airplane
Baghdad Travel Guide by Airplane

Transportation in Baghdad

Various transportation methods are available within Baghdad for moving to different cities. Also, if you’ve entered the city of Baghdad by airplane, you can reach the city center or your desired destination by airport taxis. Among the means of transportation within Baghdad, you can refer to trains, taxis, and buses.

  • Travel Guide to Baghdad by Taxi

Taxi is one of the comfortable and safe means of transportation in Baghdad. You can easily use taxis for commuting in the city. If you’ve entered this city by airplane, it’s good to know that numerous taxis are providing 24-hour service at the airport. The cost of traveling to the city center from the airport is approximately 55,000 dinars. Therefore, you can enjoy sightseeing in the city with a rental car.

  • Travel Guide to Baghdad by Train

Various train services are available from Baghdad to different cities in Iraq. With a cost of less than 10,000 dinars, you can reach Basra. Various services are performed to the destination of Karbala throughout the week. The Baghdad train station, with its amazing architecture, was completed in 1953. This station is located in Damascus Square, on Al-Qahirah Street, one kilometer north of the city center.

  • Travel Guide to Baghdad by Personal Car

If you are in Iraq and its surrounding cities, traveling by personal car to/from Baghdad is possible. Considering the adequacy of the roads and highways, you can easily reach your desired destination. However, due to potential dangers and the war-torn nature of the city, using personal cars for this city is not recommended.

Transportation in Baghdad
Transportation in Baghdad


Baghdad Travel Guide | Best Time to Travel to Baghdad

Baghdad has a desert climate with extremely hot and dry summers. However, the winters in this region are also relatively warm, and the amount of rainfall in the city is very low. The hottest month in the city is July, while the coldest is January. We recommend visiting Baghdad in the early spring, late autumn, or even winter, as the weather during these months is relatively pleasant and more agreeable.

Furthermore, by being informed about the timing of festivals in the city, in addition to visiting pilgrimage sites and historical places, you can also enjoy watching these festivals:

Festivals in Baghdad:

Baghdad International Film Festival (September):

This festival is a cultural approach focusing on values of freedom and human rights. Films in the festival are presented in the form of feature-length, drama, short stories, documentaries, and are showcased by Arab female filmmakers, depicting human rights imagery and new horizons. In addition to the competition, selected films are screened at the festival.

It’s worth noting that the first edition of the festival took place in December 2005 and was organized by the “Iraqi Association for Cultural Cinema Development,” an independent non-governmental organization that is officially registered in Iraq and operates according to Iraqi law.

Baghdad International Flower Festival (April):

This festival is held annually at the beginning of spring, with a theme of hope and symbolizes the establishment of peace and friendship after a harsh war. The festival takes place in the Azim-Al Zawraa Park and hosts numerous tourists from Lebanon, France, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Best Time to Travel to Baghdad
Best Time to Travel to Baghdad

Baghdad Travel Guide | Tourist attractions in Baghdad

Baghdad is a captivating city with a unique position at the heart of Mesopotamia. This city has always been an important cultural, commercial, and political center in the Islamic world. Today, Baghdad is not as welcoming to tourists as it once was, but it is on the path to becoming a notable tourist destination.

Al-Shaheed Monument-Abu Hanifa Mosque-Hatra Ruins-The National Museum of Iraq-Baghdadi Museum

Al-Shaheed Monument (Martyr Monument)

The Al-Shaheed Monument, also known as the Martyr Memorial, was constructed in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives during the eight-year Iran-Iraq War. The Al-Shaheed Monument is located in the Almuhandseen area, which is a 15-minute walk to the city center. This structure was designed by Ismail Fatah Al Turk and Saman Kamal and was completed in 1983. The Al-Shaheed Monument is 40 meters long and is painted turquoise. This monument is situated in the center of an artificial lake on the banks of the Tigris River.

Baghdadi Museum

The Baghdad Museum offers an enlightening glimpse into the history of the city’s ancient inhabitants, having been established in 1970. This museum is located alongside the Tigris River, just a short distance from the city center. The Baghdad Museum is renowned for its wax statues. Visiting this museum will familiarize you with the various traditions and values of the people of Baghdad. So, the entrance fee for this museum is 2,500 Iraqi dinars.

The National Museum of Iraq

The National Museum of Iraq once held the world’s finest collection of Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian antiquities. During the Iraq War in 2003, some of the museum’s most valuable artifacts disappeared. Consequently, with the collaboration of several countries to recover these pieces, the National Museum of Iraq reopened in 2015. Today, this museum showcases a vast array of artifacts from ancient Sumerians to the Islamic era. The National Museum of Iraq is located in the city center.

Abu Hanifa Mosque

The Abu Hanifa Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Baghdad. This mosque is located in the Al-Adhamiya district and was established in the years 985 and 986. It was built surrounding the tomb of Abu Hanifa an-Nu’man, the founder of the Hanafi school of thought. With its four domes and two tall minarets, the Abu Hanifa Mosque has been listed among the most beautiful buildings in Iraq and the most beautiful mosques in the world.


Al-Shaheed Monument in baghdad travel guide
Al-Shaheed Monument in baghdad travel guide


Best hotels in Baghdad

Before traveling to Baghdad, it’s good to know that there aren’t many diverse accommodation options in the city. The city has a few, but luxurious hotels, such as the Babylon Rotana. Most hotels are located around the “Green Zone” and near the Tigris River.

Hotel Name

Phone Number Addrees


Cristal Grand Ishtar

009647706770711 Iraq, Baghdad, Ferdowsi

Cristal Grand Ishtar

Babylon Warwick

009647505223333 Iraq, Baghdad, Al-Jadrieh

Babylon Warwick

Royal Tulip Alrasheed

009647700133370 Iraq, Baghdad, Green Zone

Royal Tulip Alrasheed

Baghdad Hotel

009647708822090 Iraq, Baghdad, Al-Saadoon St

Baghdad Hotel

Best hotels in Baghdad travel guide
Best hotels in Baghdad travel guide

Best restaurants in Baghdad

Baghdad boasts delicious and rich cuisine, with recipes primarily composed of vegetables, meat, spices, and citrus. Visitors can find many local and international restaurants in the city center.

Below are restaurants you must try in Baghdad:

Type of Food

Phone Number


traditional food

00964 771 222 286000964 773 005 5333

Saj Al-ReefSamad Restaurant

International cuisine


Mazaya Restaurant

Meat dishes


Al-Areesha Restaurant

Fast food and breakfast



Traditional desserts

009647702999339 Alfaqma
Best restaurants in Baghdad travel guide
Best restaurants in Baghdad travel guide

Shopping in Baghdad | Best Shopping Centers in Baghdad

As you know, Iraq is one of the important destinations for Iranians to travel. Therefore, visiting the markets of this city holds added attraction for any pilgrim and tourist. Most of Baghdad shops are located in the secure “Green Zone.” You can purchase spices, traditional clothing, rugs, handmade jewelry, and ornaments for your loved ones from the city. Muntanser Street, Rashid Street, Folklore Center and Clothiers Square are places you should go to buy authentic Baghdad souvenirs.

Also, there are two large shopping centers in this city, which we will introduce below:

Shopping Center Name

Address Location

Al Mansur Mall

Iraq, Baghdad, al-Rawad highway, intersection of Mansour St. (Al-Mansour St.)

Al Mansur Mall

 Baghdad Mall

 Iraq,Baghdad, the intersection between Damascus Street and Al-Kandi Street

Baghdad Mall

Shopping Centers in Baghdad
Shopping Centers in Baghdad


Baghdad Travel Guide | Famous Foods of Baghdad

As you know, Arabic dishes are quite popular due to their use of distinct spices. Arabic cuisine is diverse and full of flavorful and aromatic spices. These dishes utilize many local ingredients such as pears, sumac, saffron, and dates, and they are excellently combined.

Below, I introduce some of the famous Arabic dishes:

Name of Food



Grilled fish is prepared with a unique smoking method and served with a generous amount of spices, sumac, fresh pomegranate seeds, and lemon.


It’s an Iraqi breakfast made with eggs, tomatoes, onions, and spices.


It’s a special Palestinian dish that is also popular in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan. There are many variations of this dish, which, once prepared, is inverted onto a tray for serving.

Tepsi Baytinjan

It’s a distinctive dish prepared with eggplant and has various cooking methods.


Tashreeb is a stew-like meat dish made with chickpeas, chicken, or meat. This dish has a soup-like consistency.

Bagila Bil Dihin

This dish is similar to a meat broth but is consumed for breakfast and made with fried eggs, onions, and cooked beans.


This meat dish is typically prepared with minced lamb and is very delicious and popular

In this article, you will get detailed information about Arabic food

Baghdad Travel Guide | Nightlife in Baghdad

When it comes to nightlife, the bustling streets of Istanbul, New York, and Tokyo undoubtedly come to mind for most people. If you’re interested in this type of entertainment, it’s essential to know that Iraq is not the suitable country for this activity.

Compared to many tourist cities, Baghdad does not have an active and bustling nightlife. Nighttime entertainments are mostly limited to some of the hotel lounges.

Things to know before traveling to Baghdad:

There aren’t many currency exchanges or banks throughout Baghdad. It’s advisable to exchange some of your currency for Iraqi dinars at the airport. If you have US dollars, keep in mind that you cannot use this currency in Iraq and Baghdad. Most local shops in Baghdad accept only cash payments.


Essential Numbers

Country Code: +964

City Code: 1

Baghdad International Airport: 00 964 0790 140 3537

Police: 104

Ambulance: 122

Baghdad Travel Guide
Baghdad Travel Guide

Click on this link for more information about Baghdad Airport

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In conclusion

Baghdad is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the Middle East, recognized as a significant cultural center in Islamic history. In this pilgrimage city, you can, in addition to visiting sacred sites, explore historical places and shopping centers, creating a unique and distinctive experience for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the largest city in Iraq?
Baghdad is the capital and the largest city in Iraq, and the second-largest city in the Arab world after Cairo.
What are the attraction in Baghdad?
Al-Shaheed Monument-Abu Hanifa Mosque-Hatra Ruins-The National Museum of Iraq-Baghdadi Museum
What is the name of the best shopping centers in Baghdad?
Al Mansur Mall- Baghdad Mall
Best restaurants in Baghdad
Saj Al-Reef-Samad Restaurant-Mazaya Restaurant-Al-Areesha Restaurant-Dojo’s-Alfaqma
What are the famous Arabic dishes?
Masgouf-Makhlama-Maqluba-Tepsi Baytinjan-Tashreeb-Bagila Bil Dihin-Kubba
Name the best hotels in Baghdad?
Cristal Grand Ishtar-Babylon Warwick-Royal Tulip Alrasheed-Baghdad Hotel
What is the name of the largest city in Iraq?
Baghdad is the capital and the largest city in Iraq, and the second-largest city in the Arab world, following Cairo.

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